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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    Anyone have suggestions for all season tires for my 1993 Sentra SE-R? The car has slighly over 140 horsepower and only weighs 2600 pounds so it's terrible in the snow/rain. I'd like to get a performance tire with decent all weather capabilities without paying top dollar. It has to get me through the winter and into next year, when, hopefully, I'll be able to replace it with an STI.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    I'd like to see this discussion continue, and others to post their own experience with the WRX in snow.

    Is it possible jackyl had the 17 inch ultra-wide low profile performance tires? They'd be worse than the 16" All Seasons for sure.

    I'm seriously considering the WRX, when I get rid of my 95 Mazda Protege DX (its given me great service for 2 years, can only hope the replacement is 90% as good!) next spring.
  • Ya, If he had the RE730's or whichever summer tire that comes with the wheel upgrade, that would really suck in snow...

    My cousin has an 02 RS, and he drove through 5 inches of snow and it was nothing. He was absolutly amazed at the car! Ive seen plunty of videos of Imprezas in the snow to know that its a great snow car, RE92's or snowtires alike. Ive driven my car on a beach, and was amazed at how well it tracked and I am specifically planning on taking my car up to the snow this winter just to check it out :D
  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    There were a lot of complaints about the Audi S4 being terrible in snow but it was always due to the 17" summer tires. With winter performance tires, or even good all seasons, it is fine and I'd certainly expect the same thing for the WRX.

    With the S4, I switched back and forth between Dunlop SP9000s and Dunlop Winter Sport M2s but, frankly, there are a lot of "in between" months in upstate NY where neither a dedicated summer nor winter tire will be optimal.

    The way I see it, no matter what you do, you have to compromise and it's not worth the hassle and expense of switching back and forth, especially if you drive an AWD car.

    The WRX wagon will simply use 16" Dunlop SP5000s all year round on the stock rims. I'm satisfied with them after 3500 miles. The SP5000 gets very good reviews for snow performance and they don't cost very much. I'm running 35 psi front and 32 psi rear and that works pretty well for handling vs. ride comfort.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Those X5s are red hot. Burst into flames hot. Numerous recalls hot.

    Maybe BMW should team up with Subaru to obtain super high tech goodies. Like a working thermostat! :P

    The WRX has more than 6" of clearance. The Audi A4 has only 4". So even with Quattro, the Subie has the edge.

    Also, my wife's 626 V6 had RE92s and about 5" of clearance, and the FWD made it through more than 3". That's FWD, open front differential, so really it's 1WD at times, and I made it. It wasn't good in the snow, but you could make it.

    Any one with a hint of driving skill could easily navigate a few inches of snow with a WRX (AWD and rear LSD with 6" of clearance).

  • simusimu Posts: 1
    The snow handling of the WRX was my biggest concern before my purchase. I live in the Rocky Mountains where there is no shortage of snow, but also the roads are very well maintained. My previous car was an Outback. Apparently the Subby rep visited the Rocky Mountain dealers last spring after a big dump, and scared the snot out of everyone by doing 75 in a stock Rex on snow packed roads during test drives.

    I'll report back after a few more storms, but I've decided to go with Blizzak LM22's as a dedicated winter tire. The tread seemed to be the best for pushing away snow, where tires like the Pilot Alpin or Winter Sport are better for ice (which we don't see much of at 8,000 ft.)

    We all know, it's the driver. With AWD and H-rated snow tires on the Rex wagon, I'm looking forward to a white Christmas, Halloween, Easter... heck, even 4th of July here. It's the tourists in the rented Ford Excursion's us locals worry about.

    BTW, this is my first post, but I've been following along for about 6 months. Thanks to everyone for their advice and constructive criticism, it was tough to give up the bomber Outback, but I still have my AWD, still have a wagon, but have added FUN to the package.
  • celcamcelcam Posts: 9
    I have been reading comments on the WRX vs. the RS on another board, and I was hoping people could help me with a question. I don't have the money to jump up to the WRX, but I want the AWD. Is the RS model really much worse than the WRX in handling and roll and such? If anyone could give me some advice I would really appreciate it. Is the RS worth 18-19k? Thanks so much.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Actually the RS should handle just about the same. You're giving up high end power, but not much else.

  • celcamcelcam Posts: 9
    That is what I was hoping, but I read that reviews on the RS state it doesn't handle as well and tends to roll too much...I hope this is not the case. Of course I have to test drive it, but I wanted people's opinions first. Thanks
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    The Blizzak LM-22 is a performance winter tire and the MZ-01 is dedicated to more snow/ice than the LM but w/o any studs like a studded winter tire. The MZ will be better in compact snow and ice and the LM will be better (handling) in dry situations. They are both available in the std WRX size: 205/55x16. The price on Tirerack for the LM is $116 ea and the MZ is $102.

    The Michelin Pilot Alpin is the all around performance winter tire and is available in the stock WRX size. The Michelin Artic Alpin is the dedicated winter tire but I did not see it available in the WRX size.

    Just wanted to clarify that the models you listed are winter tires just not as good in snow/ice as the additional ones I listed.

  • don't get the RS... get the XT6. That is the best Subaru ever made, and faster than any other car on earth. Ask Paisan - I think he once beat a Grandmother in a Geo Metro in a stoplight race with his XT6.
  • it was funny only the first it is stale
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The guy has autocross results to back up his claims, so what gives?

  • wrxguywrxguy Posts: 51
    talking some mean doo-doo
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The WRX has won top honors in the "Sport Sedan -- under $30,000" category. Follow the link on the left sidebar of this page to read the story.

    Sedans Message Board
  • Just yanking his chain. He sure is in love with that XT6 though.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    if the WRX sedan wins best sports sedan under $30k than does it translate that the WRX wagon is the best sportswagon under $30k? :-) BTW, I know the answer as do most WRX wagon owners, LOL.

  • Anyone seen the Protege5 wagon? That car sure looks nice... but at 130 HP, it has no guts. I'd love to put the WRX engine in the Protege5 body.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    How true! That would be an ideal combo, indeed.

    However that car already handles incredibly well (better than the Impreza TS Wagon, AWD notwithstanding!) IMHO. And the engine is sweet, if a mite underpowered.

    The MP3 (which spanked all competitiors in a recent (albeit limited) handling comparison, including the WRX, in autoweek, I think) will return in a year as an MPS (Mazda Performance Series) with an engine that whistles (Mazda's 2 litre turbocharged engine?) and should be pretty interesting. Especially if they decide to put that engine into a P5 body, or give us the engine the Familia Sport 20 (what the Protege 5 is caled in other parts of the world) has - 165 or so HP.

    Hopefully they'll do away with the love-it/hate-it MP3 music system for something better looking/easier to use!
  • I'd seriously consider getting a Protege5 if I didn't worry about getting killed trying to merge onto the freeway with that wimpy engine. Just slap a turbo on that pup, and we're in biz. Or better yet, put in a six, and supercharge it :)
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