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2011 Dodge Durango

steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
Anyone looking at the new Durango? We don't even have invoice details yet, so if anyone has some news, please tell us about it.

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  • steevosteevo Posts: 330
    They are now showing up at dealerships. Truck looks nice to me. My gut likes the idea of the V8 in a truck this size, but the v6 looks pretty good also. I wonder if real world performance is really that much better with the V8. The V6 should be more economical but it seems they always over estimate the mpg ratings on these trucks..
  • V-6 not too shabby but I test drove the V-8 surprisingly so smooth and you can feel the power!!! Both powerplants are excellent its just a matter of choice if you're willing to spend more $$$ at the gas pumps.
  • qthqth Posts: 25
    How you compare Durango to Ford Explorer, GMC Acadia and Chevrolet Traverse? Thanks.
  • Real time test drive of the Durango and Explorer but not on the GMC Acadia and Chevy Traverse since I didn't bother didn't like their styling and the interior materials GM use on the Traverse and Acadia still cheap plasticky looking (why don't they use like the ones in the Caddy SRX). So I can only give feedback for the Durango and Explorer. My comparison - Luv the Durango's exterior styling, interior materials use are of great quality no hard type cheap looking plastic use here, smooth riding (no truckish ride feeling very much like you are riding a sport sedan) and a surprisingly very quick linear steering feel, suspension just felt the right balance and set up for me. Now for the Explorer, didn't like that polarizing front grill look, interior materials quite nice but instrument cluster looks like cheap looking set up don't like some the touch only controls set up. Explorer's ride is on the stiffer side for my taste. I did all my home work so the Durango won me over....I'm getting my Durango Citadel delivered tentatively on the 19th of April. Check the reviews on youtube for both vehicles.
  • qthqth Posts: 25
    Congratulation. Please let me know how you enjoy the new Durango. I may consider one too. Thanks
  • Well I just picked up my Durango (Citadel) yesterday and people around my work are in awe and amaze with the looks and quality of the truck. Its a joy and awesome to drive it even though I have only put 20 miles (back and forth from home to work). If you are in the market for an suv I highly recommend you consider the Durango...see it and test drive in person compare it to the other similar competing makes, its the only way don't settle for one brand test them all.
  • qthqth Posts: 25
    Thanks. I will take a test drive on May. I will try to by a new one by June/July. I also consider Grand Cherokee b/c they are same platform. Congratulation again.
  • I have had my new Durango Citadel in Black Brilliant Pearl with Black Interior for a week now. I researched and test drove the Ford Explorer too. I did not research the Acadia or Traverse as I had no interest in their looks or GM moniker. We did look at some larger SUV's, like the Expedition, Armada and Sequoia, but were turned off by the massive size and minimum of $10000 in additional cost. This is the third Durango I have owned in addition to a 1998 model and a 2006 model. I have never had any problems with my Durango's. I was set to buy the Ford Explorer as the reviews seemed good and the fit and finish were great, but then I test drove the Durango and let me tell you; it is in a class all by itself. The interior is absolutely GORGEOUS! The fit and finish are very high quality and the controls are very simple to operate, yet very high-tech. The interior technology in the Explorer struck me as cheesy and I couldn't get over the fact that "Microsoft" was prominently displayed below the center stack.

    My Citadel has the 5.7 Hemi with rear DVD and tow package. The MSRP was $49180 and I got it for $45052. This Durango is strides above the competition in terms of curb appeal, fit and finish and power. A V8 engine was not even an option with the Explorer which was a concern for me as I do some towing on occasion. The technology is integrated with driving in a way that is not obtrusive or annoying. The voice communication is simple and just works. The adaptive cruise control is a must, along with the rear camera and blind spot assist systems. The 1 year free subscription to Sirius Radio, TV, etc. is the best I could find. The next closest free trial was for 6 months on Ford vehicles. My kids appreciate being able to watch kids TV channels in the back...who would have thought?

    The biggest drawback for me is that the price seemed high for a Durango, but once I came to understand the technology, etc. included it seemed like a no brainer. The new Durango is the Cadillac of Chrysler SUV's. There are Durango Express models that start at around $32000 if price is a concern. Also, I'm a little concerned that the 5.7 HEMI engine in this 2011 Durango appears to get only about 1 mile more per gallon than the 5.7 HEMI in my 2006 Durango.

    All in all, I'm completely satisfied with my decision.
  • Congrats on your new ride!!! like you I looked at the other SUVs but find the Durango the best one and just the right size for my family. I looked at the Explorer also but somehow the styling seems generic it just didn't have the street presence....the Durango has the loud look to it and curb appeal! The ride/suspension set up is sophisticated and is dialed in right for my liking than the Explorer which seems a little stiffer for my taste. The Explorer Limited is a bit more expensive @ 50k, the Acura MDX was the other suv that I consider but imo it was overpriced and the center stack instrument and buttons are overwhelming...luv the simplicity and placement of controls/buttons on the Durango and it was 10k cheaper. Folks at Chrysler are on the right track with their product lines and they have a winner in the Durango.
  • mayhermayher Posts: 41

    Congrats on your new Durango. I am about ready to pull the switch and purchase one soon. Keep going back and forth between the 6 and the HEMI. The 6 is probably adequate for my needs, but I love the power and smoothness of the Hemi. $4.25 + per gallon gas scares me. What type of mileage have you been getting.

  • Mayher:

    The MPH is definitely better on my 2011 Durango 5.7 HEMI than it was on my 2006 Durango HEMI, but only by about 1 MPG. I'm getting 15 to 16 MPG in town and upwards of 22-23 on the highway. Unfortunately the V6 engine is not available with the factory installed trailer tow package. Even though the V6 Durango is certified to tow 6200 lbs., it does not come with the tow package. The tow package also includes a tranny cooler, upgraded battery, etc. which were more important to me than the milage savings I might get with the V6.

    For me the engine choice was all about towing. If you are not going to tow, then get the V6. :-)

    Good luck!
  • Just a quick update....since I've put over 1000 miles on my new Durango Citadel. The milage is actually a little better than I previously reported. I get 16-17 MPG in town, which is about 2 MPG more than my 2006 HEMI Durango. Also, the handling is OUTSTANDING. I have been really "pushing" it around corners, etc. and it handles like a BMW. I can't even get the wheels to squeal while taking corners fast. The Durango just digs in and turns as though it was on rails; no body sway or feeling like the car is going to tip. WOW!
  • lilredcorvtlilredcorvt Posts: 21
    I agree the handling on the new Durango is sweet! reminds me of a German sports sedan that's why I fell in love with it and went away from buying an 2011 Acura MDX which was my first choice. The MPG between the MDX and the hemi is negligible and the Durango top of the line model - Citadel is 10k cheaper than the MDX.
  • luvmyhemi1luvmyhemi1 Posts: 1
    I totally agree with the handling. Love my new Durango. We traded in our 2008 Durango for the new 2011 and it's amazing how much different this one is. Don't get me wrong - I also liked the 2008 but this 2011 is amazing. They really did a great job on the interior and the handling is completely different now that it's not on a truck chassis - almost handles like my 2006 Charger RT. For anyone looking for a great suv for the price this is a great buy (and the 5.7 hemi is a must in my book, but I also have a lead foot).
  • lilredcorvtlilredcorvt Posts: 21
    Luv the driving position on the Durango way better than my Acura TSX. It just handles and drives like a car. I agree the 5.7 hemi is awesome that's what I wanted and so do I have a lead foot :cry: Has anyone fill up from empty to full tank? how much did it cost to fill up a full tank of gas and what is the capacity? (haven't read it yet from owner's manual).
  • Just picked up my Durango Crew WITH tow package and V-6 (plus a couple other options). Dealer did a search and found a couple that met my needs, so they are out there with tow packages. Did a dealer trade and got it within a couple days. Love the vehicle so far with 26 MPG on highway and 19 city driving. Will tow an 18 foot fish and ski boat locally for first time this week. Owners manual says not to tow anything for 1st 500 miles and limited towing (not to exceed 50 miles per hour) on second 500 miles. I have not qualms about pulling this boat with this V-6 - ample power in my opinion. Feel the v-6 will be gas thrifty when not towing and meet my need when towing.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    I'd be interested to know how well the v6 tows a boat that size. The reviews are coming in with remarks stating that it's not as good as some others, be for me the opinions of actual owners is more valuable.
  • ewing1ewing1 Posts: 2
    I bought a Stone white Durango RT back in May of this year, and what a amazing SUV! I love it! I've actually set cruise @ 65 and got 25-26 mpg on a flat Hwy, average back and forth to work (hwy and city driving) I ave a little over 19mpg. I've owned a 2004 Durango limited hemi since 2005 and it still has never been in the shop and has been a great vehicle, now, with that said, it doesn't compare to the 2011's. Dodge needs to be congratulated for producing such an awesome SUV.
  • deepwater805deepwater805 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    I got a new 5.7 lt Hemi Dark Charcoal / Black and Tan Citadel back in April, and couldn't be happier. It has everything but the DVD, and since no one (that I know of) is putting Blu ray into cars yet, and all my movies are Blu Ray, I decided not get that option. I traded in my old 05' Durango for it, and the difference is like night and day. Don't get me wrong, The 05' D was exactly what it was supposed to be: a tough old truck, but I decided that I wanted some luxury to go with toughness too. The 2011 Citadel has it in spades. It's tough, but elegant. There's allot of soft touches to the interior to make a grown man cry. Nothing too cutesy pie. Just well thought out, well designed controls, and features. If I didn't know it was a Dodge, I wouldn't know it was a Dodge. I looked at the 2011 Explorer, and Lincoln MKX, but they fell way short on the tough truck meter. Having said all that; I have done a few minor mods to it though. I absolutely had to get rid of those plastic covered chrome rims, and replaced them with real 20"x 9" American Racing Circut chrome rims. They look very OEM, and are an inch wider with the same diameter, so they're not too wild. I also got an OEM style dash kit, and some black MGP caliper covers, but that's it on the mods. This baby looks good enough as is, and I'm a happy guy.
  • Congrats man on your new D!!! yeah was wondering why car manufacturers are not putting Blu Ray units into their vehicles. Anyway check out, register and be a member of Dodge Forum (3rd Gen Durango) your pride & joy! my username in that forum is sidewinder9m.
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