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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • Ya, BMW jacks up the price on all their options :( And I wouldnt get one without the sports package, which right then puts it over 30k... Sucks...

    Anyway, good luck with the WRX and the wifey! :D
  • mjvchicagomjvchicago Posts: 149
    Thanks for the responses... definitely haven't test-driven Altima or Mercedes yet. Doing my iniitial research before hitting the dealerships. I'm also considering the Grand Am GT (the incumbent deserves a chance to fight, right?) since I've been pretty satisfied with myu 93 grand am gt. But everyone brings up good points.

    I actually am thinking of getting a Forrester or Legacy wagon to replace our other aging car (92 Escort), so we'll have a practical car and a fun car... hmmm.. I think I just answered my own question here. With a Forrester/Legacy and a WRX, wouldn't I have all my bases covered? Maybe so. ANyone ever hear of a Subaru dealer giving a little discount if we buy two cars the same day? :)
  • ramiller1ramiller1 Posts: 124
    We have both now and we were surprised how well these two go together. A real dynamic duo. Each one has its own personality that's sort of pleasingly different from the other.

    The Forester has a great boulevard ride and is nice for long relaxed trips. Plus it can hustle over a good windy road when you want it to--really one of the best handling SUVs on the planet and looks great if you put some nice tint on it.

    And the WRX. . .well, you have an idea what that's all about.
    Roper Subaru in Joplin, Mo. will sell you either vehicle for $500 over dealer cost, with any options you want at cost (you can verify the prices here on Edmund's). Plus they will truck them 200-300 miles at no charge for you. I imagine you could sweet talk them into trucking them all the way to St. Louis to pick up if you buy both. These are great people to deal with--you won't be disappointed. If you're interested, talk to Jeremy Strup--they even have a toll-free number--1-800-743-0311 ext. 5567 and no, I'm not making any commission off of this.
    Or you might be able to find a small town dealer in your area to give you a good deal.
    You could buy a loaded Forester S and WRX for about 45 grand, about what you'd pay for the one Mercedes.
    Good luck with it, whatever you decide.
  • Michael,

    Call Elmer Hansen at Liberty Subaru in Libertyville. The number is 847.362.2683. Before I moved to Florida from Evanston this past April, I dealt with Elmer for a number of years. He will work with you and, more importantly, be up front. He knows Subaru inside out and pulls no punches. I have recommended him and Liberty Subaru to at least a dozen buyers over the past few years. I know you won't be disappointed.

    If you do call him, give him my warmest (no pun intended) regards!

  • fubarufubaru Posts: 5
    As a current (happy) '02 WRX sedan owner and a former '95 Altima owner, I'd like to test drive the 2002 Altima since it sounds like has major increase in peformance just to see how good it might be.

    On paper the new Altima sounds great (slightly better HP/weight ratio than the WRX!) and the suspension is supposedly greatly upgraded too. If I hadn't already bought the WRX then I would seriously consider the Altima. My old Altima was
    a nice, solid family car with OK power (about the same as the 2.5RS) that handled like crap.

    Sounds like the new altima is a nice, solid family car with LOTS of power & might handle OK for a FWD.
  • StefanStefan Posts: 4
    I am very interested in the WRX wagon, but wonder about it's offroad abilities. The info I have seen on it says that the wagon has 6.1 in. of clearance. Have any of you WRX owners ventured off road?

    I will need my WRX to get into put in and take out spots on canoe trips and get me to trail heads. Not true 4-wheelin but the roads around here (Montana) can get pretty rough. With the rally past of the WRX, it should be able to handle it, but it sure looks low to the ground.

    Also, anyone bought from Montana dealers? Any input appreciated.

  • ramiller1ramiller1 Posts: 124
    Rexman: I used to make fun of Beemer owners who always parked their cars the hell away from everyone in a parking lot, but now I find myself doing the very same thing for the reason you mentioned.
    The Rex doesn't have the rubber door strip most cars do to protect it along the side, and is very vulnerable to parking lot damage.
    The Dent Wizard people could probably fix it OK
    but a good shop that specializes in Subarus might give you more peace of mind even though they may charge a little more.
  • Subaru makes THE BEST All-Road vehicles... for any type of road you need ALA rally style :)
    But dont take it on the Rubicon anytime soon :P
  • pfifferpfiffer Posts: 47
    These two vehicles will likely have a considerable difference in personality/feel on the road. With a better power/weight ratio for the Altima (12.6 Ibs/hp for Altima vs. 13.6 for WRX), acceleration times will likely be comparable. With the V6 power and increased size, Altima will definitely have the edge in the low RPM acceleration and highway cruising comfort.

    Even with suspension improvements, the 2002 Altima will have difficulty in tracking the WRX on the twisties will lack the raw edge excitement of the REX given its styling (love it or leave it) and the sweet sounding boxer turbo engine.

    So, it depends what you want? A very credible, quiet and fast cruiser with decent handling or a fast, slightly cramped, AWD rally-based vehicle with outstanding handling and tons of personality.

    They will be 2 very different vehicles so you choose! Personally, having gone from a Honda Accord (similar personality to the new Altima but slower) to the WRX, I've experience a re-birth in driving pleasure. The WRX handles so well, and excites sooo much, you just want to drive all day. I'm gladly giving up a few create comforts for a soul-stirring experience that has continued for 3 weeks now!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Wait for the B4 to come over, then the legacy will be both a bigger car and fast :)

  • jimmyp1jimmyp1 Posts: 640
    Anywhere above 4000', the WRX will blow the doors off of the Altima. Add AWD, that just sweetens the pot. Absolutely two different leagues.

  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    I know that people compare all types of vehicles when considering buying...I know I did. But, you're absolutely on the money about the WRX being in a totally different class! :-)

  • bruticusbruticus Posts: 229
    Assuming I can qualify for's current 6.7% on a 60month note, should I stick with the standard 10%? Or put as much as I can while maintaining some reserve savings?

    As soon as I get my Q3 bonus check (my company's Q3 ends Sept 30, so the bonus should show up in my checking account by mid/late Oct) I'm going to place the order. At that point I'll probably have ~$13k in the bank.


  • thecatthecat Posts: 528
    For anyone considering the installation of a V1 or other detector, I found the following link at I-Club. The guy (Mike) provided excellent documentation on the installation.

    - hutch

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Keep in mind Nissan has been overstating HP figures lately. The new Q supposedly has 340hp, but it's been slower than the heavier LS430 with 290hp in road tests. Gearing has some effect, but it still sound like Nissan was very optimistic.

    Early Altima reviews show times slower than the WRX, even with the AWD drivetrain losses, despite the Altima's supposedly better power-to-weight ratio. Smells fishy.

  • StefanStefan Posts: 4
    I thought Subaru was offering 2.9% finacing on all their cars now. I would check into that. The more you put down, the smaller your payment.
  • bruticusbruticus Posts: 229 says that's for 2001 models. I'll send an email to my chosen dealer rep this evening and ask him.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It probably is. If you want a 2002, wait until the 2001s are all gone, because they usually have similar low-finance rate offers during the year.

  • dsackmandsackman Posts: 145

    With cash reserves of a mere $13,000 you should not venture into additional expenses of this nature. A rule of thumb is to have enough cash available for about 6 months worth of expenses. A five year (60 months) note is a long time. Do you know how much interest you are paying over that period even at 2.9%?

    Maybe you want to purchase a vehicle you can afford and need, rather than the one you merely want?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm in debt up the wazzoo, and have a payment of like $700 a month on my trooper... Go figure...

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