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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    yep, I will bet that subaru is just waiting to see how popular the wrx will be in the US market. If everything goes well, they might offer something fall of 2003 the earliest.
  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    Has anyone heard of this version of the WRX. Better or worse performance? Price? Coming to US? Any help would be great
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    did you order from 4-Seasons Subaru in Missoula? That is where my brother is going. They didn't have a definite answer on the yellow yet but subie's cuntomer support number said it was NOT available. My brother says he will not be ordering one unless he can get yellow, he'll just wait instead untill they are on the lot. I'd like to get one too but will just settle for rides in his for now.
  • bedabibedabi Posts: 149
    I've tried to contact two dealers in NYC thru Subaru's WRX site, but got no responses at all. I then went upstate to a Subaru dealer in Brewster, NY. The salesman didn't even know what a WRX was! And the sales manager said he couldn't possibly take a deposit without knowing the prices or which WRX cars he would be getting. Has anyone had any luck trying to put a deposit down on a WRX in New York? Or New Jersey?
  • tmc1688tmc1688 Posts: 28
    Personally I think that almost all Subaru dealers are idiots. I wanted to buy a Impreza RS 2.5 The salesman told me that they sold out and only arriving was 4 or 5 Imprezas a month. Then he told me and my friend he had except for one available which is locked up and guarded by security dogs only if we were going to buy it he would let us see it. What a MORON! Then we asked him if the turbo version was coming he said he can get us the turbo Impreza. I asked him the STI 22B Version? He looked puzzled and said "yeah". I asked him what was the horsepower rating and he just threw a number in the air "about 300 something HP". What a Jerk! Oh by the way that was 1 year ago. I ended up buying a 2000 Jetta VR6 Manual.

    Its a big shame Subaru has a great car but a stupid sales team!

    I think I'm going to clean my Jetta today, make it look shiny and go back to the same dealership and proclaim to the car sharks "you had me at hello"(from Jerry Mcquire, movie). Now lets talk about the WRX if they even know it existed or what it is.

    Anyone know of a Subaru webpage I can vent my frustrations?

    Oh by the way there are only about 3 Subaru dealers in the state of Florida. North Miami, Tampa, and Deerfield Beach. That means a long drive to each. Which is another shame, location sucks...
  • I'm 6' 6" and managed to squeeze into a UK WRX two years ago. My main problem was my knees running into the steering column, though I imagine if you drive heel and toe that shouldn't be an issue. It was a great car, but I definitely didn't flog it hard to enough to see what was available.

    Do people know if this WRX is on a different/newer Impreza chasis as the one I would have driven? Given a few more inches (that a couple of people mentioned versus the older 2.5RS) it would be an interesting choice.

    It is truly amazing to me all the great vehicles that can't be had in the States---Lancer Evos, Galant VR-4s, Skyline GT-R, the fast Pugeuots, heck, even the Land Rover Defender. With the WRX coming, we'll have the first of the Japanese cheap supercars at least.

    As for turbo longevity, I drive a 1987 Volvo 745 Turbo with 170k miles, original turbo, K&N, freer exhaust, and a raised boost level. It's been driven hard with regular oil (but strict 5k changes) and some spool-down time on every drive. No turbo problems at all. If it did need a turbo rebuild, one would be looking at $700 or so. The older Subaru turbos (GL-10s and the like) sold in the States have done okay with good handling and TLC.

  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    The new WRX is built off an all new Impreza platform that will also cary the rest of the Impreza line.

    It is lsightly longer, and wider and 250% "stiffer" according to press releases.
  • You might want to call the guy who sent me a message in post#67 - he is at a dealership in Victor, NY, near Rochester. Might be a good deal, but it is too far away from me to make sense.
  • Subaru's Active Valve Control System (variable valve timing) is only available on the Japanese market. Does anyone know the details on this system? Is it continuous variable or stage variable? Is it lift variable? I've heard that AVCS leads to higher emission level that exceeds U.S. standard. It sounds unlikely that we'll ever get variable timing in the WRX (at least in the near future). Any thoughts on the above?
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    Everyone seem to have completely forgotten how nice the SVX was.... it was in a class by itself, but mag editors usually compare it to the vettes, Supras... I suppose the front lights of the WRX are so big and ugly because they won't have to modify much to be in race rally form. Big bright lights are great for night time racing, eh?

    As for which cars might be in the same price/performance, don't forget the future rotary 2+2 Mazda. I'd consider that so that I don't have to wonder about turbo reliability. It would have been nicer if Subaru had the SVX in turbo form... imagine a horizontal six with turbo?!

    In any case, Subaru still has a weak image as compared to Toyota, Honda or Nissan. That's why you don't see people rushing to get GMs (supercharged six) that can get almost the same performance as the WRX.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I knew the current Impreza 2.5RS rear seats are not foldable. I hope the WRX has foldavle rear seats because I like the extra storage room.

    Someone say AWD may not be able to have foldable seats (like Passat 4motion and 2.5RS) but A4 quattro got them....

    P.S. I won't pay $30k for a V6 Subaru.
  • bedabibedabi Posts: 149
    Just placed an order with Pat Gleason - no deposit, first come first served. Very little fuss and very straightforward. You can even decide not to buy after test driving it!
  • According to everything I've read, the sedans will have fixed rear seat backs with a trunk pass through behind the armrest (for skis, or long pipes/lumber, etc.). Maybe a Sport Wagon is a better choice if you need to haul cargo - quickly :)

    bedabi - good for you! Hope you are able to get the car you want.
  • Hi,

    Just a reminder--Subaru does not have a V-6. The engine is a "flat" or H-6.

    And, you CAN buy an H6 for less than $30,000. If interested, I can give you the name of a dealer about an hour and a half from you. The engine, BTW, is really a great improvement over the 2.5.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • bedabibedabi Posts: 149
    yesterday. I ordered one from the Subaru site. It has a lot of great pictures of both the sedan and wagon (I ordered a silver wagon to haul my trusty sidekick -- a pit bull) and all the information on specifications and dimensions. To answer some above questions (in inches): sedan headroom is 38.6 (front) / 36.7 (rear); wagon headroom is 39.7 (front) / 37.3 (rear); sedan leg room is 42.9 (front) / 33.0 (rear); wagon leg room is 42.9 (front) / 33.7 (rear); sedan shoulder room is 52.7 (front) / 52.9 (rear); and wagon shoulder room is the same.
  • ottosottos Posts: 80
    What do the 17" wheels look like? How much are they? If I were to order one today, how long will it take to get it?

    I have a european magazine article with pics of the euro version. Those wheels look real nice, like bigger sized stock wheels.

    That guage pack has a boost gauge, voltmeter, and oil temp. right? No oil pressure? If not, guess I'll pass on the gauge set.
  • Refer to Glenn Wallace's excellent WRX enthusiast's site. The 17's are forged BBS cross-spoke style, not larger versions of the stock alloys. They will be a dealer installed option, and supposedly are going to cost about $2500.00 per set (!), plus tires. The gauge pack has a boost gauge, volt meter, and oil temp gauge - no pressure. Glenn's site has a good pic - the pack looks very "add-on", and does not integrate with the rest of the interior very well. I'm going to pass on the gauge pack, and see what the aftermarket comes up with.
  • s1ginss1gins Posts: 45
    The Legacy has AWD and rear fold-down seats, so the two are not mutually exclusive
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