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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • leckolsleckols Posts: 2
    Knock on wood, I haven't experienced any other symtpoms. I am afraid even to say it. I am going to continue monitoring it. I have a few thousand left on the warranty.
  • Hooray for you for getting this fixed! This is exactly what my 02 Envoy does and my dealer has intimated it was tied to the air suspension, but offers no solution. Your description/resolution makes perfect sense. I would also very much appreciate the info requested by hardhawk so that I can share w/ my dealer. Thanks!!
  • moe8moe8 Posts: 3
    Hey hardhawk

    Yep. The clunk happened pretty much anytime it was cold.

    Here's exactly what the ticket says:

    "Vehicle was road tested for 45 miles by shop forman with VDR in attempt to capture the cause of the complaint. Was able to reproduce complaint, worked with TAC, exhausted all info, TAC escalated case to higher level RSE, duplicated PIT 39 54 suspension exhausting at stop (normal) causing drive line to bind and then release causing bump feel and noise. Replaced slip yoke with nickel plated one, road tested a number of times, unable to reproduce stop bump, customer to monitor and report after a week of driving".
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Good news that the issue appears to be resolved. :) Do post back in a few weeks to confirm all is well and no more problems.
  • ckeenckeen Posts: 2
    This is an update on our '04 Trailblazer. Sent in lemon law papers, BBB(Better Business Bureau) contacted us to do a final attempt at the dealership.They did not find anything and could not duplicate the problem we were having. A week or so later truck stalls and sets the engine light on and sets two codes. We contacted BBB and GM. The light was staying on. GM asked us to bring it back in, that was this past Friday and it is still there. They replaced a part the light came back on and now they are doing more testing.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Thanks for the info. I will take that to my dealer and ask them about it. Really the only lingering issue with my Envoy. Would like to get it resolved.
  • jmwallrodtjmwallrodt Posts: 1
    We also had that problem. However, worse yet, our 2000 Bravada with 106,000 miles (not a lot, by our standards) just had the smartrack go out and the dealer wanted $14,000 to repair. We got a second opinion and it was the same. So, beware, you may want to trade before that happens. I don't know how common it is, but the service manager at the Chevy repair shop said he is getting more and more of them in.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    $14,000 to repair a 2000 Bravada. :surprise: :confuse: :sick:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Must be they are filling the gas tank too. That is the only way it could cost that much. :P :P
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    $14,000 :surprise: That's more than I got for my excellent running 1998 Bravada, with 60,000 miles, I traded in back in 2002. I never liked the DumbTrac system, which is the main reason I dumped it. Looks like you're in the market for a new car.

    Good luck!
  • So, I called my dealer and emailed all of your info to fix this same problem. Now, he's asking for more details (is there a recall, TSB?) They always put me through this. So, would it be possible for me to receive (privately) the name of the dealership or other contact info so that I can pass along and hopefully, receive the same repair?
    Thanks again!
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 128
    An update on my stuck seat belt...
    a) I called GMC and their customer service rep researched it and a few days later offered to pay 50% of the total cost for repair.
    b) It took several days to get an appointment at the dealer - then they ordered the wrong size belt.
    c) Finally got if fixed on Monday. Net cost to me was $120 -though it took them nearly an hour (I am not making this up!) to get the bill right with the 50-50 split and the wrong seat belt.

    Throughout all this the GMC rep followed up with me with 4 or 5 calls. Also it was the same person following up so they knew the case. I am totally impressed with their level of customer service and follow-up!
  • jr222jr222 Posts: 15
    I ordered the heavy duty Bilstein shocks to improve the handling of my '03 Bravada AWD. So I go to my dealership to have them installed, and the service managers says that it's going to cost me about $450 to put them on (!). I only paid about $230 for the set of shocks. He told me that the rears are easy, but the fronts are "struts" that require removal of part of the front suspension and thereafter a realignment of the front end.

    Wonder if anyone else has had the Bilsteins installed & how much you pd.

  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Well, I have had my front springs replaced to lower two different Envoys. Yes they do have to remove a portion of the front suspension, etc. Takes about 1 1/2 hours on the front and maybe 1/2 hour on the rear for shocks. Independent shop could do it in 2 hours and should only charge you $150 to $200 in labor (unless you are in a very high cost of living area. You will also need a front end alignment.
  • gardengalgardengal Posts: 4
    My radio did the same thing happen to me. I had the dealer reset the codes and the problem is solved.

    I have not had the problem with the wipers, however.
  • gardengalgardengal Posts: 4
    I have seen a few comments on replacing the fan clutch. Could someone tell me if this may be what needs to be on on my '02 Envoy....

    It idles fine, but when the RPMs increase the noise the fan makes is quite noticeable. This would sometimes happen if I ran the car cold, but eventually the noise would go away. Just today I started the engine after sitting for about 15 minutes and the loud sound will not go away and the "Service Engine" light came on and has stayed on.

    The fan seems as though it is spinning much faster than is needed.
  • sherman002sherman002 Posts: 1
    Can anyone help me? Envoy XL won't start, purchased new battery but still no start. Lights, radio, air and everything works but car will not turn over(no clicks). When I try to start the truck an air like sound comes from behind the steering coloumn plus the RPM and odometer gauges goes haywire. It looks like I will have to get it towed to a GM dealership but I was hoping for another solution. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Possibly a defective ignition switch in the steering column?
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 128
    I have the same problem the sensor is stuck at 50 F(though, weirdly, when we went up to Tahoe in March, it seemed to be showing accurate cold temperatures at night (6-40 degrees F), then during the day it got warm and it's was stuck at 49 for a while, and 50 degrees ever since).

    I took off the grille and couldn't really figure out which screws to undo. I look behind the top sheet metal and I couldn't see any obvious sensor or wires. I'm attaching a few pictures, any suggestions? (see next post)">
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 128
    BTW I should add that this is a 2002 GMC Envoy XL SLT with the automatic climate control option. Any suggestions which screws to remove (see pics below):

    Pic 1:

    Pic 2:

    Pic 3:
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