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2012 Ford Focus



  • smegleysmegley Posts: 7
    edited June 2011
    Shipo, what part about someone saying "THIS is not going to be your car" with reference to the topic of this forum makes you confuse the Focus with a Golf or Mazda3?

    What I do when a car doesn't fit me at all is not buy it and not worry about it. I certainly don't go online and complain for months about it being too small, but whatever floats other people's boat is their thing, I guess. From what I can tell, incessant complaining here is not going to make the backseat any larger on the Focus, and inquiries about cars that fit your needs and comforts (in this case not a Focus, I suppose) are probably going to yield better answers in their respective forums.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    You're missing the point; there are plenty of small cars in the same class as the Focus, cars even sportier than said Focus, which don't qualify for your "living room on wheels" moniker. With the exception of that little bit name calling, I have no problem with anything you said in your original post.
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    Yea, sorry I can't add anything beyond what others suggested. I've given my info to Ford via several methods (website, car shows, sweepstakes) over the past 6 months, so I'm not sure how I exactly ended up on their Focus mailing list.
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    Article at NYT about how Mytouch is hurting Ford's reliability ratings:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    A lot of those complaints are from people who just don't understand how it works (and probably never opened the manual). There are legitimate complaints for sure though and it appears Ford has them fixed finally.

    Someone on a Focus forum had severe body panel issues so they sent his car back to the factory (he's close to Wayne) and while it was there they updated his MFT to the latest one due out to the public next month. He says it seems to have totally fixed the stability and delay issues once and for all.

    Keep your fingers crossed.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    I love tech but I have crossed Ford off my list until they either get this mytouch/sync stuff down pat(no glitches, no freeze ups, no mandatory reboots, no going to my dealer for updates, etc) or offer it only as an option.

    I'm so sick of hearing one, READ THE MANUAL, or two, that anybody over the age of 40 just can't get it or understand it. I understand it completely but don't like it. I just don't need three or four ways to adjust my volume thank you and I really don't want to talk to my car and hope it understands my language/voice. And I shouldn't have to read a manual just to adjust the radio and heat/ac. The more techy it is the quicker it will become out of date like cell phones and computers.

    I suppose if I rent a Ford with mytouch it will be mandatory to spend three hours at the rental office reading the manual before I should be allowed to drive the car. KISS has been around a long time and it is very applicable today. Keep it simple stupid or stupid simple whichever you like better.
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    "I love tech but I have crossed Ford off my list until they either get this mytouch/sync stuff down pat . . . or offer it only as an option. "

    I'm a bit confused here. MyFord Touch is an option, except for the Titanium. Or are you referring to Sync? I don't believe Sync itself is the source of most of the complaints. Sync was already fairly reliable, as I undersand.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    LIke I said, I love tech like nav and nice stereo. I also like leather. If I bought a Focus or any Ford(really like the Edge also) I would get the vehicle pretty loaded. However, when you do, along comes the myford touch. I tried the sync in a demo drive on the 2011 Edge and in talking with the system I had to repeat myself so many times it was frustrating. In the time it took to press the sync button, talk to it several times, I could have just reached over and pushed a button or twisted a knob a lot easier.

    I just think it's too much to play with while driving. People can't even talk on the phone and drive right let alone gawking at all the fine print on all these lcd screens. \\Just my rant.....feel free to ignore. ;)
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    I definitely hear you; I am extremely skeptical of Touch too, and you sound like you are more tech than me. But a fully loaded SEL except without the touch would probably suit you well. You could get leather, a decent sound system, and most other creature comforts. You'd be missing out on the Titanium's suspension, but some reviews have criticized its ride as too harsh anyway. That's what I'm intending to get. I'll probably buy another stand alone nav system too, which is transferable to other cars as well.

    I could be wrong as I haven't actually used it, but I don't think sync alone (without touch) is particularly intrusive. It's comparable to Onstar. If you don't use it, then I don't think you would know the car even has it. Plus I imagine that problems with Sync are more likely to along the lines of initial setup-- once you get a smartphone synced, I imagine it would work fine, whereas Touch is a pretty expansive system (made by microsoft :( ) with plenty of opportunity to bug out.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    edited June 2011
    The Golf to my surprise is highly rated by Motor Trend, Edmunds and C@D. Both TDI and and base 5spd.
    I shop for better gas milage,but a little comfort too. The Focus to me has the best suspension being a multilink but you have to go to a SEL HB or a TI to get a lumbar support, and only the drivers seat cushion is heated.The V dub has muli ti level heated driver and passenger seats and lumbar. There is something about german car cabins and options that Ford didn't get with all that building in Germany.You can make a c class car good on gas and comfortable. The only thing is how do you do it with an I beam?(multilink)
    I don't think I'd get sync with its problems ,blue tooth is good enough and a Navi system is a waste of money buy a Garmin or a Nuvi and swap it with cars in your family. I had to get it with my BMW as it came with the car,same with wife's Lex IS.Mazda 3 had a good car until they did away with alot of options on the 148 HP and now you have to jump up to a 2.5 and if you don't watch out ,you'll spend 23or 24K OTD.Crazy.The UK has alot of great class c cars that we will get in 2 years maybe the Skoda or Astra,we are discriminated against when it comes to Ford and GM sending cars across the pond.Can anyone sing second hand rose? :shades:
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    edited June 2011
    Regarding the rear suspension issue; I don't get all hung up about the engineering detail, I drive them and determine if they'll do the job I want or if they won't. Multilink, I-Beam, trailing link torsion beam, I've driven good and bad examples of each. :)

    Regarding the Mazda3, 2011 isn't the model year to buy as the new 2.0 liter SkyActiv-G engine doesn't make its debut until the 2012 model year. Depending upon when "Buy" time comes for me, a 4-Door Golf TDI 6-Speed and the 2012 Mazda3 5-Door SkyActive-G 6-Speed will be at the top of my list. Depending on a few other factors (such as which of our current cars we decide to keep, and whether GM decides to offer a manual transmission in the higher line Cruze models), the Focus and the Cruze may also make my final short list. :)
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    My daughter's Ingot Silver SEL Hatch arrived yesterday. Less than 5 weeks from order to delivery. X plan with $1250 rebates ($750 personal rebate plus $500). Dealer got me 3.0% financing on a 60 month loan so we just kept the down payment in the bank.

    So far it's fantastic. It has myford but not MyFordTouch. The left 5-way controls the display in the gauge cluster and the right one controls the one in the center of the dash.

    Ambient lighting is ho-hum - guess I was expecting something more dramatic.

    It isn't super roomy but I fit just fine in both the front and rear seats and I'm not small. I don't understand all the complaints about interior room. It's a C class vehicle for goodness sake.

    The transmission is quirky at low speeds but it's not bad - just different. Put it in S mode without hitting the selectshift buttons and it's more responsive but still shifts automatically. Tried it in manual mode a little and it seems to shift very quickly and crisply as I expected. Much better than a regular automatic.

    I may seriously consider a ST next year for myself. I averaged 37 mpg on a short test trip compared to the 17 mpg I get now in my 3.0L Fusion. It's very tempting.
  • griswaldgriswald Posts: 33
    There is considerably more room for tall drivers in the front of my 2012 Focus compared to my wife's Mazda 3, girth wise probably the opposite due to the excellent side bolstering of my Focus's sport seats.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    How do you have the seats adjusted for height? I ask because if you don't have them set the same, then an incorrect impression of the relative headroom will be made.

    FWIW #1, my own impression of the Focus, the Gen 2 Mazda3, and the Gen 1 Mazda3 (my current ride) is that the Gen 1 Mazda has more head room than the other two (which I could discern no difference between).

    FWIW #2, the headroom numbers bear out what I've personally observed:
    -- Front/Rear -- 39.1/37.4 -- 2009 Mazda3
    -- Front/Rear -- 38.3/37.9 -- 2012 Focus
    -- Front/Rear -- 38.1/37.7 -- 2011 Mazda3

    So, per the numbers, the Focus has 0.2" more front and rear headroom than the Mazda3. Given that the headroom appears to be generous enough in each of the above cars for all but the tallest of drivers, the headroom number is a bit moot. That said, the legroom numbers (where the Mazda3 has a whopping 3" more legroom than the Focus) are very much an issue for anybody transporting teens and adults for any distance in the rear seats.
  • griswaldgriswald Posts: 33
    I'm 6'2" with long legs and relatively shorter torso, no problem with headroon in either though I do set the Focus seat low. I was referring principally to the Focus being more comfortable by it having more front legroom than the wife's 2009 Mazda 3.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Ahhh, now I see where the disconnect is; while the previous generation of the Mazda3 (out of production for over two and a half years now) does indeed have less front leg room than the new Focus, the current generation of the Mazda is sporting one tenth of an inch more than the Ford (and three more inches of rear leg room).

    As a qualifier for the various statements I've made in this thread, unless otherwise specified, all comparisons between the Focus and the Mazda3 are between "like generations" (i.e. 2012 Focus vs. 2011 Mazda3).

    Off topic (sort of), my son managed to not set the parking brake in my car well enough a week and a half ago, and my 2009 Mazda3 rolled away, down a hill, across a (thankfully empty) residential street, down the front yard across the street, and into a rock wall. Not only was the lower grill area obliterated, so too was the bottom of the A/C condenser and the radiator, and the oil filter mount was literally ripped from the engine. Needless to say I'm driving a rental these days. Funny thing, my rental is a 2010 Focus; go figure. :P
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    About two and a half years ago, I forgot to set my parking brake in a garage when I went to take a test on a campus. After the test, I found my car had rolled from its space, about two car lengths out. It was just sitting there in the middle of the garage (with a ticket warning me to move my car by the end of the day). Another four feet or so and it would have hit the garage incline and things would have gotten very, very ugly. I got really lucky, though other drivers probably thought I was a total jack***.

    No Focus tie in -- Doh! :(
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,742 2009 Mazda3 rolled away...and into a rock wall...the lower grill area obliterated,

    An upgrade!!

    May I ask why the car wasn't in gear as well?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,662
    ...and...I was always taught to turn the wheel towards the curb down hill, away from the curb up hill.

    So if the car rolled...the curb would stop it.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I asked that question; he looked kind of sheepish and said, "I thought the brake would be enough."

    Oy vey!
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