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Airbag fault codes?

Hello folks;
I have a 2006 Mazda 5, auto with around 65K miles on it. I recently started getting an airbag light warning. Specifically, there is a long flash, followed by 9 short flashes. I believe this indicates a fault code #19. However, I don't know what it means. I would appreciate any information and remedies to this.


  • sdmtsdmt Posts: 1
    I just started getting the same flashing light on my dash. Happened after I took my 2006 Mazda in for an oil change on Friday. Taking back today to have them run diagnostics. interested in any feedback and will provide same.
  • I plan to go to have it fixed later this week. If you get it checked before me, please do keep me posted.
  • Did you find a solution to this problem?
  • It was something inside the steering cylinder that was effecting the electrical contact. The airbag itself was ok and did not have to be replaced. I had it done at an independent shop and the total cost was in the range of $300.
  • Please let me know exactly what the repair facility did to repair this issue, as I have a DTC for the SIR and according to ALLDATA, the issue is inside the steering column but requires Mazda specific tools to diagnose this issue, and I know with GM that most of these issues can be a loose CPA or a resistance issue over time that allows the connector to vibrate and cause the resistance values to change, we have recalls for our R/V vehicle lines that we had to replace the connectors, prior to the recall we simply disconnected the connector and plugged back in three times to see if the light goes out, this is supposed to "clean" the contacts and ensure a good connection exsists. Sadly they found this was short term and we now replace the connectors, please let me know as much detail as possible as to the exact repairs made to your vehicle. Thank you!@
  • This car, Mazda 5 2006, has been a nightmare since I purchased it 4 years ago! I've had CONSTANT issues with my suspension....front and back! Paid $1600 the first time, then $1200 the second time...CONSTANTLY going through tires, no matter how much money I spend on them, this car, has made a squeeking, rocking back and forth, pretty much since after about 6 months after I bought it! Then, lets talk about my back locks not working! The first time, they fixed them for free, it was a recall...Now I have dealt with it, for over a year and a half, they are NOT working again! When i called, they said, they ONLY fix recalls once...then I have to pay for it! Ahhhhhhh, its a RECALL! ITS STILL not fixed!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS! NOW, my transmission is messed up! IT got stuck in 3rd gear on the highway! Couldn't go more than 50...when I pulled over, the digital reading said, 4th gear, when I was stopped! Then 3 when I was trying to get it to move, bucking all the way. I got it off the highway, and to a garage. We put ATF in it....filled it...STILL wouldn't move! Only bucking, reving and rolled backwards, smoking....ARE YOU SERIOUS! I'm a single mom, don't know where to turn....I DON"T have the money for a transmission right now.....please advice anyone! I still owe on this car, that I THOUGHT would last me a LONG time! ugh! after reading ALL the comments about EVERYONES problems with their Mazda 5s as well, SAME issues, I've had with MINE, REALLY makes me think about a Class action! This is a major issue with Mazda 5 cars???? Seems like anyone having one from 2005-2011?? any imput? please tell! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME.....tad frustrated with this vehicle....reliable? HUH! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • How do you clear the code? I have this same problem. Al thought it was not in accident (that I know) its a family car, no other damage though.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    code should clear automatically when problem is fixed. if you clear the code it will come back on if problem still is there. everytime you start the car it checks the airbag system and if a problem the light stays on.
  • mahnrutmahnrut Posts: 1
    We just got our airbag fault code fixed today on our 2008 Mazda5. Some wire was corroded apparently and they cleaned it and the code went off. We were lucky in that it was 2 days before the 5 year warranty for this expired and hopefully if it comes back on in the near future we can say we took it in before the warranty expired! We paid nothing.
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