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2010+ Buick Lacrosse Interior



  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    bwia: I agree with the comment about mass produced goods. We just went thru the drill with a bad ice maker control on a fridge and after a month of delays and excuses from the extended warranty company, the retailer took back the unit and provided a replacement due to inability to repair.
    A $30-$40,000 automobile that is less than a year old is a different level or situation in my world when major components fail. The manufacturer has the right to R&R to correct the problem(s). Failure to correct real problem(s) raises the issue of what is done next. I hope I am never there with a new car after having to go nuclar (as the man said) when the fridge could not be fixed. In Alabama when your new A/C goes out you go nuclar right away and esp. when it is your house system or your new car.
    Good luck with the repair Rider.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Update, I got a call at 0730 this morning, one of the exceptionally few times that I was still sleeping then, and answering machine got it.
    My car was dropped at dealer a week ago yesterday and that was an appointment they set for expected arrival of parts.
    Customer service may have forwarded the FAX I sent them to the dealer and they might be trying to get most things from that hit list. The message said, "Thank you for your patience. They were waiting on muffler system for exhaust rattle."
    I will drop by later today, I hope. And there may be an item I did not have on that list, the door seals breaking apart at the factory splice point. And maybe I'll learn what they have done.
    I did get a phone call from Buick customer service a day or so after I dropped vehicle. I really chewed her and then apologized for being indignant. Not her fault, but hoped to light a fire under her so that I did not become just another lost in the crowd.
    Yes, building an automobile, assembling all those parts is something. But to start with bad parts?
    I told her, "GM could not even make parts that have been around for many years. A defective oil filter (missing anti-drainback valve), two bad batteries, and defective air filters from bad design are just the beginnings of issues."

    The one thing I was told repetitively was, "If it was designed that way there is nothing we can do."
    I smell manure. That is the last thing any customer wants to be told, which translates to "we are intentionally building crap and there is nothing you can do about it."
    I mentioned elsewhere they put me in a new Regal. It has the same lumbar system it seems, at least how it is controlled. There is no way you can adjust the upper and lower portions separately which is just plain dumb.
    But it does seem to be a bit more comfortable in the Regal. The Regal seats are a bit smaller and the impression I got is that they use the same bag parts or same size. It is like the engineers had the CAD people just enlarge the seat from the Regal. And then re-position the bags slightly to accomadate the larger seat. Bad move, which GM has been guilty of repeatedly. That is their newly designed vehicle is not from the ground up, but often uses parts from totally discontinued vehicles. Taking axles from trucks, suspensions from a 90's Bonneville, updating an engine from AMC, and throwing new sheetmetal around it does not make for well designed vehicles.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    May be option on some levels.
    I thought I found the way it was supposed to work when in a CXL loaner. It was so much better. A full five seconds to get in. Also it did not do the stupid "move the seat" if driver door was open and D/S rear door was opened.

    I got mine back and it is as before or worse. I often went to the far side of vehicle so the seat would not move ahead when putting or retrieving something from the vehicle.
    The dealers answer, or really GM's answer, is to make them all alike, stupid or not. According to dealer, the tech is told to compare to a newly received vehicle and then go from there according to their directions. Yes GM, the idiots who made it stupid in the first place.
    The worse? Yesterday, upon arriving at our destination, my wife got out and just as I got out, she opened rear door on passenger side and my GD seat moved ahead. In what world could anyone think that proper? So of course when I get back in I have to fool with buttons to position it. GM SUCK
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Check your CAF first. I have not been driving any dirty dusty areas. By 10K I noticed that the airflow was diminished with full automatic setting. There is a dusty looking area covering the center of the filter and that is apparently enough to restrict flow.
    Perhaps there are better filters on the market that use more media, surface area.
    I like the idea that they decided to filter the inside air, but it will require far more filters than they suggest. I usually set mine to recirculate manually, so of the 10K likely at least 8K were recirculated air, unless there is some sort of defeat when using heated air or defrost.
    If driving dusty conditions, I'd say you need to consider 3K a change point. That is unless you consider an early death of the fan motor insignificant. GM had some notice involving restricted air flow and motor.
    Also I would consider it paramount when checking AC system. If you are not getting full flow across evaporator, you can not get correct readings.
    BTW, pressures are not the correct way for charging systems with expansion valve which I'm told this vehicle has. There are two methods, weighing in the exact amount of freon, and what is called "approach temperature". The "approach temperature is determined by the system manufacturer and works best at temperatures approaching maximum outdoor operating temperature. The proper amount of freon is reached by adding the approach temperature to the ambient temperature and then measuring the temperature of the liquid line after the condensor. The expansion valve will operate mainly according to the temperature at the evaporator. That is it should be putting the best amount of freon into the evaporator to maximize cooling.
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