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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 837
    On the Envoy XL the 3rd row is 50/50 fold down. You would only get a little more storage space if you got the tools out and removed one side. Also, when folded down for cargo instead of seating, the floor is pretty much flat...I would have to look tonight since the wife drives the Envoy, but if you removed the rear seat, I don't think the cargo floor would be anywhere near flat.

    Seat bottom is hinged...raise it up a little and pull forward, then the seatback folds forward and you are ready for cargo with 2, 2, 1 that again and you have 2, 2 (3 in a pinch) seating. Rear is only good for 2 wide...3 adults will fit in the second row for a maximum seating on 7, 6 is much more comfortable though.
  • 2002 TB LTZ 4x4 115,000 miles
    We took a trip over the grapevine (between Bakersfield and Los Angeles) 2 weeks ago. The transmission did quite a bit of shifting as expected climbing the hills. When we got back home I noticed oil spots under the TB. I went under the car but the oil was pretty much all over the place probably from the drive and wind pushing it all around. I noticed that the 4x4 switch was set at AWD 4x4 and not on 2wd as it should have been. The oil was not coming from the engine but from the transmission I expect. I washed it off and checked it the other day but didn't see any new leaks. There are two small rubber type plugs that are on the very bottom of what I believe to be the torque converter housing. As far as I can tell the oil may have came from the left side plug. Anyone know what those plugs are for? I can spin them but have not yet tried to pull them out.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Is it oil or transmission fluid? Did you check to see if any of the fluid levels are low?
  • My 04 envoy makes a noise from the rear that makes it sound like a powers wheels. Its a constant whirring noise that get louder when you apply the gas and quieter when you take you foot off. I don't know if the noise is becoming more prominent or if it is just annoying me so I hear it more. Is this common or has anyone done a fix for this?
  • Transmission level was slightly low and I'm pretty sure that somehow the drive climbing the grapevine doing 75mph and the transmission shifting from D to possibly as low as 2nd at times caused some sort of "blowbuy" that forced fluid out somewhere. The thing is now on normal driving conditions there is no leaks what-so-ever. I can't figure out where it may have come from and why it is not leaking now??
  • glubashglubash Posts: 19
    Has anyone managed to hook up the DVD player or MP3 player into the a Bose factory radio on the Envoy? I have a 2003 XLT and am wondering if adding an auxiliary input is possible. I have found a few web sites that offer harnesses and devices but cannot find anything that specifically says will work with my model.

    I have used a number of different FM transmitters without a lot of success (too much interference). My fall back is to add an in-line FM modulator to the antenna wire but a stereo input jack would offer better sound and be more convenient.

    The web site that I have been looking at is:

    The specific unit that I have been looking at is the "PIE GM12-AUXv2 GMC AUXILIARY ADAPTER 2002-2006" and it states that it requires a CD Changer-ready 12 pin connector at the head unit. Without tearing apart my dashboard, is there any other easy way to find out?

  • gmfan4gmfan4 Posts: 3
    This is not a mechanical question: I have the 06 TB LT with the XM factory radio, 6 change CD and Bose...the display reads the type of music (country, top tracks, big tracks etc), but the artist has never come up. I would like to see the artist name/song on the display, but it only shows the channel and (country, top tracks, big tracks, etc). When I listen to the regular FM stations, the display shows the name of the artist and song. Does anyone know if I can get that kind of display to show when I am on XM mode? Thanks!
  • gmfan4gmfan4 Posts: 3
    I have 2006 LT TB with the 5.3 V-8, not the EXT. I bought the car back in Aug 2006 and everything has been great...I already have 43,000 mi on it. A couple of things:

    1. When looking under the hood around the battery, there is an on/off switch...I have never seen this before and was wondering if others had this. My vehicle does have an aftermarket anti-theft device, but I never activate came with the you think it could be the aftermarket device? If so, I wonder if I could turn it off. I bought the car new and the dealership had already installed this on the vehicle.

    2. Sometimes, if the vehicle has been sitting overnight or a couple of days, when I crank it up the clock reads 12:00 like the battery was disconnected. All of my pre-set radio channels works fine and are still in memory, but the clock must be rest. Anyone else have this happen? The battery appears strong and is putting out 13-14 volts

    3. When I put the vehicle in park, sometimes (and this is going to sound crazy), the speedometer jumps from 0-40 mph and immediately back only does this once when it happens, and it occurs about twice a month.

    4. Sometimes when I enter the vehicle, the CD charger is making noise like it thinks there is a CD, when I do not have one in. What the heck? I don't even have the key in the ignition and the CD is "shifting" like it is looking for a CD or trying to eject something.

    Thanks for any help. Much appreciated!
  • johntrjohntr Posts: 71
    I started hearing a rattling type noise from the engine at idle speed. I figure it is most likely the water pump bearings. I don't have any leaks, but I want to replace it as soon as possible. My question to those that may have taken the task on them self... Is this something that I could do rather than taking it to the garage. I have ~128K miles on it. It's a 2002 Trailblazer, I-6 engine. If it is something I can do, what should I expect to run into? (remove fan, fan clutch, serpentine belt, ect...?) I am fairly mechanical, I used to do my own repairs from valve cover gasket replacement, manifold gaskets, engine starter replacement. But I have never worked on anything newer than 1990.

    Just trying to get some ideas as to the value of the job.

  • ugltrkugltrk Posts: 16
    John, I would check the idler/tension pulley bearing before I went too far.I've had them rattle, and squeal like a water pump.

    gmfan4,..I would suspect the radio..

    Just a shadetree guess...Bill
  • johntrjohntr Posts: 71
    Thanks for the advice. I actually got to look at it today. The fan is loose where it is bolted to the wheel assembly. Is that the fan clutch assembly or just a bearing assembly? I can wiggle the fan by the fan blades.

    I will be dropping it off tomorrow at the dealer.

  • ugltrkugltrk Posts: 16
    Unless you checked to see if the bolts are loose,prob the fan clutch assembly.

  • johntrjohntr Posts: 71
    I didn't have time to replace it, so I took it to the dealer - It was the water pump. All is well again...

    Thank you all for the feedback.
  • I've been noticing that the top of my left shoe is wet after driving my 2003 Envoy. It looks like dirty water (from melted road salt/snow crud).

    Anyone else ever experience this? Where is the leak coming from?

  • Seems that since I had the Transmission rebuilt my 4x4 switch is jumping back and forth from 2wd to Awd as I drive. I can feel the slight clunk as it transfers back and forth into each drive mode. I had the switch replaced once probably around 40,000 miles or so (120,000 now). Anyone know what causes this and what needs to be replaced? As I recall it is something in the transfer case that causes this to happen?
  • :cry: sigh. My very reliable, very low maintenance '02 Trailblazer with 175,000 miles died on the way home from a work trip last week. It doggedly traveled 5 miles and up a steep mountain with no oil pressure to a service station near Shady Springs, WV to make sure I got somewhere safe and warm. The engine seized just as I threw it into neutral pulling onto the lot. It was 20 degrees, 9:00 at night, with the wind blowing hard. I'm gonna miss it.

    I never realized how emotionally attached I was to the thought of snapping it's 200,000 mile pictures and showing them to everyone. I guess it just won't happen now.

    Anybody doing anything interesting with broken Trailblazers these days? Engine swaps?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I think with that many miles I would just let it go. We just turned 60K on our 02, hope we get another 115K out of it!
  • Well let's see. Hows the suspension? Does all the electronics work still? Brakes in good order? No body damage? If you have minimal problems then just get a couple estimates and replace and or rebuild the engine. Or you can go down to your local dealer and start making those strokes on another depreciating asset. Yeah it will smell all nice and the paint will shine but it will be just another used car in a couple years. I will never I REPEAT never buy another brand new car as long as I live. Let some other fool pay full price then swoop in there after a couple years and take it for what it's worth. Has anyone ever bought a used car based on Kelly Blue Book to have it depreciate by 25% only after 3 months? Well that's what happens on brand new vehicles. The big three will be just like the American TV manufactures. Just a name that we once new. Pay a couple grand for a new engine drive it until 2012 then consider getting another car.

    Just my $0.02
  • I am in need of an upper liftgate molding (it has the 3 brake light in it) for a 02 TrailBlazer LT EXT. Any year from 02 to 06 will fit. If anyone is parting out their old TB or know of a good place for body parts (used) I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time,
    Matt Myers
  • >>Hows the suspension?
    Meh~ Not bad considering.
    >> Does all the electronics work still?
    Yeah, needs speakers.
    >> Brakes in good order?
    >>No body damage?
    >>If you have minimal problems then just get a couple estimates ... Pay a couple grand for a new engine drive it until 2012 then consider getting another car.

    Yeah, but it was due for replacement this year. I was hoping someone would say "oh yeah - you can go drop a blah-de-blah-de-blah in it and then you can finally put a lift kit on it and get it off road...

    ah welll....
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