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Volvo v70 electrical/starter issues

njhessnjhess Posts: 1
My problem is similar but not identical to others here. I have a 2003 V70 with 135,000 miles. I have had intermittant starter issues which I thought were resolved when they found and tightened a loose wire. Simultaneously, I have suspected transmission problems because of little jerks when pulling out from a stop and making turns. Also, I have spinning clock issues. Intermitently, the digital clocks spins for about 2 minutes and then stops (but not at the correct time).

After several weeks of working fine after the loose wire was fixed and my clock was supposedly fixed by some electrical upgrade, I had an event where all three happened within the same day. I felt the jerk in the gears when making a turn, the clock immediately starting spinning out of control, and then, after stopping at the store and then starting it up again, the engine sounded like it did not want to turn over. I waited, tried again, and it started.

No warning lights. It started again the next day. However, I am taking it in AGAIN because I don't want to have to tow it from some farwaway place. If anyone has some clues or questions to put to the mechanics, I would love to know. Thanks.
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