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Toyota Venza iPod MP3 Audio and Bluetooth Questions



  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    I would suggest that once you connect the ipod you push the aux button below the radio. IF you get nothing, push it one more time. I think there are two connections in the "storage bin" - one is for the ipod and the other for ...whatever electronics would hookup there. It could be that when you hit the aux button it is not going to the USB, but to the other connector. Good luck.
  • On my 2010, the first push of the AUX button seems to make the unit look for a bluetooth device. The second push gets the iPod working. Your advice seems spot on.
  • alexeykndalexeyknd Posts: 1
    Hi. Forgive that I write to you, but on it there is a reason.
    The help for USB realization in my Toyota Venza 2009 is necessary to me.
    The matter is that I want to replace JBL 6CD with radio model of 2010. And to establish in a glove box of AUX/USB. Now at me there it cost only AUX jack.
    Radio and USB/AUX jack (2010) I already got.
    What wire to me is necessary to buy what to connect everything?
  • Our 2013 Toyota Venza has a USB port. We have gotten almost everything working, although it would be nice if my Android phone could use USB to play music like the iPod. We were on a long trip and the USB port power would go out every 30-40 minutes. The dealer says that it is designed to do this and Toyota thinks that 30-40 minute is enough time to charge a phone. The cycle starts over if you turn the key off and on again and they say if you unplug the USB for several minutes it will recycle also.
    I wonder is these people ever use a cellphone. Very poor choice.....
  • :) I have been researching crossover/SUV's for month now, & if that the only problem the Venza, what a wonderful problem to have, no offence intended.

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