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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    barresa62..i fully understand the build history of the 2 liter turbo from subaru..what i am saying is just a refelection from you can see for yourself..if you choose too..sure if its just a o2 sensor..etc..then why cant all of the dealers that they are speaking about fix it..hmmm..i know the build quality has improved greatly just like it has for volkswagon..i remember driving new subarus in the late 80s..even new they sounded like the motor could fall out at any moment. both vw and subaru have come along way since just alot more concerned about a new turbo model coming into the states..regardless if it was produced for years before..its still set-up different for us specs..

    if it is just a faulty o2 sensor..thats great..but i will watch from the sidelines..and see how it goes..for the most part vws have rattle problems..and i think for the most part they are well built and hold up well..but it is time for them to step up and improve the waranty.

    the biggest problem for me and the wrx is the looks..i like the looks of the 2.5 rs alot better..but it dosent have the that dosent work for me..
  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    IMO, I would agree with the second dealer. With an aftermarket moon/sunroof, they're just cutting a hole in the roof. Whereas a factory sunroof would be built. The Foresters with moonroof's have a wider rear track. They didn't just cut a hole in the roof.
  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    im sure with 17 rims and would be a world of difference,,because the tires it comes with are not that good...
  • hyurihyuri Posts: 1
    1.) although i was hoping for low 14 second 1/4 miles..but 14.6-14.7 is still good..right on par with a type r
    Chances are you couldn't pull off the best time
    out of this car anyway. If you want good 1/4
    mile times, get a old mustang or camaro and
    check out their boards. a little unsure if subaru has this car sorted its so new over here in the us..with our different safety/emissions requirments
    Emissions devices are only old technology
    designed to decrease pollutants at the expense
    of power, the manufacturers have been doing
    this for 30 years+. Big deal.

    ..i was waiting for the 2002 gti 1.8t..but not sure about the wrx..but would like to test drive one..
    Keep waiting. Don't even drive a wrx. We don't
    need any VW pukes in a WRX anyway.

    ..i still need to drive one..i know its not going to be nice like an a4..but should be fast
    What's with you wanting to compare this to VW
    products? You want to feel a nice A4 ride, buy
    an A4. There is no similarity.

    ..although i dont want a turbo headache that subaru cant figure out..well see..
    You don't give the title of 'Car of the Decade'
    to a vehicle that gives you a headache. Look
    through CAR magazine of GB once in a while. Or
    any australian publications.

    i just might stick to the gti for 2002..with chip about 200hp and 30 more lbs of torque than the wrx..hmmm
    Don't forget to mention the chip removes the
    flat VW torque curve, making the engine output
    lower to begin and spike uptop. 'turbo
    headache' as you call it.

    ..regardless if it was produced for years before.
    Regardless if it was produced before??
    Suddenly solid engineering history means
    nothing? Does that apply all across the board?
    or only to Subaru? Maybe it applies to
    Audis/VWs too? Hell, I got a buddy of mine who
    used the chip and his A4 quattro is down with
    $1800+ in repairs, and another who's killed 5
    Audis in as many years, we call him the
    Transmission Terminator, but he still
    swears by Audis. Big deal. You need to
    seriously get your head (out of your) together,
    and quit whining about the WRX when you know
    you want an Audi/VW whatever. And maybe some
    logic/reasoning skills would be of some use.
  • glinski1glinski1 Posts: 5
    - uniballer

    I must say that your review of the car is right on the mark. The feeling of the cars grip on the road is better than anything I've driven, except maybe for the 911 I onced managed to "borrow" for a few hours. I am expecialy pleased with the feal and behavior of the transmision, it practicaly feel the engine through it. The shifts are smooth and precise!
  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    Uniballer, if you aren't already a member you might look on the iClub and see what kind of wheels others are going with. No doubt you can do better than $3000 without tires for the optional forged BBS wheels though...

    Crash68's experience is undoubtedly the LOW limits of the stock Potenza RE92 tire. They suck. If you haven't found their limit uniballer, then you haven't begun to have fun yet.

  • jbreez1jbreez1 Posts: 46
    Can anyone inform a prospective WRX owner what the impact of insurance was when purchasing this car? Kosta, thanx for the reply and clarification

  • bedabibedabi Posts: 149
    I live in NYC, where insurance rates are criminally high anyway. GEICO charges no more for my WRX than they did for my 99 Maxima. When I spoke to them on the phone, they were working off their own figures for the 2001 RS model.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think the rear end looks more like the Infiniti I30 than any Kia.

    And the front, especially when the lights are on, looks more like the E-class. The new Neon's lights are kind of cross-eyed, coming inward at the bottom, and look quite different than the WRX. Also, the entire oval lights up.

  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    well i geuss I have caught you on your period? not trying to make this a vw or audi for that matter showdown versus the wrx..obviously u are in love with subaru..and thats fine..i love your attitude..very touchy about this car thing?..oh just bringing to the table some observations..Yea i geuss check engine lights that come on after 70 miles is okay..even though the dealer has no idea how to remedy the problem..if yours came would probably just put a piece of tape over sorry you have a such a negative attitude towards vw owners..i have no problem with subarus or their fact a friend of mine just bought a legacy gt sedan..that is very nice..
    i love your little comments..what a joke..anytime you are in seattle..we can go to sir and see whos has spent more time at the track..since you must have alot of more experience than me..maybe u can show me what your grocery getter does in the 1/4 mile as well as the road course..

    by no means does chipping a 1.8t cause a headache..and it dosent reduce low rpm actually reduces any noticeable lag..and the power band is still pretty linear..and dosent the drinks you must have had before you got on the computer this morning..

    and yes i wll drive a wrx..and whos knows if i like it..i might even buy one..would that make u cry? hiroki or whatever your name is..i geuss your the real "puke" here..try to be more positive..pal

  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Shaun: You replace them. From what I've gathered (yes, I frequent the i-club as of late as H8YNERS) there is a bad initial batch of sensors from Bosch. This is what I suspected all along. It's not a reflection on the WRX's reliability. If you don't want to buy a WRX because you still feel uneasy that's fine but don't make it into something it's not. Besides, a true auto enthusiast wouldn't take the bait anyhow. :-)

  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    stephen..ok then..lets hope its nothing 02 sensor should be an easy fix..right? i just saw the yellow wrx thats posted pics above seattle..near 3/26/01..looks better in person..i have seen a wagon upclose but not the dont be alarmed if i raise a red flag due to reports of cel coming was just that it has happened to quite a few..and 2-3 trips to the dealer later its still is an issue..if it dosent bother u..i wont worry about it either..
  • I test drove the new WRX this weekend and it was a most wonderful experience! The car only had 300 miles on it when we were snug in the high bolstered seats. Before taking off the salesman said to buckle up. Now I know why! This is not a car it's a rocket ship. When my foot released the clutch, it was so responsive, so quickly, I nearly stalled it. How embarrassing. The second time I engaged the clutch it was making a left turn across four lanes of traffic. What a launch! I also experienced the perm-grin factor. So much for playing it cool in front of the salesman. The short throw of the sifter making crisp changes between gears was a Godsend.
    When I started to take the car back to the dealership, the salesman asked ME if he could drive it for a while. I'm sold and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
  • kostamojen2kostamojen2 Posts: 284
    The problem is definatly the tires... Replace them as soon as the Break in period's over, its worth it! :)

    Motorsport: Hehe... I feel your pain :D Must... Own... Impreza... now ;)
  • wil02wil02 Posts: 10
    anyone here experienced the CEL problem and I wonder if this is being fixed by SOA?

    the wagon in Asia comes with moonroof, just saw one last week!

  • Colin, one of the reasons I am looking forward to new wheels is new tires. I am not hugely disappointed with the RE92s, but then again, I am not impressed either. There have been a couple of times that I felt I was at the limit of my tires grip without being at the limits of the car's handling. I don't know how to explain that better, but I definitely feel the need for grippier meats.

    However, considering that I am *supposed* to be taking it easy on the car, I am not going to bother investing in new tires until I have made the wheel decision.

    I really like the idea of the Forged BBS wheels, I just can't stand the price. I have been reading i-club but there doesn't seem to be anything remotely similar to a clear winner as far as aftermarket 17" wheels go. I saw a few, but I simply can't do gold wheels. I like the understated look of my silver WRX too much to get crazy with a wheel color.

    If ANYONE knows of a way I can get a decent discount on the BBS wheels Subaru offers, I will gladly buy those.


    I am glad you enjoyed the car as much as I did and do. Everytime I site in it I am start smiling. Monday was the first day in a long time that I was both early to work, and happy with my morning commute. If I can manage early wake-ups everymoring, I might start taking the long cut.

  • jhazenjhazen Posts: 4 of my co-workers asked me (today) if I still liked it as much as the day I bought it. I could only reply "my cheeks hurt from smiling too much... 600 miles is a long way to smile".

    I absolutely love my car, and the more I drive it, the more I love it. Now, I just need to find some forged 17" wheels to put a set of Pole Positions on for the christening of the 1,000 mile mark...

  • jhazenjhazen Posts: 4
    Go to Carter Subaru at 175th and Aurora... they have a Rally Blue WRX 5MT you can drive around... at the end of the first day I hear it had over 100 miles on it. I bought mine from Nik Forte... he was very straightforward and helpful with everything I needed.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • mic138mic138 Posts: 5
    Hi folks. Today, I am to take delivery of 2002 WRX. It comes with the minimum set of options, yet, I did purchase the 17' wheel package. I really can not wait to pick it up.

    1) Can someone list links to popular WRX Web sites?

    2) Performance upgrades... recommendations, businesses, sites? seems to the be a good place to go. SOA offers exhaust and suspension packages. Has any one purchased and used these?

    3) I haven't done my homework yet, but I do know they have tuned-down the WRX from European specs. How they do that? Smaller turbos, ECU?

    As you can see I am quite excited about the car. I am looking forward to joining you folks in here and on the road. This is truly an awesome car.
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