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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • kjakin07kjakin07 Posts: 2
    When I purchased my 06 Envoy the sales manager said that he had read that 08 would be the last year for the Envoy, but I can't find anything anywhere that says or backs that up. Has anyone heard anything about GM stopping the line? Of course everything is open to change now with gas prices and the Envoy isn't known for it's great gas mileage.
    Thanks for any input.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    That's the way I heard it too.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    How in the world did you get 75K miles on your Bravada's Michelin Cross-Terrain tires? Yes, they are a great tire and I plan to replace them in kind on my 2003 Bravada, but that is with just under 40K miles on them. I've had the dealer and another shop tell me the thread is at replacement level and I've measured it myself using Consumer Reports thread depth recommendation and they are telling the truth. So, before the snow falls, October here in Colorado, I'll be putting a new set of Michelin X-Terrains on my Bravada, but I'll still be under 40K miles.

    BTW, the latest consumer alert regarding tires over 6 years old (side-wall deterioration due to aging of the tire compounds) also would impact my tires if I keep them beyond this year. They were manufactured in August 2002.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    I got about 62K miles on a 2004 Envoy XL Michelin Cross Terrain tires. Just replaced at Sears a few weeks ago as they were on sale for $169 +installation+road hazard+etc. WalMart and Sam's were up over $200 each before add-ons and tax. The Cross Terrains were not all the way down to wear bars, 4/16 to 6/16 remaining IIRC. Still legal, but they were getting as low as I like to go on tires. I had not rotated them in probably 30K miles so they were just a little uneven. I seem to recall looking at them a year or so ago and it seem the tires have gone up at least $20-30 each since then. IMHO just another cost jump due to high oil prices.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    $200 per tire before the add-ons and taxes is outrageous! I purchased sports car performance tires in past years and have never paid more that $130 per tire. I think there is a lot more inflation in our economy than the Fed is paying attention to. Time to tighten up the Funds rate and discount rate at the Fed before we are paying $300 per tire.

    I also noticed that there aren't the constant tire sale ads in the local papers like there used to be a few years ago. Something has definitely changed in this market in the five years or so since I last bought tires for anything.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,958
    Lots of oil goes into tires. And they weigh a bit, so shipping costs have gone up.

    "the price of oil, now at all-time highs, makes up 60% of the raw materials cost for a tire. Natural rubber, a commodity nearing 28-year price highs, makes up another 25%."

    As tire prices rise, drivers delay purchases (USA Today)

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  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    The increase I saw at Walmart and Sams encouraged me to go ahead and pull the trigger on the sale price at Sears...before those go up as well. I had gotten more than enough miles from the first set and if I get 40-50K miles from the second set I will be at or over the replace the vehicle time and mileage. I think consumers that were already stretched before this last years run up in prices are really feeling the pain now and it will probably only get worse for the next year or two. I hate to predict past that since we are where I thought we would be maybe 4-5 years from now... This has been crazy and I don't see where it will end in the short term.
  • excel1excel1 Posts: 1
    I am wanting to change the plugs in my 04 Raineer. I have never changed any with the individual coil packs. Does anyone have any advise?
  • As to the front differential leaking, I too have the same problem, I took my 2003 Envoy 64,000 MI in March 5 2008 -- was told the seal is leakig and had it repaired, I thought. In july I again noticed oil on the garage floor. I took it back to the shop that replaced the seal and was told the same thing, it is a design flaw and hard to repair, and that even if I repaired it again it would probably still leak????? The first time it was $885.42 and my extended warranty covered all but the $50 deduct. I was also told that the warranty might not cover it again if it was replaced again so I have to have it checked every so often and add fluid if needed, HOW STUPID IS THAT???.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    I have not looked at the Rainer/Envoy/Trailblazer plugs and coil packs. I will look at them soon since it is about time to change the plugs on my wife's Envoy. If the coil packs are similiar to the ones on my '00 Trooper it is possible that one or more will be difficult to break loose from the plug. Trooper has a rubber tube covering the spring down from the coil to connet to the plug..tend to get stuck and difficult to remove. IF that happens do not try and force them off since they can tear and if that happens you might have to replace the complete coil pack. Take compressed air and blow down the center of the rubber tube and it will pop right off. I used one of those small 'compressor' you can get for $20-$30 for inflate your tires...worked real well using one of the pointed inflater tips that came with it. You could probably even use a manual pump but might need assistance to hold it in place.
  • earlcearlc Posts: 34
    Do any of you know if GM has discontinued the Trailblazer, Envoy and Rainier. I heard that neither one would be produced after the '08 models but I haven;t been able to confirm this. Thanks
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    I went to and looked under the incentives they list... None of these were showing up in the list of 2009 models but were there for the 2008's. Interesting that they were showing $6000 incentives on the 2008s. But that does not really confirm either way.

    Edit... I next went to, selected GMC, then went to Build Your Own.. chose 2009 and the Envoy does show up there. So, maybe they are still building them after all.
  • alancsnalancsn Posts: 2
    Have a family member that weighs towards 400 pounds. Any SUV model or sedan that can take that weight on a constant basis?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You may want to give What's the best vehicle for my needs? a try.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • in your message about trailer towing you mentioned that the air suspension worked great to keep the load level---I am getting conflicting answers about the auto air suspension on my 2005 rainier some GM people say to disengage the system when towing others say leave it alone these same conflicting answers are also coming from RV dealer service people---so who do I believe which mode should I tow my trailer in----any insight from you could be very helpful

  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702

    I do not have the ability to turn the air suspension on or off in my Envoy. It is "on" all the time and usually I hear it come on every time I start the car. It has done that since new. I can turn on or off the aux. air pump outlet located in the passenger side rear panel in the cargo area. I cannot imagine why someone would not want it on when towing unless there was some fear it would overload the system. That has never happened to me. I would think that even if you could turn it off while towing that the back end would sag lower due to the extra weight of the trailer tounge. My Envoy has the extra duty towing package so I have always assumed that the air rear suspension was designed to work in towing situations. Mine is a 2002 that I bought new 7 years and 1 month ago and the air suspension has worked the entire time. We have towed with it during the summer since new. Our boat/trailer weighs 5000# and the Envoy tows it just fine. Does your owner's manual say anything about it? Do you have a switch that lets you turn the air suspension feature on and off? On mine the air suspension has air bladders instead of rear coil springs. I replaced the rear shocks last year but they are not connected to the air suspension bladders and are just plain old shock absorbers.
    Good luck and keep us posted!

  • I have only had my rainier for a month now and did not tow my trailer (4800#) with it yet because I wanted to be sure about the air suspension----the fellow from the help desk at buick customer service told me to disable the system by just pulling the fuse when I am towing----I think that I will judge for myself by towing with and without the suspension activated----I am going camping for the holiday so I will try it at that time and let you know what happened

  • "the fellow from the help desk at buick customer service told me to disable the system by just pulling the fuse when I am towing,"

    That sounds like the absolutely most absurd "customer service rep's" advice I've ever heard.

    If towing something caused an adverse response in the model you own, the manufacturer would have designed something a little more "sophisticated" than pulling a fuse.

    And I would sure get hold of the franchise owner and get, in writing, what he would suggest in the situation you describe.
  • glubashglubash Posts: 19
    The air bladders can handle the rating of the hitch. I would not tow with the suspension system turned off because the back end will sag like crazy and the handling will probably stink. If you are concerned about overloading the system, check your trailer weight (fully loaded) as well as the load on the hitch. You should be able to do that at any public scale.

    Good luck.
  • thanks guys for all of the input---going on the popular opions of your answers and my hunch I will not disengage the air suspension when towing---my vehicle will not be overloaded (I had it scaled) so the system should handle it with no problem at all plus the fact that it towed fine to and from the the yard where the scale was located

    thanks again
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