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Truly safe?



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 47,552
    I remember a woman neighbor who failed the driving test 7 times. She finally squeaked by. She was an AWFUL driver---horrible. She wore thick goggle-glasses. She was the type that was always tripping and walking into closed sliding doors in shopping malls (Ms. MaGoo?) I never followed up with how much damage, death and destruction she inspired, as I moved soon after, but I'm sure it was pure carnage.

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  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 44,907
    I have an outstanding ignition switch on the Grand Caravan that I've been ignoring. Now the news is saying that it's been recalled again.

    Maybe if I wait long enough, the third recall will actually be the fix and I won't have to cool my heels around the waiting room an extra three hours for the first two "repairs".

    Meanwhile, a press request:

    If you or your child recently took a driver's education course online, please email by Friday, March 13, 2015 to tell a reporter what it was like.

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  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 44,907
    Did you buy your most recent car at least in part because you were drawn to the car's automated safety features (such as adaptive cruise control, parking assist, automatic braking, lane departure warnings, etc.)? If so, a reporter would like to hear your story. Please contact by no later than Monday, April 20, 2015.

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