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Kia Sorento Heating and Air Conditioning



  • i have the same model and year. i have never seen these bulbs or indicator of hvac. are they down at the console next to the cubby? ive had kias since they came over from korea almost and the only serious complaint i have had is the electrical system. the bulbs on mine are always burning out. i mean ALWAYS. i have the cyclopse light over the back end out now. i also own a 1997 mustang and have never ever replaced a single bulb. it has 115,000 miles on it too. let me know about those lights please
  • WOW, i have the exact same problem i just had a difficult time explaining it. glad you posted this brother. i hope to read down and find a less expensive way to repair it. like you i plan on retiring it soon but i tend to get attached to cars. the sorento has performed quite well. quick acceleration for a v6 and all the airbags make me feel at ease for my familys safety when theyre out. its been very dependable for the last 8 years too. i have 85 thousand miles and besides the constant replacing of the light bulbs we have enjoyed it on many a vacation and around town.
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