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F150 with the 3.5L twin turbo eco boost



  • I've watched you and "dieselone" spar for some time and truly have an interest in knowing what you may have learned over the past year. While I have a relatively new 2012 F150 Supercrew and am experiencing some break-in issues I believe all can be resolved over time. You can review all my feedback somewhere between forums #198 thru# 203. Refinement and checks and balances during the assembly process and verification at end of line at B&A would help customer satisfaction. I too believe the investment in the Eco-boost far off sets the diesel platform if the sole interest is pulling something under 11000#.
    Any feedback for trouble shooting the system would be value add.Thx!
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    I would be pleasantly surprise if you got 20.5 on the hwy @ 72 mph.

    Or 13.5 towing an 8900# camper at most any speed. A flat bed trailer, at 60ish mph might do it.

    We do a lot of camping, and fuel mileage often becomes the topic around campfires.

    Example: Josh normally towed his 32-35 ft "Tag Along" (not 5th wheel) camper w/sliders with a Ford 10V. I believe he said it is a Van. Usually averaged 8-9 mpg.

    For this particular trip he borrowed a F-250 Diesel a couple of years old.
    Said he was disappointed in the fuel mileage of towing at 60 mph. 12+ mpg.

    Most Diesel owners I've talked with say that 12-15 mpg is about right for a large "tag Along" . And that 5th wheels don't do as well.

    Haven't talked to anyone yet with an F-150 Eco Boost, so your input would be helpful. If you do get that 12+ mpg towing a large camper, it would be great, as gasoline is so much cheaper than diesel. At least it is around here.

  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,641
    edited November 2012
    We camp and boat a lot and talk to many different people as well. Our camper sits on a seasonal campsite so I generally see the same people during camping/boating season. We have about 4 people with ecoboosts and so far they're happy. Though they claim towing mpg isn't much or any better than the v8 trucks that had previously, but they love the towing power.

    I really like the f150 but honestly I don't know if I'd pull the trigger on the EB. I'm at 112k on my '07 Expedition and I'd like to get another year out it. Then I'll decide on a Ram hemi/8speed, F150, the new GM trucks, or maybe even a new Suburban depending on the redesign. That or I'll just find a low mileage used Expedition EL.

    I have nothing against the Ecoboost. I've driven a few and they are indeed impressive. Gas mileage appears to be a bit better than my Expedition while also having a lot more power. That's a win/win to me. That said, I'm not sold on Fords ability to avoid major issues. The spark plug debacle with the 3v 5.4 cost me $1,000 due to the plugs breaking off in the head.

    But with as many Ecoboosts that have sold, there seems to be far more happy owners than unhappy. So we'll see. I think many have an unrealistic expectations of FE.

    As for towing mileage, yeah, what you've found is pretty much what I've experienced. The 5th wheels are far heavier than a "tag along". I"ve only towed our travel trailer once. About 150 miles from the dealer to the campground. It's 32' with two slides and 35' overall. It weights around 7,500lbs empty. I towed it with my Expedition at 50-60mph and got about 8 mpg. No way will a current gas truck yield 13mpg pulling a camper of that size. We used to have a 25' camper and still never got more than 8-9mpg towing it with a '00 Suburban.

    As for the Ecoboost, a guy that camps next to me has an '11 F150 Crew Lariat 4x4 3.73 ecoboost. Towing his 26' deck boat (about 7,000lbs) he claims he gets about 9 mpg at 70 mph. He says non towing mileage at 70 is 19-20 and 65 and under it's over 20mpg.
  • I'll leave it to the developers and calibrators to respond but there is an event associated with water slugging that occurs from the turbos that manifest itself as the engine lugging. This will also cause your transmission to downshift under load and thus not perform as anticipated. I'm told it some of the warmer states (i.e. California, Florida) where people are driving turbos (not just the Eco-boost) on the expressway and then slow to go through a toll booth, they experience the same thing under acceleration. This phenominom is characteristic of turbo enhanced engines and may be what your experiencing.
  • I have a 2012 Platinum with the Ecoboost w Max trailer tow and expect it to deliver 16 cty/21hwy empty. Towing 13/13.5 mpg with a payload of 9000#. While the 5.0 will pull adequately, you may experience some transmission shift scheduling under load and the fuel economy will probably be around 14.4 cty/17.8/19.0 hwy. Under load depending on your payload you may only see 10/12 mpg. Recognize if you order the maximum trailer tow they will currently demand the 373 axle ratio which is an ordering requirement. Two things to think about (1) the HID lamps are extremely expensive to replace should one fail. Also (2) the max trailer tow includes the 250 heavy duty mirrors which WILL NOT allow you to drive through a 9ft garage door opening without always having to tip the mirrors in. In full open position even with the mirror in the retracted state, you'll need about 9"-3" to adequately drive through the bay without hitting the mirrors.
    I keep mine slightly tipped in all the time just to allow for clearance. Adjusting them continuously will not only frustrate you but eventually wear out the interface as the mirrors are only held in position by the plastic interface.
  • How many miles do you have on your rig? I experienced the same up to 4000 miles then found a major shift in both city and highway mileage. If I did not know any better, it actually sounded like you were sound you were driving my truck.
    I experienced the EXACT SAME thing!!
    There is as strategic method to fully mapping the processor that might help to fill the fuel tables which might benefit you.
  • Best part of the story...... I have a 5.3 Yukon, 6 spd trans. 2009. Great all around ride and mpg BUT GM saw fit to offer two different trail tow options. (1) call trailer tow, which provides the right engine, trans, and axle. and (2) one that includes the an increased radiator core and transmission cooler. Without both, you can only pull 5900# ,with both it's rated at 7900#. While it may be lame this rig can handle 8000# fine but watch the transmission temp. Failure to do so and overheat conditions can lunch the transmission at about $4200. dollars a copy. Oh the 5.3 will pull 8000# lbs so long as you don't exceed 67 mph. and labor doing it getting 9/9.5 mpg.
    The reason I purchased the Eco boost F150 crew was that many I spoke to during our recent 2012 camping pulling travel trailers up to 9000# were looking at 12/13.5 with the Eco boost platform, while the Duramax, 6.7 Ford, and other big blocks were lucky to see 10.5 mpg. with the same payload. Sure I love diesels, but could not justify the MPG nor maintenance costs.
  • I'll keep you posted. I'm tried and Blue Ford (41yrs) but frankly have to admit I've researched many different power trains. Currently I own have a 5.3 6spd Yukon XL we love 15.8/16.4 cty -19.7/20.0 hwy; the F150 Eco boost crew is still out for vote but will be towing a 8200# trailer with slides in the 2013 season.....
    Stay tuned!! :blush:
  • While the Eco boost boast some good fuel economy exceeding 67 mph will start to show significant decline. Optimum fuel economy will net pretty much what he has stated but pulling a 7000# boat at 70 defeats getting good MPG. You over the peak torque curve, especially if he's got the 373 axle. :sick:
  • #206 of 215 Re: 2011 Ford F150 Eco Boost

    Stay tuned: While were into the first season of putting the Eco boost to the test, I assure you there will be additional threads to provide accurate feedback regarding the Eco Boost's capabilities including the MPG loaded and unloaded.
    The goal is to find what rig will adequately pull a 8,000/ 10.000 lb trailer without breaking the bank or spending a fortune in fuel and oil changes.
    Due to the spring rates and overall vehicle design towing a fifth wheel may not a good decision, but for the average tow behind... "Campers here we come!"
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,641
    Yeah, 1/2 tons in general just don't have the cargo capacity to handle the pin weight. That pretty much limits you to a light 5th wheel.

    I don't think I'd want to pull much more than 8k lbs on a regular occasion with any 1/2 ton. That's probably the point where a 3/4 ton is the way to go. Now if you don't tow far a 1/2 ton probably would be fine.
  • I am about to order a F150 ecoboost. In reading the comments about mileage, it looks like I need some information for configuring a max mileage truck that will do little to no towing. When we travel it is on interstate at 75 to 80mph. How can I find the best way to set up the drivetrain?
  • I've been talking to the calibrators as well as development and the fact of the matter is you DON'T need the 373 axle ratio, the 355 is more then adequate. The 373 will provide more towing power but will penalize you at highway speeds. You should be able to tow as well as get good fuel economy even at 70miles per hour with the 355. You'll also want to consider the electric running boards and mirrors when ordering as the electric running boards provide a lower step threshold for entry , however, definitely allow more mud and debris to hit the side body when retracted. Also the maximum trailer tow pkg forces you into the 373 axle and the larger mirrors also have some impact on fuel economy as well as WILL NOT allow you to fit through a 9ft door opening without tilting them in. I've actually tilted mine in for clearance and leaved them there so I can access my garage daily.
    I 've also learned the 3.7 engine may take longer than anticipated time for break-in . Anticipate a minimum of 5500 miles during which time your mileage may not meet the projected figures on the window sticker.
    It appears from your note you may be considering a two wheel drive platform. Ours is a 4x4 Super Crew which with 373 gears which is a little aggressive. While the bigger mirrors may appeal to some customers, I'd opted to not have them given the choice. As for pulling, it'll do the job!
    Oh, by the way, order a set of rear wheel liners, Ford decided they're not required. The cost is a mere $100.00 bill,money well spent.
  • The saga continues with the Platinum F150 4x4, short bed crew still only delivering 13.6 city/16.1 highway. Combined mpg averaging a deplorable 13.4 , 3.5 mpg less than the EPA or Ford have projected. This vehicle has accumulated 6800 miles but not without cost. A staggering 300 miles per tank then projected. I'm still awaiting follow-up by Ford engineering but to date, 5 1/2 months and no resolve.
    Note: This unit has max trailer tow with the larger mirrors but that IS NOT the root cause.......
  • Harley, hate that your bummed about your mileage. Research EPA calculations. You will find out that they use a base reg cab eco engine. Highway is 50mph no wind.

    I believe it's stated right on the sticker in small print.
  • I A S S U M E that your issues with water ingestion are behind you and that you are now driving without concern. The issue of water ingestion was addressed by a re-flash that should minimize this concern. If you have not had this performed then it would behoove you to take it in for service. There is an update that should minimize this event.
    I would, however, be interested in knowing what platform (ie: F150 ,4x4, axle ratio 373, etc.) you are running as well as (what you plan to tow (ie: weight trailer,etc). I am monitoring comments on several forums to see what other owners are experiencing. As for the tranmission event I have heard of another with this same failure mode. Was your transmission issue resolved.?
    I agree that the Eco-boost has the muscle in all ranges to do the work but have poor fuel economy numbers to report which leave me grossly disappointed.
    Currently driving a Super Crew 4x4 ,with 373 gears can only support 13.8 cty/15.8hwy and average tank to tank fill up of 13.8/14.0 mpg overall.
  • I appreciate your comments and will keep you posted regarding trailer towing as well as fuel economy in all ranges. So far I agree with many comments that the Eco Boost platform will surprise many non believer including many diesel owners but so far I am still challenged with those in several other forums who state they are getting 20/21 hwy with the Super Crew platform and 373 gears.
    Having performed many drive ratings on both car and truck platforms, I cannot support claims of 16cty/20.5hwy and am currently engaged in further analysis regarding what distinguishes one Eco- Boost from another that exhibits great fuel economy..
    My own SC 4x4 only delivers 13.8cty/15.8hwy with an average tank to tank of 13.8 mpg PERIOD!!
  • I have not experienced the problem again...whether it was the recall work I had done or that I haven't driven in the same conditions, I don't know. But, it has performed flawlessly. I don't recall having transmission issues (it's been a while since my original post) but I think everything was related to the truck going into "limp mode". I have the Supercrew, 4x4, 3.31 axle ratio and average 15 mpg combined. My weekly commute is about 200 miles, 25% city, 30% back country roads, 45% highway. I have averaged 19.5 on the interstate at 72 mph. I don't tow anything. I have noted that the trip computer is pretty accurate where my gas mileage was always overstated on my Chrysler products. I hope this helps.
  • Response and Update
    to (dieselone,kipk, mike4474)
    While there have been several postings in multiple forums noting great fuel economy with the F150 Eco Boost platform, I believe it's worthy to note that not all owners boast the same results. Even though there were campaign adds (Ford), brochures and EPA publications noting phenomenal mpg projections, it's worth noting you need to fully understand what the drivers are evaluating.
    Key to all statistical finds are the platform, trim levels, axle ratio, and habits of each driver. While I too was mesmerized by projections of 15/21 and 17 average overall, all is not what you read.
    In anticipation of purchasing a rig that would deliver good fuel economy when used as a casual driver, the plan was to be able to pull a load when the occasion arose. So far the best I've seen city has been 13.8/16.0 hwy with an average tank to tank of 14.0mpg
    By all means DO NOT let it idle, DO NOT perform jack rabbit starts, and DO NOT buy inferior fuel. All of these variables will result on poor fuel economy.
    To even expect to get (ie 14.0cty/18.0hwy) as you might anticipate out of the average gas platform without turbos is unrealistic. As stated before for those advertising 15/22mpg their not driving a SC 4x4 with a 373 axle and maximum trailer tow package.
  • Lol@ anyone buying Chevys now. Their trucks are good looking but outdated tech. Old engines that are not direct injected, and still using 4 speed automatics. Wait until the 2014 Silverado comes out.

    I would love a twin turbo ecoboost f-150. I'm sure mileage will improve after break in and all the bugs have been fixed in the first year models.
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