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2011 Subaru Forester

prigglypriggly Posts: 642
The new 2011 Subaru Forester offers a host of new and upgraded features compared to the outgoing model. Foremost among these features is a new New engine- 2.5L 4 cylinder boxer engine, now 2498 cc engine (was 2457cc), new chain-drive DOHC double overhead cam (replacing belt drive SOHC), new coolant system for block and head, slighly longer piston stroke, lighter components. Fuel economy 21/27 for both manual and automatic non-turbo 2.5L models.

This new and refined 2.5L is going to be used in the future in other cars, with new technologies as Subaru moves to further improve economy, power, emissions.

New Models Top of the line X Touring and XT Touring models.

Gone XT Limited model dropped, replaced by the XT Touring model.

New modifications include:

New front grill
New larger rear seat headrests, see photos
New upgraded stereos on all models except X
New Driver's window one push up/down except on X
New Telescoping plus tilt steering wheel on all except X
New Back-up cameras available on Premium and Limited, standard on Touring
New Bluetooth. All models except base X have hands-free Bluetooth with steering wheel controls.

New All models require synthetic oil. 2.5L uses 0W-20. Turbo XT models require synthetic 5W-30 oil.

Colors and Materials
Gone Newport Blue
New Marine Blue Pearl
New Sky Blue Metallic

New cloth on X, X Premium - Black and Platinum cloth
New cloth on XT Premium - Black and Platinum Moray cloth

The oil change interval for the XT Turbo under "normal use" has been increased to 7,500 miles with the new Subaru Synthetic oil.

The new Forester appears to be a significant improvement over the 2010 model and should find an enthusiastic reception among Subaru devotees.


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