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Chevy Tahoe Starting and Stalling Problems



  • kateb1kateb1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe that's been shutting off for a second or two when I hit a bump. The door locks cycle, the ABS lights come on and the display says "service brake system", sometimes the check engine light comes on. The display reads that I have about 30 miles I can travel on a full tank. Occassionally the display pops up with "reduced engine power" and then I have to shut it off and wait a few minutes before restarting, but then it runs fine...until the next bump. We checked fuses, battery connections and cables, replaced the PCM, the crankshaft position sensor and ignition switch. I finally found a thread that fixed my problem and I've copied it below. Hopefully this will help.

    His solution:
    There is a thin ground wire located on the back side of the engine block. It is on the passenger side and you have to remove the plastic engine cover to find it. The connection at the block is a bolted ring lug. This connection was loose on the Tahoe of the guy giving me this information. He moved the connection to terminate with the braided ground strap that connects at the firewall on the drivers side of the engine. He claimed this solved all his problems.
    I checked the ground wire on my truck and it was tight. I removed the bolt, cleaned the surfaces and re-installed the ground wire. I was recharging the battery during this time. I also checked all the other wires I could to ensure none were loose. The wire bundles I did come across in the engine compartment, under the dash and in the steering column I moved around as best I could on the chance there may be a chaffed wire somewhere causing a short.

    After completing the battery hook-up I tried to start the truck and found it started right up. This was done on 2/21 and the intermittent electrical gremlins have not returned. After starting the truck I drove it over some of the roughest roads in the area trying to make it hiccup again but it did not repeat itself.

    The truck has started up each time since then.
    I know it seems questionable whether one small ground wire/connection could be the source of the problems but the results cannot be argued. If you are having similar issues with your truck you can't lose looking at this solution before tossing hundreds of dollars to your mechanic or more to the dealer.
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