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2011 Dodge Durango



  • I've been looking at large SUVs for a while now and will soon look at the Durango. I've narrowed my list down to the Sequoia and MDX. I really like the looks of the new Durango, but I'm very concerned about long term quality. I owned a Dodge back in the early 90s and the quality and re-sale value were so poor that I've been a devoted Honda person ever since. Unfortunately the Honda Pilot doesn't appeal to me. I don't like the interior or exterior looks which is why the MDX is on my list. Another thing I don't like about the new Durango is it only offers a 5 speed automatic. In this day and age, 6 speed seems pretty standard. It does look like the 2012 Hemi powered Durangos will have a 6 speed so that may be an option. It's interesting to read on these forums about all the problems people have with the Hemi motor. Unfortunately you can't tell if this is truly a huge problem or just a vocal minority.

    I know this vehicle is still new, but I'd like to hear people's comments on the quality who have owned it for 6 - 12 months. And any other positive or negative feed back on the vehicle. Would you buy it again?
  • Like you I was a loyal Honda person....I was set to buy a '11 Acura MDX but after seeing and a test drive of the Durango I was impressed and took a chance. The amount of standard equipment and options gave it huge advantage in price vs the MDX and imho the MDX is overprice. Yes I hear ya 6 speed tranny are the norm now but don't knock off the 5 speed its more than adequate for the job and for the hemi motor its one reliable powerplant (still see a lot of older gen Durangos). The quality of materials used in this vehicle is I would say its outstanding!
  • Thanks for the reply. Which version of Durgano did you get? Does it have the V8? We're looking at the Citadel with the Hemi.

    It's nice to hear from another loyal Honda person. I've been burned by Dodge before and seen too many others also burned that I'm not sure I'll take a chance. I typically keep my vehicles for 10+ years so I need something I know will last.
  • I got the Citadel AWD with the 5.7 hemi...same here I typically keep vehicles for at least 10 years. First time for me to own a Dodge we'll see how it stack up as far as reliability, I'll give it a 2 year evaluation period. If it shows some reliability problems then I may promptly trade it in for an import (Acura).

    So far its been a great driver, luv it the way it handles and drives like a car!
  • 2011 RT. 4700 miles, no problems so far. This Durango is built so well..., I don't forsee having any. Dodge has come a long way in terms of quality since the 80's and 90's. I was a straight up Chevy Man until 2005 when I bought my first Durango, and now it has over 100k and has never been in the shop except for normal maitenance and 1 smoking dash recall. Dodge is building quality vehicles now.
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  • I finally got a chance to look at a Durango yesterday. The only model the dealer had was a Crew and I'm looking for a Citadel. I didn't drive it since I want the V8 and this one was the V6. My wife and I did sit in it and checked out comfort in all the seats. The first thing my wife noticed and didn't like was the leather seats. The leather is very hard and not comfortable. Not sure how it is on a long drive, but just sitting in the parking lot it wasn't comfortable. The dealer did mention that the Citadel has a higher quality leather.

    Overall fit and finish seemed very good. I also was impressed with the third row seat. I'm 6'-1" and I fit back there. Definitely would not want to sit there for a long trip though; kind of claustrophobic back there.

    I also didn't like the look and feel of the dash. Very hard and grainy which just screams cheap to me.

    After this look over, we went to the local Toyota dealer to look at a Sequoia. This is the other SUV we've narrowed our choice down to. Immediately we both noticed a difference. Seats were so much more comfortable. Interior materials higher quality. Much easier access to third row. Granted this is a much bigger vehicle, but gas mileage is about the same.

    We still want to drive a V8 Citadel since it will save us about $3,500 upfront and a few hundred in gas savings each year. It definitely has a lot more features for the price than the Sequoia too. But in the end I think Toyota will get my money. Right now it's the one I can see owning for the next 10 years.
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    I have looked at several, test drove an RT and a Citadel...Citadel definitely has the better seats, not hard and harsh feeling like the RT...pretty dang nice really. I'm waiting for price reduction on 2011 models, since the lots are full of 2012s...haven't seen anything of significance yet...
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  • Very nice vehicle. Had 215000 on my 2000 durango and really wanted a new one after seeing them.I bought the crew with the hemi took a trip to branson from wi. and got 22.5 mpg with cruise set about 74mph. The most mileage that I ever got with my 2000 was 19.7 with the 4.7 litre engine. So I got a bigger more powerfull vehicle which drives great and saves me money compaired to the old one.The fit and finish are great and have gotten tons of compliments on it.Dodge did a great job with this vehicle. :)
  • Finally did the deal! Ended up with a black Citadel, 5.7 AWD w/tow group, two tone interior, with tan leather. Got everything except the DVD rear seat group...the one in my 05 had never been used so really didn't want that. Got 7K off the sticker, which is withing a grand of what I wanted to get. So far loving it. Only owned it a week as of today and only 300 miles, but it has averaged 16.2 mpg in local only driving. Black was my least favorite color, but the dealer had 4 of these all equipped the same, same sticker price, and were willing to deal and give me a decent price for my 78K mile 05 Limited with hemi... Hoping this one is as reliable as the old certainly rides and handles much better...
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