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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    From what I've heard, North Jersey dealers are selling at or only slightly off MSRP. You'll probably get a better deal farther south.

    I would recommend giving Alex Leist at Flemington Subaru a call at (908) 782-2025.
    Tell him "bluesubie" sent you.

  • klkrauseklkrause Posts: 96
    When I first heard the color "Blaze Yellow" I pictured something more like the French's Mustard analogy a few posts ago. I was also a bit disappointed with the pale yellow.
  • edwarda1edwarda1 Posts: 18
    I am in Massachusetts. Dealer says a rich man bought it for his 18 year old son as a graduation gift and he did not like the color after 2 weeks.Who knows?
  • pilot16pilot16 Posts: 10
    I have driven both the automatic WRX and manuel (twice) and they are both good. I suggest either one depending on your needs. As for the lag, it is over rated. The WRX seems to be at 3000rpm while costing so getting the turbo to kick-in is not the problem I was led to believe. The WRX is a grea car!
  • pilot16pilot16 Posts: 10
    coasting - sorry
  • mdimartimdimarti Posts: 12
    He returned the WRX because of the color? Did he drive it?? I agree the color isn't the greatest, but give me a break. When I was a teenager and told my parents that I wanted a car they said "get a job and buy one, you will appreciate it more that way!!!" I only wish that I could have been that spoiled. But anyways I digress, I would push for close to invoice pricing, the dealer from whom I bought my WRX wagon had a yellow sedan in their showroom and offered $1,000 off MSRP without any haggling. Look at it this way, the car is practically broken in for you!!!
  • rass0007rass0007 Posts: 3
    I recently test drove a silver wrx sedan (5M) that had leather seats. They had an embroidered "WRX" across where the shoulder blades rest. They looked pretty sweet, but the listed mark up price for them was $2000.
    The listed price for the car (had most of the options on it)with the leather was ~$27k.
    I didn't think that this was an available option for the wrx?
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    through a 3rd party and not offered as a Subaru option. I would be very concerned about this outsourcing by the dealer as it may inhibit the functioning of the side airbags that are built into the sides of the seats. At the very least I would make sure that there is a guarantee in writing as to the assurance that the side airbags will function as intended.

    You will find many dealer initiated and outsourced options that are not official options through Subaru.

  • rass0007rass0007 Posts: 3
    I don't recall seeing the typical markings found for the bags on the sides of the seats... Do You think I could talk the dealer down a bit if the side air-bags don't work anymore? I hope so..The seats are also heated...This would help with the cold winters...

    Thanks for the info though...maybe I'll use it to talk the dealer down..
  • rass0007rass0007 Posts: 3
    I am considering buying a Maxima or a WRX.

    I have been really looking at the WRX a lot, and have been greatly considering buying one. But I am worried about the WRX's reliability and whether it will be worth much in ~five years. Thats where the Maxima comes in..supposedly it should resell better? I am not sure...

    Personally I think the 01 Maxima is kinda ugly around the rear and wasn't that interested in it besides its reliability. Does anyone want to take a shot at whether or not the WRX will still be a hot item in a couple of years? and whether the value of the car will be resonable to sell without too much loss after five or more years?

    Also does anyone think the demand will decrease for the WRX later this year, causing the selling price of the dealers to drop?
  • thecatthecat Posts: 528

    First things first. You need to figure out what you're looking for in a car. These 2 are very different animals.

    As regards reliability, essentially the same engine that is in the US WRX has been used for almost 10 years in Japan, Australia/N.Z. and in parts of Europe. It has an excellent track record. (no pun intended) I recently did some research (with the help of Graham Peters) into resale value. After 5 yrs, the WRX has held 67% of its orig. price in foreign markets. Will the US market be the same? Who knows .. but it bodes well that resale values have been that good elsewhere.

    Finally, will the WRX still be "hot" in a couple of years? This is speculation since any number of things could influence sales..most notably, the economy. The WRX puts Subaru in a new light as the manuf. of a performance car. Plus it's getting a lot of good press. Subaru, as a result, is getting the attention of a lot of people who would not previously have even considered them. So, my guess is that (all things being equal) we will see an evolution of the WRX and an increasing share of the "Performance" market.
    Or ... not. :)............... Your milage may vary.

    - hutch
  • go_car_gogo_car_go Posts: 2
    Also be aware the new Altima is coming out. I believe 240 HP and more interior room than the Maxima. So if you really want the Maxima I'm sure you could get a good price on it at that time. I test drove a Maxima and for me the WRX was a better choice. More of a fun factor. Subaru reliability is good and AWD. The only tuff part for me was having to order the WRX and wait. I ordered on April 23 and it came in on May 31st so not too bad.
  • tgo63tgo63 Posts: 16
    I live in South Texas, Rio Grande Valley, the pickup country. In the area we have only one subaru dealer, attached as an afterthought to a ford dealership. There is blue wrx 5 speed sitting on dealer lot since about month. I looked at the car, sit in it. Since I cannot quite afford the car right now I did not bother to drive it. My thinking is somebody will buy it one day, and less test miles the better. Last Sunday paper mensioned wrx ready for immediate delivery. All other subaru can be purchased $100 above invoice without any negotiations. That was the first thing the salesman told me. He also told me they can deal on wrx.
    I'm afraid of resale value down the road. I believe parts will be only available from the dealer, limited production, turbo, awd will require specialized mechanic. If I sell the car in five years what kind of resale value I can expect? I drive, on average about 20k miles.
    Right now we have 00 accord lx 5 speed and 98 escort 5 speed. I do like the look of wrx.
    Used to live In Montreal where subarus were very popular. Some of my friends use to own them. They had their share of problems, talking 5-8 years ago.
  • tgo63tgo63 Posts: 16
    Sorry, I did not checked it, but one of the posts above answered my question. In my opinion resale will also depend on area one lives in.
    Anybody knows how much will cost to replace the clutch or brakes on wrx?
  • bruticusbruticus Posts: 229
    Wouldn't it would be unlawful for the dealer to disable the side airbags, or otherwise interfere with their performance?

  • varigvarig Posts: 99
    Maybe it has been mentioned before, but why is a moonroof not an option on the WRX. Although not a "must have", I've become accustomed to the moonroof in my current car. IMHO, it helps minimize feelings of claustrophobia. Has anyone had a moonroof installed and does it compromise the safety of the car?
    Additionally, has anyone bought a WRX that had been considering an AWD Audi? I have yet to drive a WRX, but I have test driven an Audi A4 1.8T and really liked it. How is the WRX different (better or worse) than the A4.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    A moonroof isn't currently offered on the WRX in the States. I've seen pics of a factory one though on a Japanese model. The moonroof opening is quite small due to the structural cross-member in the roof just behind the front seats. Some installers (actually, quite a few) cut this member out to install a std size moonroof. This definitely compromises the tightness of the WRX. For this reason, I wouldn't get an aftermarket one installed unless it was a smaller version that fits between this member and the windshield (similar to the Japanese version.)

    As far as a comparions to the Audi A4, it goes something like this:

    The WRX is designed more as a driver's car and correspondlingly is better at handling and speed. The turbo in the WRX kicks in at about 3k whereas the turbo in the A4 is kicking in below 2k so there is less lag but a quicker turbo drop off than the WRX. The Audi is finished off more like a luxury car than the WRX. The front seats in the WRX are much more supportive and grippy than the A4. One of the most important things to me in any car is reliability and this is where the WRX shines (being a Subaru, afterall and having the motor for many years in other markets) compared to some of the $$$ stories I've read regarding the Audi. Just my .02. Overall, you have to decide what is more important to you in the performance and reliability arena. You definitely must drive the WRX before making any decisions. Hope this helps.

    02'WRX wagon, 5spd
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    The A4 is at the end of its model cycle, so it will soon look dated. As for the WRX...what can I say? Weird looks never really go out of style!
  • pilot16pilot16 Posts: 10
    Isn't the A4 basically a Passat?
  • bruticusbruticus Posts: 229
    Actually, it's other way around. When the A4 was released, the Passat was still styled in the "boxy engine compartment/bigger boxy cabin/boxy trunk" look. After a few years the Passat was moved to its current near-A4 looks.

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