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How to Pick a Pickup



  • Grimes I pull a 32ft 5th wheel with a 93 F-250 diesel. I am in pipeline inspection and have many friends with Dodge and Ford trucks that pull heavy trailers from project to project. I believe Ford solved their cavation problem with an additive. I think its called FW-27. I was not aware of problems with the Dodge Cummins on this. You should not have major or any problems with a diesel at 130,000 miles if you change fuel filters ,air filter, and oil & filter on a regular basis. I have 119,000 miles on my truck and have seen many trucks, both Dodge and Ford with 200,000 plus on them. My truck runs as good as new. These engines are designed for 250,000 and will go that and more with proper care. Diesel repairs are expensive for both engines. Some early Dodge diesels had auto transmission overheating problems but I have not heard of this problem in awhile. Keep your fluid changed often pulling a 29 ft trailer. The Ford and Dodge do not have the same automatic trans. but I do think the 6 speed manuals will be the same. I think the Dodge glow coil is a better system, though glow plugs are easier to work on if needed. I have had no problems with my glow plugs. My truck starts well down to about 10 deg, below that you need the block heater plugged in. With the block heater I have started it down to -20deg. The new Dodge build quality is much improved over the last series of truck. My Father-In-Law has a 97 Dodge and it is holding up fine. I still think the Ford is screwed together a little better but the Dodge has come light years. The new Super Duty 4x4 Ford sits too high for some 5th wheels, check with the folks who build your trailer before you buy. Ford can lower the trucks or you can order them that way. I have known of guys having this done to their trucks at no charge. These are both quality trucks and you won't go wrong buying either one. Good luck.
  • I have pulled a travel trailer for years with a Chevy van (V8), so am quite familiar with pulling travel trailers. However, we are planning on moving up to a 25-27 foot 5th wheel (and, no experience)and are looking for the right tow vehicle. We also would like an extended cab to take our grandkids along from time to time. I have been told that the Dodge, V6, diesel, short bed would be the prefect vehicle for this application. Comments, please! Thanks.
  • I too pull a TT with a Chevy van (Hightop). Have pop-ups too and am also looking at moving up the ladder to a truck. The big difference here is I've been told many times that if you want to pull a 5th wheel don't go with a short bed. The space between the fiver and the cab of the trucks is scary in the sharp turns.
    I have a couple of questions too. I'm looking at the Dodge Quad Cab, 2500 with an automatic gas guzzler. Though I might be convinced that a diesel might be nice too.
    I guess my biggest fear with a diesel is A) cost of maint., B) noise, C) don't put a lot of mileage on it during the week, maybe 100 - 150 miles a day. What kind of miles can I expect with gas between city and hwy. Also what about towing a 26foot TT now. One other thing about a diesel, my wife might leave me with all that racket.
  • I have been watching for the new invoice prices on the GMC 2500 extended cab trucks. I see the regular cab prices are there for the 2000 models but not the extended cab (2000). I neeed these prices to deal on new purchase. SOON! If this information is available, I would appreciate the information.
  • gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230

    Check They have all 2000 GMC invoice and MSRP prices available. Even the new 4th door option.
  • john217john217 Posts: 10
    I am interested in buying a F150 XL -V6 automatic. How does this engine rate in terms of reliability, ease of maintenence, any problems with the auto trans? In my way of thinking, the simpler the engine, the less problems one should have. Am I looking at this the right way, or am I missing something (should I be considering 4.6L-V8)? I'm a yard work guy, light duty, no towing. would really appreciate any help.
    Thanx much,
  • jraskejraske Posts: 133
    I am planing on buying a 2000 F350, my only problem is I want the leather interior but I like to take my two large dogs along on trips.
    Does anyone have any experience with leather seats and dogs?
    Or would cloth seats be a better choice with animals?
    The last thing I want is to by a new truck and have the seats destroyed by the dogs claws.
    Thanks for any help,
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    I've got both leather(on my 97 Cobra) and cloth on my 96 F-150.(lease is up and I too am ordering a new truck) Here in Vegas leather sucks. It is just sooo hot when you first sit down and it's cold in the winter. Don't like the looks of sheep skins but I'll probably break down and get 'em. Besides the temp factor I believe leather will scratch way easier than cloth. The F-150 seats have held up fine to a rott and dalmatian for three years. Just my experience.
  • I have three boys and a bull mastiff. Leather seats in two vehicles,Yukon & Van, have held up MUCH better than cloth bench in pickup.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    We need a tie breaker. Anyone?
  • jraskejraske Posts: 133
    thanks graghost & ivstang, for the response, i am going with the leather seats but would still like to hear any body elsees comments about this and if i should do anything special to protect the leather.
    Thanks John
  • I am considerinf buying a truck. We are about to move into and a new home that is a real fixer upper, so I need something to haul things in. I can't afford a new truck, I can only spend between $4-6,000 fro one. This will alos be my primary driving vehicle seeing my car is on it's last legs. Any sugestions on what to look at would be apprciated
  • jraskejraske Posts: 133
    schall i have a 94 Dodge Dakota thats in good cond. Thats in your price range. Iam in So.Calif
    if interested leave a message
  • I am try to decide on which truck (Ford PSD or dodge/Cummins) to buy for towing a 13,000 lb. fifthwheeler. It really boils down to the automatic transmission, as I like about both trucks. I like what I here about the Dodge/Cummins for the engine reliability with a proven record. The Ford PSD seems to be great, as it is newer design and the higher powered PSD engine.

    So here is the real question: the Dodge degrades engine HP and Torque of the Cummins engine when the automatic transmission is added. This leads me to believe that the transmission in the Dodge is marginal for the diesel engine. Please give me your thoughts.

  • marv3marv3 Posts: 4
    Don't have a pick-up, yet, however do have leather seats in the car. Have had them for two years and look like new. Live in Florida and the seats are black. Even wearing shorts, have never been to hot to sit on. Love the leather seats, will probably never go back to cloth.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    I would go with the leather, have a 97 F-150 leather Seats, 98 Expedition, leather seats, German Shepherd and a Sheltie, never had a problem. Easy to keep clean wipe off with damp cloth. Live in Colorado, seats have never been too hot or too cold, at least for me. good luck.
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that Budget Rent-A-Car is renting Ford Rangers for $20 per day. Thru December 15th. One rental day must be through a Saturday night.

    I am using the opportunity to test one before purchase. It's a great deal, and I'm having a lot of fun with the truck - 900 miles in 3 days!

    Here's the URL:
  • jacarljacarl Posts: 4
    I need a truck for every day driving and work.
    I remodel houses, which includes landscaping as well.Sometimes I will need to haul up to 2 to 3 yards max of rock. Regular use will include hauling bauthtubs, drywall, etc for home renovation.Looked at all models and decided that crew cab is the way to go based on family size. This will be my first truck. I saw a 99 Chevy 3500 ls package lb dually crew cab with 5.7 motor for $27600 at local dealer. Is this too much truck? ie Is engine size adequate?
    Gas vs Diesl?
    Other makes?
    Any comments would be appreicated.///jacarl
  • mozeemozee Posts: 12
    Hi,Frank I own a 96 Dodge/cummins/auto and can tell you from my experience that neither one of these transmissions were meant for that kind of load.My 2500 long bed 4x4 ready for the road is 7050 lbs empty.If it were a 1ton(which you would need,due to high kingpin#from 13000lb5er)itwould weigh about 300 more.Add yourself,add family,add 5er(13000lb)add cargo,water,etc.You are over 20000 easy,with either Ford or Dodge.I know the highest GCWRfor dodge auto is 18000lb,with 4.10 axle.The ford is (rated) for more,especially in f450/550 with 4.88+rear,but they are not holding up any better than Dodge.My advice:buy Dodge w/245hp/6sp. manual and use the money you saved by not buying the auto to buy an engine brake.With that load you'll be much safer.I also like F350/450 but cummins is so so much better for long haul durability and especially serviceability,thats why I'd go Dodge,either way you can't lose,good luck Johnny D
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    If you are set on a crew cab then the Chevy in question isn't too much truck. The 5.7? What year? You might want to consider the 6.0L from GM or a Ford F-250/350 with the V-10. Both would be excellant choices.
    Diesel? Are you going to put some serious miles on her? The investment in a diesel doesn't usually pay off until after 100,000 miles.
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