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2011 BMW 5 Series Transmission

johnbombjohnbomb Posts: 7
I have a 2011 535i and experience jerking at low parking lot speeds. Anyone else have this issue? Does BMW have a fix (software update) for the transmission?


  • oozlefinchoozlefinch Posts: 4
    edited November 2010
    I experienced the same problem with my 2011 535i along with a slight hesitation when accelerating slowly from a dead stop. Dealer claimed problem was not there.
  • dhldhl Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    Same problem here,pretty annoying!Any hope for a permanent resolution?
  • dhc2dhc2 Posts: 5
    I have the same problem. The car now has around 6K miles. I thought the issue was getting better, but I drove the 2001 5 that I gave my son when I bought the 11 again last night. I'd take the 01 transmission any day over the 11. Driving the 01 only highlighted the problem. I am calling my Service Advisor this morning for an appointment. Read on two other sites about a software fix & someone had "medtronics" replaced. Also have heard about a sticking valve that runs the exhaust back thru the engine. In all three cases, the issue was resolved. As you can see from the age of my previous car, I waited for this 5 to be released. You don't realize how anoying this is until you are sitting in stop-and-go traffic. Either this gets resolved or looks like I will have to trade.
  • Did you notice the transmission issues right from the beginning or did it gradually get worse? I test drove a 535xi 2days ago at parking lot speeds and up to 45 mph and did not notice the tranny issue. I was pretty impressed with the car lest the hesitation on acceleration and steering lack of feedback.
    Good Luck!
  • dhc2dhc2 Posts: 5
    edited November 2010
    I did not notice the problem during the test drive. However, who test drives a car in normal driving conditions? I don't or didn't. I was looking at the overall accleration, handling, the comfort, ect. I would not buy this car until I test drove it in stop-and- go traffic. If the problem is there, you will notice it right away. Apparently some of the cars have it and some don't. Also realize that I bought the car in July, so it is an early build. The issue may be resolved in later built cars.
  • Yes I hear you...Thanks for your reply and good luck with the car.
  • Here are few reasons which can cause jerking.

    Check the spark plugs for air leaks on hoses....check the Slow Idle Control Valve clean it with petrol.....check voltage is proper and it is important to check the Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR). correction in above mentioned areas can resolve your problem.
  • jone3jone3 Posts: 1
    I just had my car arrive a few days ago (so it is a newer one built to my specs and delivered) and I had the same problems that you are describing.The issue that bothers me most is how heavy and sluggish the car feels after a full stop or a semi stop. I still have my 2001 530 and it drives like a dream compared to the new one. I hope they don't try to tell me that this is how the new one is because that would be very disappointing. Did you resolve these issues when you visited the dealer?
  • mkwordmkword Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    I just took delivery of my 2011 550i a week ago. Been driving the car everyday. Recently took it on a short road trip from LA to San Diego. Haven't experienced any of the problems described here.

    I did order the car to spec. Which meant that mine came straight from the German factory.

    I have heard that in the past people have experienced driving problems with BMWs from other factories ... specifically the factory in Canada. People who order to spec cars tend to get them made at the German factory and haven't encountered these issues.

    Hope everyone gets the problem fixed.

    My 550 drives wonderfully. Steering not as stiff as the 3 series, but overall a fantastic ride. I really love this car.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I imagine that virtually every BMW assembled in Canada will be suspect. Why? As far as I know, BMW has never assembled cars in Canada, and to the best of my knowledge, they have no plans to do so.
  • Took delivery of my 535xi last wednesday. Was on lot but newly delivered; built in Germany. I got my first taste of the problem described here while in stop & go traffic last night.

    I'm sensing a few different things:
    1) a hyper-sensitive accelerator which makes it difficult to start the car slowly, as when in traffic. The car either doesn't move forward or lurches forward because I've given it too much throttle.
    2) Feels like the car stays in a low gear, probably 1st, so that when I come off the accelerator it almost bucks back, like a manually transmission kept in 1st and coming off the gas quickly.
    3) The engine's idling roughly, exacerbating the roughness when trying get the car moving slowly.

    The problem's pretty bad. Made for a very unpleasant hour long commute in traffic.

    I contacted the dealer who said bring it in to be checked. Will see what comes back.
  • I too am experiencing the same hesitation with my 2011-535. I took the car to the dealer twice and they refused to acknowledge any problem. The diagnostic check showed no errors and the local dealerships are not allowed to make adjustments without approval from headquarters. The local dealer refused to read this blog or other internet postings as they don't view them as legitimate claims. The dealer suggested that we phone HQ at 1-800-831-1117. I suggest others do the same - perhaps if enough people complain they'll take action.
  • wonmarcowonmarco Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    Okay - This may sound crazy, but I was having the same problem with my brand new F10 and it was really bumming me out. My dealer said it was normal which only aggravated me more. I then stumbled onto another forum where the following reset procedure was posted. TRY IT - IT WORKS!!!

    1) hit start button once to turn on power (Don't start the engine)
    2) then press the accelerator down to the floor for 5 sec
    3) then hit start button once to turn off power
    4) then remove foot from accelerator
    5) then waite for 2 minutes
    4) then start the engine like normal and try it out!

    I am happy it worked but still cannot comprehend why BMW allowed me to struggle with it. Not sure what is going on with them.
  • has anyone else tried this and did it work?
  • I did try it but unfortunately, it didn't change anything.
  • Update: dealer service dept checked my car and found nothing wrong. During a test drive with the service manager, he told me that the "computer controlled electronic transmission learns your driving behavior over time". He doesn't deny the annoying behavior I described above does not happen, but believes it will lessen over time as the transmission "learns" the way I drive.

    I'm skeptical of this but must acknowledge that over the last month the problem has gotten better. It's hard for me to determine whether it's because I'm getting used to it, learning myself how to drive the car smoother or the transmission learning to be better behaved itself. Who knows.

    For what it's worth, I drove a 7 series that exhibited similar jerkiness and lag. Why BMW would design their cars to drive this way is beyond me.
  • dhc2dhc2 Posts: 5

    I am curious if you have noticed a difference with your transmssion since your last post on the issue? Thanks.
  • Update to my earlier message.

    The transmission reset procedure that I described in an earlier post seemed to wear off after a few weeks. I took it into another dealer and let the foreman drive it. He gave me the same story that BMWconvert got-- trans learns your driving style......

    He did give me a few pieces of info:

    It is common for BMW to address these issues in future SW releases.
    The annoying shift characteristics might be because the trans is programed for mileage when it comes out of the factory - as trans "learns", mileage goes down but trans smooths out.

    He recommended that i do not reset the trans again and just let it learn. I must say it is getting better after about 600 miles of stop and go traffic. Good luck everyone.
  • dhldhl Posts: 2
    Still having the same problema.We drove 3000miles in July In five countries and didnot notice there???
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