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2 or 300,000mile Club?



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,507
    I cannot remember when they started galvanizing, but I, too, believe it was early '90s. The 95+ Legacy/Outbacks were definitely HG (not sure about the roofs), but yes, there are those that still have rust. The problem is that regardless of the treatment, if you have areas that get salt buildup and remain wet, they will rust. There are many areas that have folded metal, plastic covers, etc., where buildup of dirt, salt, debris, etc., can occur. When that happens, it takes a long time for moisture to dissipate and no time at all for it to find its way in there.

    Washing doesn't necessarily help that much because it is a brief hit of large water volume to the exterior and takes the path of least resistance, not that fine spray that happens in rain/snow/slush that can find its way into every nook and cranny - no matter how small.

    In places that don't use salt that often (such as interior Alaska), rust on a Subaru that is partial cars running around still, but not many. ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Plus when it's snowing, Subarus are the only cars still driving around. The others are all stranded at home in the garage.

    They're just not exposed to as much road salt.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,507
    In places that don't use salt that often (such as interior Alaska), rust on a Subaru that is partial cars running around still, but not many.

    Whoa.... I am not sure what happened to that sentence, but there was probably another line worth of text there when I typed it!

    I meant to say "...rust on a 20-year-old or less Subaru is pretty much non-existent. There are some older partial cars running around still, but not many." In other words, even in interior Alaska, old Subaru vehicles rust with vigor. :blush:
  • This is one of the worst vehicles I have owned. It needed a new short engine block at approximately 43,000 miles. I have had oil pumps replaced twice, 3 years apart. There have been oil leaks. Now, at 99,000 miles, I have the infamous white smoke blowing from my tailpipe, which may be indicative of the gasket issues many of you have discussed. Unfortunately, I lost my job & can't afford thousands to fix it or buy something new. I have heard about these cars lasting hundreds of thousands of miles but this one will be lucky if it lasts to 100,000. I can tell you when I can buy one though, it won't be a Suburu.
  • sus30sus30 Posts: 1
    I'm the 2nd owner of one of the 30th anniversary SUS models made in 1999. I currently have 231,000miles with no problems other than the everyday in and outs. Only thing that needed a replacement so far was the alternator which is probably due to the high load my set up demands. I hope it can maintain its longevity at least until i can afford a newer Sub
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