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Kia Sorento Heating and Air Conditioning



  • marcogmarcog Posts: 2
    My wife's 03 had the same problem, but the water temp gauge was slow to come up to the normal heat range. I changed the thermostat. It has rubber seals on it that were damaged/worn. It heats up quickly now.
  • My 2006 sorento tx as a problem with the climate control, some time it's on some timeit's not. when on auto its blowing cold air through the AC, there is no warm air coming through at all. my dealer told me a new contol unit was requiered £900 fitted. Any body got a cheaper solution. I live near Chester UK.
  • I have a 06 Sorento XT with climate control, it was working fine but for some reason now the fan will not switch off it seems to be constantly running at about setting 3, All the other buttons work and temperatures are ok but the fan will not switch off at the off button and cannot be reduced to less than the 3 fan setting . Anybody got any help or advice ? Thanks :mad:
  • 2006 KIA sorento had no heat - under warranty and the dealership replaced the blend door actuator because of an internal shot. Heat returned. :)
  • krokokroko Posts: 1
    My 2003 Kia Sorento, has a problem with it's heater. Only works intermittently at high speed. Also, the reservoir appears to lose coolant though I can not seem to find any leaks in the system. Anyone have any ideas? I'm freezing my tail off.
  • You could have a blown head gasket. Coolant is entering the engine and being blown out the exhaust.
    Or, you heater core could have a leak in it.

    Just wondering you say it only works intermittenly at "high speed". At other speeds does the heater stay on and blow hot air?

    If so, it is not the heater core or coolant per se, but a problem with your blower motor.

    Could be any one of multiple causes.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    if you are losing coolant from the probably have a crack in the bottom of it...a know weak point in the early models.....probably need to replace the reservoir.....can be done yourself.....prices vary on the container from 40-100 depending on your dealer.....
  • eg6122eg6122 Posts: 1
    My Kia is having the same problem. The warranty is out. Do you know how much the part was and how long did it take them to get the car back to you. Thanks for your help.">
  • Did you ever solve your problem? I'm having the same issue
  • paopao Posts: 1,867 14819&chapter=&Sectionids=0,51825&groupid=4302&subgroupid=2378&componentid=0&mak- e=18&model=Sorento&year=2006&graphicID=2310070&callout=7&catalogid=2&displayCata- logid=0

    this appears to be the part..did a search at just one online kia parts place....part runs about $100, assuming this is the correct say its a one day job, but probably depends on how much disassembly of the duct work and console they have to the math at $90 an hour labor........the dealership should be able to look in their shop manual and give you a time estimate to replace it...
  • Like all the others it seems I too am having the same issues... AC blows only when it wants to. All was fine till I had it at the dealer for routine maintenance now at idle it does not blow cold or hot. not till I start moving does it work. now it seems to not work at all. any suggestions as to how to replace the blower motor. Checked all the fuses and relays and all is good. Next is replace the blower... Help?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I had an 03 sorie...and you had to access the entire circuit board..and yes it is a pain in the butt to get to and yes the diode light requires a little skill to attach.....wasnt worth my time and effort to fix.....with over 100k on the sorie...
  • I'm beginning to think the same way. Ours has over 100K as well and we are probably going to be looking to replace it in another year or so. If it's a lot of trouble and there's a chance I could break the control head in the process, I think we can live without a lamp behind the knob.

  • ATC Unit controlling everything to do with heating and A/C has died. Permanent heat coming from air vents.
    Had car in for a gear box refit and came back like this. Fuses seem ok, unit had both plugs fitted to rear.
    Help - unexpected hot weather in Scotland and no A/C !!
    Kia Sorento, 2.5D, 2004.
  • Hi!
    We just bought a used 2003 Sorento and the A/C went out. We replaced the A/C compressor and charged the system with the correct amount of freon and worked for 5-10 minutes and shut off. We are now thinking that the original A/C compressor wasn't bad at all. It's like something is shorting out or????? Please help if you can! We are in Texas in 108 degree weather!! Thanks so much!
  • Without sounding redundit, my wifes 2007 Kia Sorento LX 4X4 automatic has these problems:
    1. On occation the AC will just quit putting out cold air, though the fan continues to blow (hot air)
    2. On occation the Heater will just quit producuing hot air and cold air is being dispursed.

    In addition, we have noticed that when breaking at night, the light will slightly go dim. Not sure if this is related, just FYI. My wife is very tenatious as to her up keep and regular maintenance of hr vehicle. With over 30 + days of triple digits, and winter nearing, I want to get this corrected ASAP. Any directions? I have read that AutoZone will do a diagnostic test and provide part replacement number.
  • rick174rick174 Posts: 3
    I will keep everyone posted as this situation develops. Noticed NO HEAT ....Checked the coolant tank and it was empty...radiator was full...Dealer pressure tested system and no loss of fluid was noted...In drive home I noticed I still have NO Heat in the rough range selection of 70-79 deg. I am monitoring coolant tank to see if level drops....Has anyone solved this problem? Thanks, Rick
  • I know this is way late post but we had similar issue after work was done. Found that there was air bubble in coolant system due to hose being removed during work. This caused car to not have heat. To bleed out just popped the radiator cap and ran air out and works fine now.
  • my sorento will not switch from hot to cold any more. ive been told it "might" be some sort of actuator door or blend door something like that. i can appreciate my mechanics advice but he has done some repairs for me in the past and they took lots of expensive trial and error. before it finally stuck on cold the problem was intermittent and i blew it off as the thermostat(im from old old school) but the the engine temp was fine according to the gauge and i went ahead and had the guy flush my radiator with pressure because he said it was much better than just changing out the fluid with new.
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