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2012 Ford Focus



  • Well, with about 27k on mine right now, I love to "herky jerk" at lights, around corners, up and down hills etc. etc. as it's a 5 speed and I LOVE the thing. Fun car. ;)
  • I have been frustrated about a few things with my 2012 Focus Hatchback. I sprung for the "sportier" Titanium trim model just before the ST came out (kicking myself for not waiting). I have had tons of issues with the sync and blue tooth system. Just wondering if I'm alone in this or not. Every few weeks it seems like the system freezes and won't pair with my phone. I have tried different phones with the same result. The other problem I've had is the turning radius which is horrible at best. My Toyota Sienna turns far better! Lastly I have concerns about the long transmission long term. It seems that the transmission is often confused about which gear to be in and at times when it shifts it almost feels like there is a shudder in the clutch.

    Anyone else have any of these issues?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Do you have the latest software for MFT? Try a master reset, then re-pair the phone. If you have auto-download for contacts turn that off.

    There are TSBs for the tranny and a small number are defective and need to be replaced. Let the dealer check it.
  • gogogodzillagogogodzilla MarylandPosts: 700
    Only the turning radius.

    Sync and Bluetooth have been very stable since the last update (ie: not the one that just came out in August, but the one prior to that).

    And for my transmission, I treat it like a manual. And it works like a charm. I really like how it'll downshift at the drop of a hat to wring out the maximum amount of power out of the engine.
  • nthnnthn Posts: 1
    I've been looking at used 2012 Focus (fully loaded Titaniums if that makes a difference) and have found a few from dealerships that I am considering. I've never purchased a used car in the past. Aside from mileage, these cars are identical.

    The first is $18,000 and has 29,000km; the second is $20,500 and has 22,000km. I live in a metro area where 20-30,000 km per year isn't an unlikely estimate so I know both of these are within a normal amount but my question is whether 7,000km makes a difference when the car is a little over a year old?

    I've tried searching the forums for similar questions but came up with nothing as well. Thank you in advance for any insight into this.
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    Does one of 'em by chance have a stick? If so, that's the one I'd pick. Fun car IF you know how to handle the manual transmission. Otherwise, no opinion as I can only speak for what I drive and again, Ford has built one outstanding little ride with this '12 Focus in our garage IMHO.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    It all depends on what kind of miles. Highway miles are really easy on the vehicle. City miles are worst. No way to really tell.

    I'd probably go for the cheaper one with higher mileage all else being equal.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,663
    Since you mention km I'm assuming it's a Canadian vehicle. 7000km (4300 mi) difference between the two isn't that significant.

    It does cut into your 36/60 warranty sooner. 29K km in one year seems high to me; in 7K km your bumper to bumper warranty would expire.

    If the vehicles are really "equal" I'd go with the cheaper one; a $2500 premium for 7000km can easily pay for an extended warranty with money to spare.
  • I own a 2012 SE Hatch with sport pkg, sunroof, winter pkg. I have about 18,500 miles on the vehicle. Mainly used as a commuter vehicle I average 34.1MPG per the computer. It does have the automatic with sport shift and I did have the computer re-flashed/updated at about 8,000 miles due to the transmission acting funny at times. After the re-programming I have had no other issues. Once you learn the sportshift, its a blast to drive and the car is actually pretty quick. The Focus is solid, fit/finish is solid. I only have one minor issue. When stopping for gas I have to make sure my window is rolled down before I turn off the engine!! Otherwise the windows will not roll down!??. Next spring I do plan on going to some 17" aftermarket wheels and new tires. Would I recommend? The Focus deserves a test drive.
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