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2011 BMW 5 Series Transmission



  • We went to pick up our 535i on Jan 8th (after 10 week wait). After signing the paper work, when
    the dealer was bringing the car to the front, there was apparently a message to take
    the vehicle immediately to a dealer. So they asked us to come back a day later to check
    that there was no real issue. Turned out that the rear differential was busted. The dealer
    was told by BMW corp to not sell the vehicle, nor fix it.

    After two weeks, the dealer and BMW corp found another vehicle with similar options (one
    extra) and gave it us. The dealer was very nice and put in a lot effort to get a car.

    Did anyone have similar problem?
  • I know the manual customers are few and far between (less than 5 percent) but having only owned bmw sticks, I just love the way they drive compared to automatic's. And, since the 535 has it's issues (maybe real, maybe not), and it's the only option now for a manual, was wondering if anyone has heard if the 2012 line will come with a stick on the 528 config.

  • nickel2nickel2 Posts: 19
    I have a new 2011 528i, purchased in December2010. I have the same transmission jerkiness at low speeds and a very bad lag in acceleration starting at low speeds. The dealer said the car is functioning normally. They just "blew me off". BMW has a transmission problem in this model and continues to deny it. I have just written to customer service in New Jersey. We'll see what happens. Other discussion sites describe similar problems. I am very unhappy with this car at this time. Maybe an 8 speed transmission is just too many gears.
  • 11bmw511bmw5 Posts: 3
    What's the current story with the 8 speed AT??? The shifting between 1st and 2nd gear is definitely choppy sometimes and I do feel lag in the acceleration. I have also noticed that it shifts pretty rough on the low end downshifting. It is very noticeable in traffic.
    I think paying 50K+ for an upscale sedan we DO have a right to demand our transmissions work as they should, or maybe I just have unrealistic expectations?
  • nickel2nickel2 Posts: 19
    I have had NO RESPONSE so far from "customer service". I have nitrogen filled tires. I receive a monthly email from the dealer reminding me to bring the car in for a tire check. The last time I was told to ignore the email and just check the tires every 6 months. I asked them to check the tires anyway since I was already there and they refused. The Dealer is hopeless. (Irvine BMW, Irvine, Calif.) I will give customer service more time to give me the courtesy of a response. If there are enough unhappy customers, perhaps we should consider legal action.
  • 11bmw511bmw5 Posts: 3
    Ok now it is becoming very unpleasant hour long commute in traffic. What bothers me is the gear confusion in the 20-30mph area......I notice it while stuck in traffic, the car jerks back and forth switching between gears. I took the car to the dealer, the diagnostic check showed no errors and dealer said it is all normal. Anyone else experiencing the same issues as I do with my 2011-528?
  • dhc2dhc2 Posts: 5

    How long have you owned the car? How many miles have you driven?
  • nickel2nickel2 Posts: 19
    I have owned the car since December 24, 2010. The car now has about 5000 miles.
  • nickel2nickel2 Posts: 19
    Yes, I have the same problems. Very annoying.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    edited May 2011
    ...are just another reason why BMW should have offered the 528i with a 6-Speed manual. :P
  • legendownerlegendowner Posts: 10
    Same here...2011 528i ....very jerky at take off ....please continue to post updates....this is very irritating on car of this caliber.
  • 11bmw511bmw5 Posts: 3
    edited May 2011
    I got mine back in February, I have little bit over 3K miles now
  • nickel2nickel2 Posts: 19
    Can anything be done for the jerky transmission problems ? I was totally unaware of these problems when I purchased this $60k plus car. I fell like such a dummy. The dealer told me that they have never had jerky transmission complaints.
  • el168el168 Posts: 9
    edited May 2011
    Anyone without problems with this car? I am not having the issue of the transmission being jerky and acceleration is very fast!
    But I only have 1500 miles on it- which version software do you have?

    I also got this car from the factory brand new-
  • rrusso1rrusso1 Posts: 23
    I now have a little over 6000 miles on my 2011 535 and am very happy with it. Prior to this car I had a 2008 535. When I got this car it took me a while to get used to the transmission. I was told by the BMW service department that it would take a while (1000- 2000 miles of driving) for the computer to adjust the transmission to my driving habits and they were right. Once I got past the 2000 mile mark the transmission functioned extremely well and my gas mileage increased noticeably. I must admit the feel of the transmission is different from my 2008 but now that I am used to it I am very happy with it.
  • I had the same problem with my 2011 535xi. The problem started within the first 100 miles after picking up the car in March 2011. I asked the dealer about the low speed jerky-ness of the transmission (especially starting from a full stop or rolling stop) and they said the transmission was learning and adapting to my driving style. Hmmm....

    Well I drove it another 3500 miles and, if anything, it has just gotten worse. So I brought it in for service this week. At first the technician said they could not find anything wrong with the car. I said look again. The technician still said he could not find anything wrong. Look harder. Then the quality assurance specialist at the dealer drove the car and said it was very noticeable and he could feel his head being jerked back while moderately accelerating from a stop. So now that they confirmed an issue, they could proceed with the warranty work.

    The dealer proceeded to "reprogram" my car. This process took 3 hours and did not take the first time, so they had to redo it.

    I was skeptical when I picked up my car, but I am very happy to report that the transmission is significantly smoother than before. The car does not slam into gear when starting from a stop and the shifting between the gears is hardly noticeable under moderate acceleration. This is the smoothest my car has performed since I took ownership.

    I am back in love with my car again.

    If you have this issue I highly recommend you take it in to get "reprogrammed" and insist that they drive it until they acknowledge the problem. You will be much happier for it.

    I'll scan the service ticket and provide the specifics of what they did so you can request the same.

    Hope this helps.
  • Firebird_EOUFirebird_EOU Posts: 250
    while driving would it show the abruptness of the transmission to show the dealer?
    Or if it's easily reproducible just have someone take a ride with you (if you let them drive they might say they can't reproduce it)
  • nickel2nickel2 Posts: 19
    Follow up: I sent a letter to the CEO in New Jersey as the local dealer ignored my complaint. Subsequently, BMW had an engineer reprogram my transmission. It was NOT improved. About a month later, the transmission failed. It is currently in the shop. I am wondering if this is a "LEMON".
  • skippergskipperg Posts: 1
    "SAILORBRYAN" any update on the details? My 535 is in the shop as we speak and I am getting the run around. Again. My 1999 Ford Econoline work van has better off the line performance.............
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