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Favorite Chevelles



  • it's so...yesterday...these are old-fashioned colors IMO for a car of this type. It needs to be white with red seats or a nice bright color with a white top.
  • parmparm Posts: 723
    Not sure how an "old fashioned" color combo (one that was quite in vogue in 1965) isn't in keeping with a 45 year old car, but we can certainly agree to disagree on that. BTW, red over white is a classic combo and would also be quite fetching. ;)
  • Well yes, it was in fashion in 1965 but it isn't anymore, so it would make for a better sale (and probably more value) if it weren't maroon. But no big deal, someone will like it.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 7,320
    I've always been a sucker for maroon...then and now. Personally, if I didn't see another bright red car the rest of my life (I'm not quite 53), that'd be OK with me. But I know I'm certainly no harbinger of the general market out there!
  • Some people like to drive fire engines, some people like to drive giant eggplants....your money, your call. :P

    I mean, people used to wear burgundy sport coats and burgundy bell bottoms, so maybe it'll make a comeback.

    One of my dad's favorite sayings when he would see an old fashion become stylish again was: "Oh great, now I get to be sick of it twice".
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,575
    I don't mind a "real" deep red, but I don't like a lot of these so-called reds that are really more of a Hyundai-Excel-orange.

    I tend to think of maroon and burguny as more of an upscale car color, but I think that Chevelle wears it well. Not so much modern cars, though. I think maroon is one of those colors that needs chrome to set it off. It doesn't look as good with today's plastic grays and blacks.

    But, what do I know? I'm still a sucker for the right shade of green!
  • If you comparing Camaro and Chevelle..................then Both Camaro and Chevelle, are equal at around 1970, with a majority of the SS's being produced with 454's and 396's.. The Camaro came out on top being that the Chevelle became a station wagon, and a 4 door family car, completely seperating it from the pack of true "Muscle Cars".. The camaro motored on into the history books through the 80's and into 2002.. I personally am all about the 1970 Chevelle, which is an easy mod for a 71' since it just requires replacing the front clip.. The Camaro is a much more tedious task, and parts are expensive for the SS's of any style.. It just depends on your preference in body style.. Mine is like yours.. Chevelle, Chevelle, Chevelle.. besides, the EL CAMINO of 1970 was the WTF car that had the Chevelle interior, and front clip! Did the Camaro develope a bed to tote Motorcycles?

    Aluminum Boats
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  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    malibu was the deluxe chevelle. as lemans was to the tempest...cutlass to f85 and skylark to special...
  • parmparm Posts: 723
    That's a good way to put it.

    And, I agree about the "over supply" of red cars. When restoring a car, owners need to resist the temptation of changing the color to auction/resale red. I prefer keeping it original. But, if a color change is necessary, the collector car world needs more Gold, Iris Mist and Green. :shades:
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 7,320
    I like the '67 Chevelle, '68 Concours Sport Coupe (extremely rare today) and the '73 Chevelle SS with optional Turbine I wheels, best of all Chevelles.
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