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Jeep Commander Water Leak and Radio Problem

mijs0405mijs0405 Posts: 2
edited December 2013 in Jeep
I need help. I have a 2008 Jeep Commander Hemi and has 51K mileage now but problem happened way before it hit 50K. I have 2 water leak problems one got fixed or supposedly fixed in 2009 and one prior to that - these two were done within the warranty period. Week of Aug 23rd, my radio went out and since I was out of B2B warranty went to a extended warranty via car insurance. They told me they can not cover it cuz it looks like it was caused by water damage. When this problem happened it was raining that day. Took to the dealer to get my amplifier and wiring fixed and left the right door speaker unfixed for now as I will get a new speaker in a week after it got fixed. Anyway week I got the car back after getting the amp/wiring fixed it was raining, that was last week. Noticed that the radio volume went out again and then end of the week have water on the floor by the driver side.

So for folks who had the same problem, what have you done to get this corrected and not pay a cent as you can see it is an ongoing problem. I can understand if this is the first time and I am out of my B2B warranty but it looks like they really never fixed it and oh by the way, they have a thirday party who supposedly fixes this type of water leak problem so technically how can I really trust them to actually fullly fox this problem.

Please send in your input. I appreciate the help.



  • Hey... I am having a similar problem.. I have a 2008 Jeep Commander.. The water started leaking in the door on the front passenger side... I have tried to get the dealer to fix it.. They have this third party person who charges a set rate of $250.. It just so happens that that is the same amount of the deductible. I have been shopping around because not only is the service at the dealership awful, but I don't understand how the integrity and/or the seals on the cars doors can be compromised this soon after the car left the assembly line. I have contacted an attorney at 1800lemonlaw. In the meantime I have called another dealership for an estimate.. Its no way that Chrysler does not know that these cars are leaking. They need to be held accountable, especially since they got a piece of the bailout monies so that these dealerships could stay up and running..
  • Hi,
    I just purchased a 2006 Commander with 60K. on it. The floor boards were wet when I purchased it, so I had the dealer sign an agreement that they were responsible to fix this issue or give my money back. Cleaning out the door drains seems to have fixed this issue, but I'm still concerned that the issue will come back. It's only been a few weeks so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've also heard people say that its taken a new windshield to solve the issue. My research made it clear that this is a big issue and Jeep is not taking responsibility as of yet. If the problem comes back and it doesn't get fixed, I'm contacting a good attorney. If enough Jeep owner do this they will have to do something. I hope?
  • Hi, was wondering if any of you have had any luck with getting the water leak problem fixed, or contacting an attorney. My sister-in-law and I both have a 2006 Jeep Commander and have been dealing with this problem for quite some time now. Her car completely shut down a couple of days ago with all of the rain we have had.
  • Sounds like some of you have had the same problem... I have a 2006 Commander that I bought in Jan 2007 and here in the Pacific NW it has been great.
    Is there a connection between water leaks and the speakers cutting in and out?
    How are they connected?
    Thankx.... Barry
  • I have an 06 Commander that developed a water leak that was soaking both the drivers and passengers side floor boards. I don't know if any of you have the sunroof option but I traced my problem back to clogged drains that channel down the door pillars. They were a little tricky to get to but I blew them out with compressed air and have not encountered this problem since.
  • fairwindsfairwinds Posts: 8
    edited April 2011
    I just bought a 2008 Commander that just hit 36,000 miles. The front driver's side floor was wet when I got it. Now everytime it rains, the driver's side floor is soaked. I cannot tell where the water is coming in from. I don't think the warranty will cover the repair since I am no on 37,000 miles. The one thing I did notice is that when it is dry out, I roll down the driver's side window and when I roll it back up, there is water on the window. When I do the same to the passenger side's window, it is dry. That got me thinking that the water is coming in from the window some how? Any thoughts on what I can do so that the floor doesn't end up rotting out, etc. At first I thought it was coming in when the roads were wet, but the car had dry floors three days ago, I have not driven it since and today it is raining and the floor is wet. So...the water is coming in while the car is in parked position. Pls help... shouldn't I be able to get this fixed. There must be a recall???
  • Hello, I also have an 06 Commander and shortly after buying thevehicle we had a water leak in the front left driver floor after a hard rain. im still having the problem but even worse now after the radio went mute . so today i started looking around on the net to see if any other customers were having issues with their commanders and sure enough just about every customer has had the water leak and the exhaust bolts breaking causing the exhaust ticking noise (i have repaired that myselft about a month ago) and just a lot of electrical issues prob. due to a minor water leak that has not been seen yet . anyway i took my panels off inside going to the a-pilar and removed drain from left side of sunroof to find it completely stopped up with trash and looks like some black foam insulation of some sort but clogged causeing water from sunroof not to drain at all but overflow and run down to all four floors now so hopefully that will stop for a while . i saw a post today from someone who said they found out that the drains arent large enough to handle the water flow from a hard rain and thats what someone at the dealer told them . so it appears that jeep has seen a lot if not all of these water leak issues and radio issues due to water leaks and cant understand for the life of me why there is not a recall yet but i do know that if you have it reapaired at a dealer and later jeep comes out with a recall on it then the manufacure will refund all of your money back that was paid on attempting to repair the leak but you need to keep recipt for proof to send in to the manufacture.
  • fairwindsfairwinds Posts: 8
    Good Luck... my Commander leaks and I do not have a sunroof. The front driver's floor is soaked after it rains. I know carry a tarp in the back of the car and leave it on the roof when I am not driving it and it's raining. It is the only way that I can keep the car from rotting away and having all these electrical problems that I have read about. I washed my car w/a hose the other day and the floor was dry. It doesn't come in that much when I am driving it on a rainy day. If it rains while parked...the floor is soaking wet. I am so sick of it... everyone drives by and wonders why this car always has a bright blue tarp over the front driver's window. I had a Jeep Laredo before and wish I purchased another one. This Commander issue should be have a recall or Jeep will be loosing their customers. So if anyone else has a solution or has been able to fix the problem on a Commander w/no sunroof, please post something for all of us who are miserable and hate rain!!!!!
  • abmontyabmonty Posts: 1
    I own a 2006 Jeep Commander and for the first 65,000 miles have had few significant issues with it. The two prior issues I did have were related to a vehicle diagnosis issue (Self-diagnosis cluster on the dash randomly came on during operation and went wild, but eventually stopped) that was eventually traced to a fault in the ignition switch and an unexpected engine shut off that was eventually traced to a faulty cargo door short circuit.

    In Dec 2010 I experienced water (lots of it) accumulated in the drivers side foot well. This fault was diagnosed as stemming from clogged drain tubes. Tubes were replaced with oversized tubes by my dealer, carpets and padding dried and I was told the problems was corrected. (Never believe your dealer no matter how well you think of him/her and mines been great till now.)

    In June I experience water staining on the head liner above the driver and along the edge of the moon roof (left corner). I showed it to my dealer and added it to my service appointment for checkout and repair. Before that appointment happened we had a rain storm and BOTH the driver side and passenger side foot wells filled with water. So much water that it was above evident above the carpet. Again the dealer so show them the magnitude of the leak as an aid to diagnosis and repair and to find out why a problem that had been fixed six month earlier had re appeared only worse.

    During my service appointment the liner was removed and it was determined that the drain tubes were clogged (AGAIN??) This I had difficulty understanding since during the first 4.5 years of ownership I had not one leak and that in the 5th year it happened twice.

    Here it got interesting - I was told (dealership) that they could find no source of the leak, no gaskets were cracked/dry rotted etc nor did it appear that the adjustment of the sun/moon roof glass to the roof gaskets were excessive. In fact I was told JEEP DESIGNED THE SUN/MOON ROOF TO LEAK and that it was performing as designed - LEAKING.

    Remember I said in the first 65,000 miles not one leak now twice it's leaked. My dealers explanation didn't pass the common sense test and I've challenged it all the way to Jeep Engineering - who according to their design department did not design the moon/sun roof glass to leak though seepage of water could be expected, but not in amounts that would fill both the drivers and passenger side foot wells with substantial water as I was/am experiencing.

    I see lots of folks have had similar issues with the Commander leaking and I was wondering if anyone was able to resolve the problem to the point it didn't re-occur short of buying a Ford, GMC, Subaru etc.

    Another interesting point the leak seems to appear only when the vehicle is sitting/parked. I've not seen the problem manifest itself when driving.

    My dealer suggest parking the JEEP in my garage or in a car port or under a tarp when not in use and bad weather is imminent.

    Anyone want to offer some suggestions on how I might fix the problem or where I should look find the leak???
  • I had the same problem, only leaking when parked, passenger side only. Still under warranty, I took it in and they determined there was a faulty seal, gasket around the screw that attached the handle on the passenger side in front of the door (just to the right of the windshield). Once they replaced it there were no more problems w/ the leak. Hope this helps...
  • edsmumedsmum Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    I have a Jeep Commander 2007 that I purchased four years ago from the dealership. Last summer during heavy rain water began leaking from the black box located behind the rearview mirror and on the passenger side floor. I took it to the dealership and they said the tubing from the sunroof is clogged and needs replacing. We let them replace it and the leak in the passenger floor stopped but water continues to leak from the black box located behind the rearview mirror. I took it to a different dealership and they said they poured water on the roof and did not see any leakage and I should call Chrysler. I called Chrysler and they said they do not know anything about Commander and I need to talk to the Dealership!
    I would like to know if anyone has dealt with a problem like this and if anyone has suggestions on how to deal with this problem and also do you know a mechanic that is familiar with Jeep Commanders?
  • Wow so many jeeps so many leaks. I bought a used 2006 fully loaded jeep commander with all the bells and whistles and I a sitting ankle deep in water on the passanger side and when I turn I hear all the water inside. It leaks when it rains and its so frusrating because the mold smell is horrible and knats and insects breed in my jeep. I know now why someone traded it in. Its so sad because I live always concerned about the weather. I didnt buy the warrenty (shame on me) and the dealer wants to charge me some astronomical price just to look at it. Help if there is a class action suit I'm in
  • I know exactly how you feel. I just bought my 2008 six months ago and I am constantly checking the weather out. I had my husband build me a little carport to put the jeep under because I literally get sick to my stomach when the car is out in the rain. The floor is soaked on the driver's side. I could have bought a brand new Jeep Liberty for what I paid for this 3 year old Commander. I really hate to say it. I just may trade it in for the Liberty. I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee and put 300 miles on it before the trans. went. I love Jeeps, but this Commandore should be recalled!!!! If anyone hears of a recall, pls. contact me.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    Have you had this problem since your April 2011 posting? This solution worked for me too last spring. I had the puddling/leaking Again these past 2 weeks & had the repair shop duplicate that solution but this time it's not working for me. If you had to go another route after this initial fix please let me know.
    Thdnk you.
  • I have the same problem w/water and my Commander does not have a sunroof. It's really a shame that Jeep doesn't do a thing about this when there are so many Commander owners who have the same problem!
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    edited January 2012
    I had no idea so many other people were having problems with their Jeep Commander water leaks. My wife's car was in the shop and she was driving it and it rained. She got off work and 3 inches of rain was on the driver's side. Now she thinks I'm a fool for keeping this car. My leaks are so bad it got in the speakers and the radio is mute just like another Jeep Commander owner.

    I think we should start a group to get the design problems fixed.

    Does anyone have the check gas cap warning as well?

    I have the following problems:

    Check Gas Cap Warning
    Driver's Side Leaks
    Mute Radio

    I have seen other people report the same problems. We deserve to get these
    problems fixed. The Commander was supposed to have the Jeep quality behind it but the model has numerous problems. Is there any wonder why Jeep discontinued making a Commander.

    Thanks for any response and if anyone has any ideas how we can get the problems addressed, let me know.
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I second bringing a lawsuit to have the Jeep Commanders recalled to
    fix this problem. I think 100% of the Commanders leak. See my
    post. I have a few other common problems as well.

    I will start contacting people if we get enough support.
  • Pls.... we do need a lawsuit. It is ridiculous. We had rain two days ago and my car mats are in the house still drying! Apple had a problem w/the cords on the their Macintosh laptops. I was going crazy replacing them; this was going on for years. People were online complaining just like we are about our Commanders. Well, Apple listened and did something. They sent us a postcard and I headed to an Apple store w/three bad power cords. In a few minutes I walked out with three brand new cords that are awesome! I will buy Apple computers forever, but Jeep...shame on you!!! Do something about this problem or those of us who have always have Jeeps will go elsewhere for our vehicles! I actually have a huge tarp that goes over the car anytime I hear it is going to rain. I have gone out at 2 am when I hear rain to cover it. Why... because after it gets wet too many times, the radio and all the electronics are going to go...just wait. So get big tarps before you have big problems!!! JEEPERS, CAN'T YOU FIX THIS PROBLEM and help us out here!!!!
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    edited January 2012
    Thanks for posting a message. I can't believe this major leaking problem has not been addressed by Chrysler. My radio is already gone. We have
    to find the best two advocates to get this problem addressed and all Jeepers have to contact the advocate. We shouldn't have to keep a
    tarp in the car to prevent leaking. Jeep should send us a tarp. They
    haven't even admitted to the problem. I have a "Check Gas Cap" problem
    as well. This is another common problem.
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I may start filing a consumer complaint with the State of Maryland. It may not go far but
    it may give me practice of filing future complaints. Any Jeepers in Maryland please
    file a complaint too.
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