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2010+ Buick Lacrosse Interior



  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    For normal driving I always set my mirrors a bit wide. I don't need to be looking at the side of my car, I know where it is. And at night I move them down some so I'm not getting the direct reflection of headlights. And when curbing I'd move them to see the rear tire area, which is seldom.
    I'm not sure that the reverse option moves them to the correct position. It seems to just move them down. It seems this should be another adjustable memory position. Maybe it is and I just don't know it yet.
    As to it having memory. My brother was in a rental a couple of weeks back. He made a wide right turn to get in turn lane and cut someone off. He blamed the mirrors for not showing wide enough. I mentioned to him I adjust mine wide to aid such. He responded then you can't see where you are backing and you'd have to move them everytime. I suggested he needed mirror memory.
  • gberpagberpa Posts: 44
    I mean using the passive entry feature along with easy exit. When I do that, and don't push the fob button to unlock, it opens at a position close to the easy exit position.
    However, this doesn't seem to work if I lock the vehicle with the exterior handle button,
    something I started to do recently when using an over sized cell phone belt case which has a pocket to hold my fob.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    That is the combination I've been using mostly during the past three weeks (FOB in pocket full time). But you run into quirk this way, as other ways. That is you need FOB in hand to cycle easy exit if you forgot something and need to get out or you must shut door, start & shut down to get easy exit.
    Terrible software designers it seems. Definitely terrible testers.
    But as said earlier, this method hits target 50% and some unknown setting the rest of the time. It seems both get blown when you cycle easy exit twice which moves the seat way back which prompted me to think it function by how long the motor runs rather than position sensing servos. That is the position it ends up at automatically seems proportional from the position at easy exit. MEM buttons will put it to either memorized position.
  • So, over the weekend, I copied another CD. It worked great - all the artist/song information came along with every song. I thought it must just have been the first CD that I tried - some quirk in the CD itself.

    However, the next time I started the car, it wouldn't stop trying to read the HDD, and then rebooting the system. It would come back up, play 5 seconds of a song, then reboot again. It kept doing this no matter what I did - I tried switching to radio (all 3 bands), turning the stereo off, turning the car off and starting it again - nothing worked. It kept rebooting the hard drive and trying to read it until I completely erased the HDD! It still kept trying until I shut the car off. The next time I turned it on, it behaved normally again. I then reluctantly copied another CD (not the troublesome one, but a 3rd option) - it has behaved fine since then, but I'm not happy with how the weekend went. I have a call in to my dealer to see what they can figure out... any thoughts? (I confess, I haven't searched the boards to see if anyone else has had this problem - so I'm sorry if I've missed a post that's on-point).
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Search, but I have not seen anything that is close to your situation.
    To me, this does not bode well. If I had such behavior on a new computer I would take it back and a good chance they'd replace with a new one. But I've built my own last few computers.
    And this system stymies me because I know so little about it. I've been personally hoping it is using a known OS such as Linux which will greatly enhance the possibilities.
    But no matter what type of computer or OS, an absolute must is clean power. There was such an issue with 95 Aurora and up and to my surprise also with 09 Malibu. The source of noise was the cooling fans. The fix was adding a diode jumper harness to the fan circuit to stop the inductive kick spikes that was killing some components. To learn the 09 Malibu had the same exact issue and the same fix was alarming.
    I wish I had wiring diagrams for this car to investigate if the same situation exists. Spikes will not only kill electronics, they can damage, leading to premature death which could be after warranty expires. Computer systems and components are very fussy about having clean power.
    Good luck.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,054
    >I wish I had wiring diagrams for this car to investigate if the same situation exists.

    $150 plus shipping and handling IIRC.

    Factory service manual.
    It may or may not include specifics about the operation of the hard drive within the radio system. I have bought manuals for 90% of my cars and the factory manuals (all have been from Helm) are great reading.
  • gberpagberpa Posts: 44
    edited November 2010
    I just spoke with a rep on the NAV tel #. There is yet no update currently for my 2011 (7/10 production) and won't be until sometime in 2011. My version is U40D V 20.09.03. The rep said we should get 1 free Nav disk from the dealer. I didn't, did any one get one? After the first one, was told updates would be about $200 US. The only disk in my owners packet was an Onstar Audio CD with instructions/service summaries. I'm thinking of waiting until the update comes out to request the DVD as mine works pretty well . One 2+ year old major shopping center with a big movie plex wasn't there...Onstar provided input to find it...
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    As I mentioned earlier, it has no clue of where my daughter lives and those roads have existed probably at least 5 years. And on the way home from there it tried to direct me on a road that does not yet exist. The turn out for it exists but I was met by an old rusty gate. In the headlights I could see it was a marshy area that had no sign of work being done.
    It would be interesting to know if those last digits represent a date as different formats are used in different parts of the world. One that comes to mind would indicate the date as 20 SEP 2003.
    BTW, being directed to turn into a narrow cutout with tall grass either side, in the dark especially, and the pavement abruptly changing to loose gravel on a downslope and a steel gate just 10' beyond is a safety hazard.
    If the disk was not shipped with vehicle, then GM owes us the update disk, not the dealer. How certain was the rep you spoke to. Get it in writing if you can and I'd like a copy.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Foolow up here:

    I chose to put in options because it is for most LaCrosse.
    Check the test tunes mentioned.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    edited November 2010
    For those who have complaints about the headrest, you might be able to gleen some info from this: - df

    It is roughly 174 pages of stuff and shows the government ruling against concerns for those who sit in a more erect position despite concerns brought forth by automakers that a little over 10% of the populations chooses that upright position. Further, at one point they were considering allowing more space between headrest and head for taller people, the very ones that tend to ride more inclined.
    Also the average factory design was an angle of 23 degrees but in their mandate the testing is to meet requirements must be 25degrees 'or greater'. (Was this panel stacked with blacks driving from the back seat?)
    And something that smells like prejudice to me, some automakers have active head restraints (none from Detroit). They mandated that those systems meet the same criteria as to positioning before becoming active so the same machine used for testing would also work on those systems. There was quite a bit of discussion about which machine to use and some of them sounded better to me. NHTSA(aka NHTWTS, nit wits) ruled to use what seems like an antiquated machine because it was the most common in use.

    Give me your interpretation of that document.
    It appears to get this fixed, complaining to GM/Buick is just a start. We will need to beat up NHTSA and talk to our Congress about the stupidity that exists in NHTSA's house.
    Maybe we can get NHTSA to pay for this mistake.
    That is I've noticed the trend of these terribly inclined headrests in several models over the last couple of years. This Buick one is the worst.
    Those of you who have good backs and necks might think this does not concern you. But, whether by accident or aging your orthopedic or chiropractor tells you good posture is a must to reduce pain, you will then know how important it is to sit upright and not have something slapping the back of your head. Can I enlist your support, please?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    edited November 2010
    unknown reasons the link was not put up that way. Hopefully it works this time. - df
    Something is wrong with this site today. I have had several things not working as they should.
    Just copy the link and paste it. Delete the hyphen and space from the pdf extension.
  • Your link is broken. Perhaps this is what you were trying to give us: pdf (not active, must cut and paste).

    But whatever the rules that Buick has complied with, I find no fault with the head restraints in my CXS. Whiplash is a very serious result of many rear end accidents. I think your chiropractor would likely favor a deterrent to serious neck injury as opposed to posture comfort, comfort that I find extremely good in my new car. Just recline a bit more and your head won't contact the restraint. I would not join your effort to have the rules repealed. I think safety is paramount, which is why I opted for the rear thorax bags.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Yes link is messed up, Edmunds was having server trouble that day.

    Laying back is not acceptable because such poor posture while driving causes aggravation to my problems. Although it may not cause an immediate problem for you it will catch up with time/use and age. Whiplash are common enough that they get a lot of attention and have treatment. Spread those injuries out over several places on the body, sort of like treating repetitive use injuries for a wide range of occupations and it does not get the attention toward a curative action.
    And if you read enough of the rule, you'd see that NHTSA was not acting in the best interest of the driver or patient or even listening to auto makers of what has worked. They did listen but took that input and their own and created rules that are just plain overkill and remain to be seen effective.
    The head being forced toward chest very much resembles how Marines are taught hand to hand combat to kill an enemy. Much like the incident a couple of years ago where the 70+ Marine on vacation tour near Cauncan killed one of the two robbers. So you don't have to worry about whiplash? I guess not, what is to worry if you are dead? Besides, your insurance premiums might go down. It is much cheaper to deal with the dead ones.
    How long will it take to figure out what is going on via your doctor when problems start showing up caused by driving with poor posture?
    The worse injury does not occur when the head is going back but when your chin meets your chest.
    And they have blundered with this before, since the time headrests became mandatory. Some earlier designs had the headrest too stiff compared to the seat back. Thus when rear-ended, your body being propelled back, the trunk of your body sunk into the seat but your head met the stiff restraint and forced forward to chest.
    "Not repealed, but fixed!"
    Maybe they just need to consider it rocket science and use something like on the shuttles to absorb the energy. Is high density memory foam that expensive? And it returns slowly to the original position.
    BTW, I ordered mine with those thorax bags and knew there was no insurance premium benefit for them.
  • So when are you getting rid of your CXS? It sounds like you've built yourself a case for insurmountable incompatibilities.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I'm hoping to hear from someone on a fix. Not a good fix, but headrests do turn around.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I have had terrible smells entering vehicle, even in recirculate.
    Is there something wrong with my vehicle?
    According to ACDelco site, "Cabin Air Filters
    The air inside your vehicle may actually contain more pollutants than the air outside. That's why ACDelco Cabin Air Filters are designed to help filter out molds, pollen, allergens, smoke, fumes, and odors. When changed regularly, our filters can help reduce wear on your vehicle's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Here are more great reasons to use ACDelco Cabin Air Filters:

    •Advanced filter media technology helps reduce particles that reach the interior, for more comfort
    •Highly durable and reliable
    •Remove most allergens from the air before it enters the vehicle's ventilation system
    •12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty (whichever comes first)*
    •Designed to fit most of today's vehicles that are equipped with a cabin air filter
    Note it says odors are filtered so I must have something wrong.
    Any thoughts?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Cooter bfd. Apparently only those with instant notification got to see part of your post that now seems to be removed.
    The smells have been since new and prompted me to try recirculate which does not seem to make a difference. The odors are from different sources, away from vehicle, such as passing downwind of a papermill or sewage processing plant. Most I don't know the source but found them undesireable.
    I even suspected they may have forgotten to put the filter in at the plant but wanted to know just how the filter was supposed to work before removing glovebox to check. Some filters only remove particles, odors being too small. I learned from the ACDelco site that they do "filter out molds, pollen, allergens, smoke, fumes, and odors". So something definitely seems to be wrong.
    The odor thing, I asked about at dealer and was told it depended upon whether it was a carbon filter. That was before I found the ACDelco site.
    I've had CAF before in Fords and they worked extremely well. One in particular which was $100 for replacement. It had no paper whatsoever. The media was a mat of fiberglass long fibers heatset in place with carbon impregnated. Overlooked it had become totally clogged with dirt and road grime, I'm talking layers of caked on. Soaking with oven cleaner it rinsed clean like a brand new filter and worked perfectly fine afterwards. This AC one is far cheaper but have no understanding of why.

    Has anyone else noticed odors entering?
    Sevice suggested it might be from an air leak, but I have not noticed any.
  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    ".....Cooter bfd. Apparently only those with instant notification got to see part of your post that now seems to be removed."

    Well, the good folks here don't seem to have a juvenile sense of humor. I wondered aloud if that maliferous(???sp) odor may have eminated from your hind quarters (yes, I used the "A" word) :P

    In all seriousness, depending on the smell, it could be a number of things. I had stated that a sulfur (rotten eggs) smell could be an overcharging battery, or that had something been inadvertently been kicked under a seat or floor mat, that could be a cause. Also, formaldehyde is used in the mfr of some of the components too. If it is a musty type smell, that could be from a water leak of some sort. If it is continuous, than that should rule out another car. Other obvious scents would be antifreeze, gas, oil, etc.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    My wife drove my car for the first time today. She is quite short and adjusted the seat as she needed. She had her own FOB because mine was in my pocket all day. I later drove it and hopped in quickly because of the seat moving as soon as door is opened. It was trying to put my knees into the dash before I realized it was trying to adjust for her and mangaged to stop it by hitting one of the memory buttons on side of seat.
    What a messed up system, mine is.
    She later drove it with her FOB again and this time the seat did not move at all when she got in.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Update. Vehicle in for memory issues.
    I see they noted that it is supposed to go to last used position. Their response is comedic. "Vehicle must be in park for memory to function."

    OK, is anyone not putting their vehicle in park before shutting down? Upon picking up vehicle the seat again went to what was the position for FOB when I first got it. And sometimes it goes to where I actually set it.
    At least, I'm guessing I will have to go over it with tech and maybe fixing this one issue will fix the rest of the memory issues.
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