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Automatic transmission problems

It would not shift up when running kick down, so you have to drop a little on the accelerator when going gear in. If you do not release the gas, but continue to kick down, it starts knocking in the engine. What's wrong ?????


  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    edited November 2010
    Sounds like your transmission needs a rebuild (with standard kit). Within my previous 2001 AWD Safari, it lost its 2nd and "R" gears. Wimped the crippled van to my local transmission mechanic and he installed a rebuild kit. Cost me $900 but afterwards, the transmission was better then factory. He also installed an ATF aux cooler LPD (Low Pressure Drop) design that was rated for attached 5,000 lbs trailer. He tells me that by default, the factory transmissions in the Astro/Safari vans run hot. Thus, should install an ATF aux cooler even if van is only used for soccer parent trips. The size he installed was: - r,HTC-678

    As a suggestion, visit a few transmission shops in your area and decide to replace or rebuild. To me, its was lower risk (from a warranty perspective) to rebuild existing.... Especially since I don't drive my vehicles like a speedy rocket.

    Good luck....

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