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2012 Honda Civic



  • I "was" a die-hard Honda person, as my last car was an '06 Civic and '04 CR-V before that. I thought my next car would be another Honda. I looked at Hondas and felt they were over priced for the ammenities being offered, some of which were outdated i.e., transmission. I purchased the 2013 Elantra PZEV-GLS. Below are just some my reasons for that decision. The standard features offered in the Elantra for a lower price tag, versus having to upgrade to the EX/EX-L levels to acquire some of the same features, just weren't worth the additional cost.

    Elantra vs. Civic Sedans - Standard Features (note: there are features offered in the coupes, not offered in the Sedans)

    Elantra: 1. 6-speed transmission (both AT and MT) Offered since 2011
    2. 4-disk brakes
    3. Heated front seats (cloth) on GLS Model - Great on cold
    mornings/days and they heat up in about 30 seconds, vs. having to
    wait til the engine temperature has generated enough heat to heat
    the interior cabin.
    3b. Heated front AND back seats - leather offered in the Limited
    4. Heated outside mirrors - great features on cold/moist mornings.
    5. External Temperature Display
    6. Rear Seat center arm rest w/ cup hold
    7. 172 watt stereo, SiriusXM radio (90-day trial offer) 6 Speakers
    8. Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) with 145hp in the Practical Zero
    Emissions Vehicle (PZEV) California only. Non-California/PZEV
    models have 148hp
    9. 5yr/60k mile standard warranty. 10yr/100k mile drive train
    10. Intermittent wipers w/ variable speed in the "mist" function
    11. Interior quality - overall better quality materials used.

    Civic: 1. 5-speed transmission (both AT and MT) - 6-speed M/T SI-model only
    2. Front disk/rear drum on DX/LX - 4 disk offered on EX/SI models only
    3. Heated seats on EX-L (leather) only
    4. Heated outside mirrors - not offered
    5. External Temperature Display - not offered.
    6. Rear seat center arm rest - offered in EX/EX-L
    7. 160 watt stereo in the Sedans, 4-Speakers - LX, 6-Speakers - EX
    The Civic Coupe offers a 360 watt system. Why does Honda think
    that those who drive sedans wouldn't appreciate a power stereo
    8. Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) - 140hp for LX/EX/EX-L Gas models.
    Horsepower differs for the Hybrid and SI models.
    9. 3yr/36k mile standard warranty. 5yr/60k drive train warranty.
    10. Intermittent wipers - only 1 variable speed for "mist" offered in LX -
    variable speed "mist" option in EX/EX-L
    11. Interior quality downgraded in the 2012, in comparison from
    previous model years - preferred the interior quality of my '06 Civic.
    The dash in the 2012 had a shiney, cheap look to it - preferred my
    dash in my '06. They also did away with the moveable cover over
    the center cupholders which I felt gave it a more polished look, not
    to mention provided another area to conceal frequently used items.

    Okay, so here are just a few of the items that stood out to me in comparing the Elantra to the Civic. Also, some here have mentioned the mileage discrepancy issue. I recall when I purchased my '06 civic the EPA was 30city/40hwy. It took about 10k for me to really see the car achieve and actually surpass that EPA mileage. I actually averaged mid 30s for city/hwy and achieved 47.8 mpg straight hwy on roadtrips. So, with that said, I expect to achieve and surpass the EPA mileage (even though Hyundai/Kia mileage has been reprimanded for over-estimating the mileage). The EPA mileage sticker on my Elantra stated 29/city, 40/hwy - AVERAGE 33 mpg. I achieved 31.9 my first tank fill-up. I use my ECO button, and my cruise control as often as possible. I'm also not a lead foot, so I don't do hard start/stops, thus I'm able to maximize my mileage. I expect achieve the 33 mpg city/hwy and meet if not exceed the 40mpg hwy on roadtrips. Just my two cents, hope you find it useful.
  • martin13martin13 Posts: 21
    A new and supposedly perfectly good car shouldn't do that.

    I have AAA in case of breakdown, but didn't buy my 2012 Civic to worry whether is starts or not.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    My oil life monitor shows me how much life is left in my oil in a percentage. But when I go to my maintenance info screen I have it showing "A" which means change oil only....and a 1... meaning rotate the tires.

    This was at around 5,500 miles when I firs noticed the"A". BUT, my oil life indicator is showing 40% life left at 6,400 miiles (the current mileage) How can this be folks????? Is this car bipolar? So does anyone know whats going on with that? One screen is telling me to change the oil, and another screen is saying I have about 4,000 miles left before I need to change the oil. :confuse:
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    How is your 2012 Civics a/c performance? Mine seems as it isn't getting cold enough.
  • martin13martin13 Posts: 21
    Doesn't seem to be a problem - I live in FLA where things get pretty toasty. Have recently tinted windows. Can't imagine a newer car having AC problems this soon.
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