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Jeep Commander Water Leak and Radio Problem



  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    edited January 2012
    Below is customer complaint for a Jeep Commander. The leaking problem is a more a common problem and the problem may be not a safety issue. However, it is definitely an annoying problem and for people who also lost there radio, it is definitely a problem that can get worse. Below is what he did to get reimbursed for one repair. We should be able to get a recall for this leaking problem. It is definitely a design flaw and should be addressed by Chrysler. I am going to file complaints like this customer did. If any other Jeepers that have a leaking problem would like to file complaints, we may be able to get the attention of someone.


    I am submitting this because I do not know in what direction to turn. Purchased a
    2008 Jeep Commander on October 3, 2008. I average approx. 100 miles a day,
    due to the requirements of my employment. Currently there are 46, 000 miles on my
    Commander. I first began to encounter problems with the vehicle around 42, 000 miles.
    Engaging the key, there was a slight hesitation of 1-3 seconds prior to the engine
    'turning over'. This gradually began to progress to 5-10 seconds. It got to a point
    in which if I drove it, it would not start until it sat idle for at least
    8-10 hours. Eventually it would not start at all. Contacted Chrysler Jeep and was told
    that towing would be offered at cost to the consumer, since it was past the
    36, 000 mile limit. My insurance company, Safeco, indicated that I had towing on
    my policy, but it could only tow to a certified Chrysler Jeep dealership within a
    15 mile towing radius. It was subsequently towed to the Thompson dealership
    since it matched the criteria. The problem was diagnosed as being the wireless
    ignition module. I was charged $487.33, invoice #184536.

    The vehicle ran good for 2 weeks then began to exhibit the same problems.
    It eventually gave out. I started the vehicle and drove it to the Thompson
    dealership. It broke down there. After 'jiggling' the key it started
    and the service advisor, Richard Norwood, drove me home. This occured
    on June 9. On June 14, I was informed, that they could not find the cause of
    the problem. It should be pointed out here, that my initial request was that if
    I was going to have a high end repair to notify me prior, invoice # 186245

    I began to go online and found out the commonality of problems encountered
    by 2008 Jeep owners and was shocked. A recall of front control modules
    was often cited. Including the tendency for the vehicle to stall while driving:

    Contacted the lemon law attorney's but they would not accept because it
    was over the 36, 000 mile limit. Contacted the Maryland State Attorney
    General's office and was transferred to the Consumer Protection Division.
    Submitted a formal complaint, but was notified it would take 4-6 weeks
    inorder for the division to respond. At this point I was informed
    that they could only act as a mediator.

    I next contacted the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration.
    The procedure was duplicated. Submitted a complaint with a response time of
    4-6 weeks.

    I have a vehicle sitting in front of my place of residence. No one knows
    what's wrong with the thing. Spoke with the actual mechanic doing the repairs.
    RealIy cordial and knowledgable. Says that he has worked on the vehicle on his
    own time, without pay. Says that he can run more extensive tests which
    would be costly and may not still yield favorable results. At best he will trouble
    shoot or trial and error. I contend the problems are the result of faulty
    manufacturing. In some Jeeps it was found that Chrysler installed faulty
    Mitsubishi starters.

    Need to emphasize, Thompson Chrysler Jeep and the service advisor,
    Richard Norwood, as well as the mechanic have been superb. They are the
    only bright spots out of the whole ordeal. Couldn't have a more professional
    group of people representing the Chrysler logo.

    Was assigned a Chrysler case manager, Andrew AP-516. Initially they denied
    culpability. Stating that my vehicle, alhough exhibiting the same problems of the
    1338 recalled vehicles, that it was not within the recall group.
    After informing them of my consumer options they agreed that since
    the module was under warranty, they would re-imburse me. His solution was
    to get a second opinion. I asked, 'from who?' If a certified dealership did not
    know the answers, who would. What were the logistics involved?
    Was I to tow the car from dealership to dealership at my expense?
    He said a member of their response team was to get back with me by
    June 16, it never happened. I called back the subsequent week and he was
    totally oblivious to the specifics of my case. He repeated that I needed to get a
    second opinion. It was at that time I requested another case manager.
    Was given an equally inept case worker, Kristy, KF-223. She prompted the same
    response as the previous case worker but with a twist. The area district manager was
    to get in touch with me not later that June 29.

    To Chrylser's defense. they did offer to re-imburse me for the front control module
    repairs. Have to submitt my original repair documents and a determination then
    has to be made.

    I have a potential death trap. As with Toyota, need to know how many people
    will needlessly have to be injured or killed before a class action suite will be
    initiated. The problems of the 2008 Jeep Commander are extensive, and these
    have been well documented by its owners. What does Chrysler know about the
    flawed electrical design of the Commanders and when did they know it.
    Are we on the precipice of a class action suite against Chrysler.

    I would immagine after they defaulted in the repayment of the
    7-billion dollar bailout, Chrysler would be more proactive towards addressing
    the safety and concerns of the consumer.

    My vehicle has been sitting idle for over a month.

    Chrysler Customer Care
    Attn: Jeep
    P.O. Box 21-8004
    Auburn Hills, Michigan
  • I'm considering now because of the size of the commander purchasing one... or rather I was considering it. I'm scared now to drive 3 hours to see one that might cause problems in the future. I'm disappointed because its been a vehicle I've wanted for some time and upon stumbling onto this page I am unsure of what action to take. Purchase it for its size and prepare myself with a tarp or consider another vehicle? Help!
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I'm not sure if they all leak or just some leak but it is a major problem. Unless you think it is a deal you can't refuse, I wouldn't suggest buying one. It is the worse vehicle I have ever owned. The only credit I would
    give this vehicle is that I never had any engine or transmission problems
    and it has $84,000 mile on it. There are alot of cars out on the road and
    I would put the Jeep Commander at the bottom of the list.
  • We took a 06 Commander in last week with the wet drivers’ side floorboard problem. We checked the windshield carefully, and then drivers door moldings and then blew out the drains for the sun roof.
    It still leaked down through the drivers’ side drain line area of the sun roof.
    We finally found the problem by dropping the head liner down and using an inspection mirror with a flash light. We disconnected the drain line and plugged the nipple opening and poured a small amount of water into the sun roof pan and located a hole in the drain pan just above where the nipple is formed for the drivers’ side sun roof drain line.
    We could not see the actual leak source without the mirror and flashlight, as it was on the interior side seam facing away from the drivers’ door opening.

    Since carefully sealing the drain pan seam just a 1/4 above the drain hose nipple on the interior side, slightly above where the drain hose connects, the problem appears to be solved.

    It appears to be a manufacturing defect in the plastic seam in my opinion.

    I hope this helps others with similar Jeep Commander water leaks on the drivers’ side.

    John Daughtry
    Glass by Daughtry Inc
    Brandon, MS
  • angiernangiern Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    I am frustrated. I bought my 2006 Jeep Commander brand new! I have taken it to the body shop 3 times, etc., and it still leaks. My fix-all was to put simple carpenter's putty on the sunroof and edges on the roof. This is an ugly, temporary fix, but it stopped the leaks. I have proof, and am willing to participate in ANY type of lawsuit.

    Let me tell you how I found this website: Someone saw me parked at a store, she was driving a 2006 Limited Edition, as well. She saw my putty and offered me some advice...then she told me of this site.

    This is RIDICULOUS! How many of us are out there? Where are you Chrysler? Do you even care? I'm not being sarcastic...just tired of getting wet. My sticker price was $38,650.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    Thank you for posting. this is my exact experience. Exact. We even had one of the same case manager's, i.e., Kristy. None are ever aware of the prior case manager's conversation with me, and, more: they are never aware of the TSBs convering my complaints. I have to listen to them say that there are none until i tell them the numbers of the TSBs and offer to fax them copies.

    My Jeep Commander had been sitting now for over one month. I decided to move it this evening and opened the sunroof which then would not close. I had to turn the Commander off, on, off and on again before the sunroof would close again; worrying that this is related to the electrical problem of park assist turning off by itself, cruise control turning on by itself, dash board blinking, and navigation screen and bottow row buttons ceasing to work within a few minutes of car running.
  • Our 2006 Commander which we bought brand new for $36,000 has had or is currently having the following problems with 37,000miles on the clock:-) Water puddling on driver side floor- I pulled up the carpet and found that the sunroof drain hose is too short and pulls out of the floor and fills the truck( stupid are these people?), water leaking into the driver side rear quarter panel where the factory radio amplifier is located which intern shorted out from the water and the radio does not work anymore, intermittent running rough, gas cap loose warning message, replaced two starters, water pools in the front doors, passanger side window automatically goes down by it self, front rotors prematurely failed, front shocks and tires prematurely failed, driver side seat motors are not operating anymore, I tested the motors and they are fine, it is probably a relay or something electrical which got wet from the pooling water on the floor.... I can't go on any more because I'm starting to get very angry and I don't want to ruin my day...but I will leave you with this.... the dealers will pretend that they don't know what you are talking about you are the only case and you caused all of this as they told us at Teterboro nj jeep...Jeep is very well aware of these issues and will cover their tracks as best they can....good luck getting any government agency involved without making any substantial donation to whoever is in charge of the buracracy you are calling...the best way to hurt these scumbags in my opinion is to never buy their product again and spread the word as wide and as far as you can...just think we gave them a ton of money for a crap product and on top of that we bailed them out of bankruptcy with our money again, and they can't lend us a hand? What does that tell you about them?

  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I couldn't say it better myself. I have a 2008 commander that has exactly
    the same problems. There is a lot of commanders made from 2006 through 2008 that we have to find a law firm to file a class action suit on behalf of all the Commander owners. Someone
    forwarded me a name a firm and I went to the website of the law firm and
    sent them an email. I haven't heard from the law firm yet.

    My jeep won't pass the Maryland emmissions test because of the gas
    cap warning. I will forward the name of the law firm I emailed. It was
    on this site that I got the name so maybe you can see it.

    Thanks for taking the time to write your story. I hope we can get our
    Jeeps fixed.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    I went through this with attorney over the throughout the last month and, short of the long: you have to wait until someone, unfortunately, loses life or limb, they sue/their estate sues Jeep Chrysler, and then we file a class action on the coat-tails of that suit, i.e., without loss of life or limb the class action won't be worth our time/money.

    that said: keep posting experiences with these Jeep Commanders AND Chrysler Corporate's lack of sufficient reply so that if/when that time comes, we are totally prepared. Also, by posting, we give Jeep Chrysler the chance to do the right thing BEFORE it becomes a life or limb suit.
  • edboneedbone Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 Commander Limited (Hemi) and had the same leaking problem as everyone else. Living in Southern California, where it never rains, you could imaging how long it took to find this leak. Our head liner has been replaced 2X in 2 years and was told the drain tubes for the sunroof get clogged. Lucky for me, we were still under warranty. The solution from the dealer was, "Don't drive in the rain and keep it garaged!"

    This is bitter / sweet! Sorry we are all going through this horrific problem, especially after paying 40K + for a vehicle, but I'm so glad we all have this same problem. With numbers, we could make a stance and hopefully rectify the problem for good.

    I read in this blog, an attorney said nothing could be done unless someone losses life or limb. Sounds to me like a personal injury attorney who wants the big bucks. I disagree, I am sure :lemon: laws may apply here. We all want our investment (vehicle) fixed, not to get rich.

    WSWIG, count me in on the lawsuit. keep in touch,
  • 007latr007latr Posts: 3
    Well the title say it all Water on the driver's side floor when it rains it horrible...Flicking of the dashboard the moving of the seats the sun roof no longer opens the radio and navigation no longer works either and to add insult to injury went to the dealer ship they want to charge me $178 per per hour for repairing the leak issue...If everyone report this to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration then maybe action will be taken...I've already reported it and I'm down for any class action laws suits as well...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
  • edboneedbone Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. We had our headliner replaced twice (Dealer expense) and were told our drain lines were becoming clogged. I will check the sun roof pan, especially now that our vehicle is out of warranty.
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I can't believe Chrysler is getting away with this workmanship. I think
    our problem that it's not a safety issue but a large annoyance problem. I hope this forum can give us a break and force the dealerships to fix the leaking and radio problems.
  • ernie27ernie27 Posts: 1
    Good day,

    We have a 2006 Jeep Commander Limited with the 5.7L HEMI. We bought it used and had to take it back to the dealer for minor repairs. In one of our trip to the dealer, when wehad gooten it back the radio screaned had gone grey but it still worked fine except fo the Navigation. They said they had nothing to do with it. We never to it back to then in Patterson NJ(Global Auto Mall). We now live in Gainesville,Florida and had a very heavy down pour. When we opened the door to our surprise, there was water on the floor and water coming from the handle to assist you in getting in. The Jeep to this day has been fine, no problem. I am surprise to hear of all the problem but will check out the drains. Where can I sign up for the Law suit.
  • 007latr007latr Posts: 3
    For every Jeep Commander owner that lives in Illinois or anywhere for that matter....No action will happen if we don't report them...We spend our hard earned money and this is what we get in return... I have a used 2006 and five years in I shouldn't be having these problems already...
  • res10000res10000 Posts: 1
    I seem to have the same problem as many of you. Bought a new JC 2007 and had no problems until last fall in 2011. Found standing water on the passenger side footwell. Heard water slushing around inside the cab. Noticed water dripping from the driver and passenger side hand rails mounted on the door frame near the windshield. Took it to a body shop who said it was a plugged drain from the sunroof. Things were ok for several months. Then again after a major rain storm with the JC sitting for several days outside (I was on vacation) I found an inch or more of standing water on the passenger side again. I have removed quarts of water from the footwell this time and I am looking for solutions. I have an appointment at a jeep repair center tomorrow. We'll see what they say.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    I just had this conversation with the independent Jeep repair shop that I started going to when I discovered that the Jeep Chrysler dealer I purchased from in Norwalk-Georgetown CT had failed to file my warranty paperwork; I have exactly the same problem, i.e., had sunroof drains air hosed last year, the leaks stopped for several months, but then clogged again. However, this time the air hose didn't help; in fact, it may have dislocated the drains. That said, the Jeep Chrysler Solution to this problem is going to cost me anywhere from $600 - 1200 to repair; while, The independent service station that I go to explained that they believe that they will be able to repair the problem for less than $400. When I pick it up tomorrow for what will bring repairs to just over $10k (it only has 65k miles on it), I'll know if they were able to repair it. What's nice about the independent repair shop is that if they aren't able to repair it, they won't charge me for their time; the Jeep Chrysler Dealer will charge $175 just to look at it and maybe/maybe not repair it.
  • denise42denise42 Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    Door handles broken, water leaks in drivers side, radio goes crazy, cruise control accelerate to 80 and more. I am so tired, what should I do??????
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    You have to wonder how Chrysler can get away with building a car that
    leaks and causes many other problems. Thanks for the response and
    maybe we can get lucky to get some support to have the problems
    fixed. In the mean time we have to drive these pieces of junk.
  • bowilsonbowilson Posts: 1
    my jeep filled the floor boards with water for a year heard every excuse in the world from jeep they will tell you drain plugs are clogged or the sun roof pan has a crack in it but i found out the real problem from a old country shop that replaced the headliner. if youve tried these other fixes and it didnt work the problem is above the the doors. when they prefabricated the doors some of them have a little wave in the metal so the door is not sealing well. you can actually see the waive if you look. Apply a little silcone and that will seal it and stop the leak.
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