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Ford Fiesta Real World MPG



  • dbdadbda Posts: 9
    I've owned the car for three days... These are my first impressions:
    Good impressions:
    The technology is great with the upgraded sound system in the sel. I can play my iPhone 4 using the blue tooth functions through the stereo speakers such as, navigation, iPod etc, all wirelessly. Also, when I receive a phone call the music or the navigation will mute through the speakers and the sync will go in to the phone mode automatically. When the call has ended it will return to the previous function automatically.
    Brakes are good.
    The materials are well made, no rattling or cabin noises.
    Large truck for such a small car.
    Keyless entry and start work well.
    Bad impressions:
    The double clutch automatic feels like a Manuel ( I should have know because it actually is)
    Pick up is not always smooth, but sometimes it is. ( this is excluding inclines or declines)
    I'm still trying to figure it out. While my Honda Fit had the Pep as the fiesta it had smooth acceleration. This is frustrating me a bit!
    The cabin feels smaller than the Fit. My two legs are either hitting into the stupid cup holder on the left door, or banging into the center console on the right side.
    The back seat is much smaller than than the Fit. I didn't think it would matter but somehow I am feeling jipped!
    On the first tank, I am only averaging in the low twenties with mostly city driving. ( I hope this improves)

    I went with the fiesta because Ford offered many features that the Honda Fit does not. But right now I am feeling that I should have bought another Fit. The engineering on the Fit seems to be a notch better than the Fiesta. Hopefully my impressions
    will change because I am going to be stuck with this
    • ride for at least another 2 to 3 years.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    I think perhaps you might (not) have a defective vehicle but an impatience issue. Maybe a small dose of Xanax might help. A new vehicle needs at least 1000 or more miles to "break in". If you are calculating your actual MPG correctly and your fuel economy does not improve significantly after 2000 miles driven, something is drastically wrong and a visit to the Ford Dealers Service Department is in order. I bought my 2011 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback last July and have 10K mileage driven so far. I get 34 MPG in hard constant stop and go city driving, with I might add the A/C being engaged (all) the time. On the Highway, going 70 to 75 MPH with or without the (cruise control) engaged I always get between 40 to 42 MPG. Consumer reports last month reported that a recently purchased Ford Fiesta that they bought for testing and review surprised them with an amazing 45 MPG highway number! And that was achieved with a Fiesta that (Did Not) have the extra cost SFE option. Give your car some extra time and put some more mileage on it. Make sure you are calculating your miles driven vs gallons of fuel consumed correctly and if it does not match the fuel economy number most other Fiesta owners are getting, there definitely is mechanical problems to be looked at. I am very happy with my Ford Fiesta in every aspect. I plan on purchasing a 2012 Kia Rio5 Hatchback later this fall to replace another aging vehicle I own as well.
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Posts: 122
    I do almost exclusively highway mileage, but I like my accelerator pedal. 2011 fiesta with 5 speed manual is getting 43.5 to 44.2 MPG I installed a K&N basic kit that helps throttle response and increased HP (didn't affect MPG one way or another.) The intake "note" is an added bonus. :shades:
  • dprivendpriven Posts: 10
    I've driven my Fiesta SFE Hatchback for 6 months, primarily in dense city traffic. Overall mpg has averaged 32.9. I can cruise along the freeway at 60mph and get about 50mpg. I almost never go on those long drives, though. If only I had a garage and could use an electric car....
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    Can you tell me more about the Computer "Patch"? I looked up TSB's and it isn't there. Is the a part number for this patch. I'd be interested in having it put into my Fiesta.
    Thank you.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    I`m assuming the so called "patch" your asking about is the on board vehicle computer (correction) to help reduce the 6 speed automatic transmission jerking sensation that occurs sometimes at (low) speeds? My Salesman told me about a service department memo he heard of that addressed the matter. I myself did not find the annoyance worth risking the great gas milage I`ve been getting.
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    Thank you for the info. I'll have to check on the "patch" to see what they say about it. Heck. It may help the mileage considering it will smooth out the tranny shifting. But I do agree with you. It isn't a huge annoyance. My son, who works for Ford, said it will take a few months to get used to the wonky transmission. I'm almost there.
    Every car test I've read on the Fiesta and new Focus have complaints about the auto transmission. Maybe Ford will get the message.
  • Looking to buy a new Fiesta.

    Does the SFE package make a real difference in the mpg?
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    I don`t believe it will amount to anything your will ever notice and (never) repay itself the the outrageous cost of the Option. I have driven (my) Fiesta 14 months with 13 K miles and I get constant fuel economy of 33 mpg city and 41 mpg highway (without) the SFE Package.
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    I agree with phill1,....don't waste your money on the package.
  • dprivendpriven Posts: 10
    I did the math and figured the payback on the SFE package would be about 10 years. It also is impossible to get the SFE package on the SES model, which comes with more goodies.

    I bought the SFE package anyway. I'd rather my money go to Ford than big oil, and I plan to keep my car long enough to make the money back.

    As a purely practical decision, it's probably not a good deal.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    In regards to purchasing the SFE Package on a Ford Fiesta, at least when it came to the 2011 series, the only thing (extra) that you got for a ridiculous price for (that) option was the "superior" low rolling resistance tires. IMO, when the original tires need replacing at around 30K miles, I can then decide if I want to spend a bit extra for a superior tire upgrade. I understand your rationale about putting the extra dollars in Ford`s pocket rather then "Big Oil", but its like paying a $5000 upgrade to go for a Escape or Fusion "Hybrid", unless you rack up 30K miles a year in driving, you will never get back the savings from the Gasoline not used. Still, it gives most people a warm fuzzy feeling helping the environment a bit, Guess thats why Vermont and California sell the most Hybrids and Subaru`s. Glad to see that Ford for 2012 finally put an Armrest in the Fiesta which was missing in the 2011 model.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    You don't need to recoup the cost of SFE in gasoline...

    You don't look to recoup the costs of an $800 sunroof...that amount is added to the value of the vehicle and when you sell it you'll get more for your car.

    Assuming increased mileage (even a bit) is valued when you sell you car you should be able to command a higher (a bit...) resale value.

    For example...A Prius is way over charged compared to a Corolla...but that value doesn't go away when you sell it; just look at used Prius prices
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    edited October 2011
    I`ve actually "sold" both New and Used cars for a living. True, you will never get back the extra $700 or $800 spent for a Power Moonroof upgrade, (but) you "might" get a bit more in Trade in Value or sell it (faster) in a Private Resale. The added feature of a the SFE Package ae: Low Rolling Resistance Tires which I`m sure you will agree with will no longer be on the Vehicle at point of Trade In, unless of course they are replaced with similar type tires, will not even return a "wee bit" extra. Only 4 matching identical tires with plenty of "tread ware" remaining is looked for at either trade in or lease return. Your comparison of expected higher residual value of a "Hybrid" vehicle compared to a "Non" Hybrid vehicle and the addition of the SFE Package containing the original upgraded tires that are no longer (still) on the vehicle, is as they say, a "bit" of a Stretch. Even the 2012 Ford Focus that tout`s the automatic closing louvers in its Radiator Grill on it`s SFE Package will not return the extra value that either a Ford Escape or Ford Fusion would, equipped with a Hybrid engine. That is why there are so few vehicles that the Dealers order for inventory with the SFE Package. Its a tough sell to have someone pay extra for something that they cannot either see or immediately benefit by. Both a Power Moonroof, Navigation System, Power Windows, Door Locks, Mirrors, Remote Key Fob and of course a Hybrid Engine, yes definitely, SFE I`m afraid, not so much as a "bit" more. With or without the SFE Package, I`m sure you will very much enjoy your Ford Fiesta. I`ve owned mine for almost 15 months now and am very happy with it. Enjoy!
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    Yeah...could be. It's hard to see whether this option will retain its value. I think it's only 1mpg on the it may be a tough re-sell :) Depends on the salesman; or saleswoman (my wife sold a used toilet seat cover at our garage sale so...).

    Don't have a Fiesta, test drove one but am leaning towards other cars.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 315
    Well, for someone who has (not) yet purchased a Ford Fiesta with or without the SFE Package, it appears your concerns are theoretical and (not) actual. You sound like you would be much better suited for either a Hyundai or Kia product. With its 5 year bumper to bumper warranty and its 10 year/100K Drive Train Warranty for the "original" purchaser, it probably your (best) value. My 2011 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback (without) the SFE Package gets consistent 33 mpg city and 41 mpg highway, FYI. On the matter of whether or not the SFE will retains its value in comparison to its cost, absolutely without any doubt, "No". Case closed.
  • dprivendpriven Posts: 10
    Phill1 -

    What is your source for the SFE package = low resistance tires statement?

    When I made my decision, I understood the SFE package to include aerodynamic bits on the front and underneath the car and lighter wheels. The Ford website says this:

    "- Underbody shields

    - Blockers on lower grille

    - 15" steel wheels

    - Speed control"

    I never inspected the underside of my SFE vs. a regular SE or SES - but there's a pretty low plastic air dam in the front.
  • dprivendpriven Posts: 10
    I drove to grandma's house a few weeks ago and tested the mileage with the AC on and off. It made a bigger difference than I expected.

    65 mph, no AC: 47 mpg
    65 mph, AC on full blast: 40 mpg.

    Both were over ten miles, on relatively flat terrain (101 between Salinas and San Luis Obisbo). Wind could be a variable, of course.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    Why would I like KIA or Hyundai better, for the warranty? I do like some KIA and Hyundai's...but the warranty doesn't come into play as I usually sell before they expire.

    That's pretty good mileage, is your's the manual?
  • dprivendpriven Posts: 10
    All SFEs are automatics.
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