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How to Pick a Pickup



  • kcampbekcampbe Posts: 1
    I'm looking to by a lightly used ('98 or '99) pickup. This will be used for commuting and also for pulling a boat.

    I'm interested in a 3 or 4 door truck so my kids have a place to sit.

    I'm leaning towards the F150 or the Dodge 1500 QuadCab with 4WD.

    Any thoughts/pros/cons that you can help me with will be appreciated.
  • Nibotl - I would check out a post by Brutus at the "Ford vs Dodge" topic site, he has given some excellent information from his own experience on what you might need for hauling. Also one by bmckenzie just prior to that. Sounds like you might need the 350 or 3500. Good luck.
  • neltelneltel Posts: 1
    I have been shoping for a 00 Silverado 2500 or 3500 extra cab maybe, most important is that I want it with a CTEC work body on it. I've been to a few dealers however how do you decide what is a good price since there is no listing for commercial trucks price comparisons. Any suggestions?
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 578
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