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Chrysler 300M



  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    I think they became available around the February to April time period. I have yet to see one on the road, but looking through some online inventories, there seems to be a ton left on the lots.

    If they'd just offer the car with PHP, then it would be really, really nice!
  • ajpiiiajpiii Posts: 260
    I should add then when I had the goodyears I didnt have the problem, as soon as I switched them, I had the problem... I think its the rims too...
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Mine loose a little are but I am running between 41-43 pounds. My goodyear LS tires were never a problem except for the lack of traction on dry and wet roads.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Neat site one problem Washington DC is always in the dark I wonder why???? :)
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    How far in advance do they notify you for signing up?
  • ....are typically as close to a perfect balance as you can get, since they're machined perfectly round on a lathe after casting. At the plant, we find that the hole for the valve creates a "light"
    spot, and that amounts to a fraction of an ounce.

    This would be true for aluminum wheels that are machined from forged billet aluminum stock, our wheels are cast aluminum and thus can have porosity and void defects internally to the rim, which could cause a wheel to be difficult to balance. Forged aluminum wheels are also lighter and stonger than cast aluminum.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Do you know what the Kelvin (5200K, 6000K, 7000K, or 7500K)rating on the HID bulbs is? I would like to get a kit that compares to it in color for comparison tests. If you know what the Lumns are that would help too. (3200, 3000, 2800 or 2400)
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    would not the valve stem assembly (some are made of stainles steel) help make up for the lost alumninum from drilling the hole?
  • kosh_2258kosh_2258 Posts: 338
    According to Sylvania:

    D2S: Lumens 3200 Temp(K) 4250
    D2R: Lumens 2800 Temp(K) 4150

    I can't remember which of the two isn't shielded, but that's the one the project beam uses.
  • whatcha been up to? Did you sell the M? Hows the new ride? What mods have you done on the NSX? Any pics? So where ya been hidin'

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Good to see you back, actually easy already asked most of the questions. Don't stay away so long next time.
    PS not a good place to park the M.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Welcome back!! How are you? Any NEW pics of the NSX that most likely doesn't look like an NSX anymore? ;-)) Is the modded 300M gone?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Almost 20,000 miles on my CL-S. Still waiting for something to break, fall off, leak or stop working! Nothing yet! So damn boring. This "perceived reliability" is for the birds. At least Christine kept my blood pressure up and my phone bill with calls to Auburn Hills. Oh well. Live and learn.

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Thanks for the information. The R has the shild on top to restrict the light on non-projection lamps, or the cars have the caps over the lamp (as the 300M's do). I thought the stock lamps would have a higher kelvin tempature.
  • kosh_2258kosh_2258 Posts: 338
    Yeah I thought the same thing considering how much whiter the output appears to be compared to a halogen.

    Since SMPTE "white" is 6500K, I would have expected something at or above that.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    First and foremost, a hearty welcome back to Av. Hope you are well. We have really missed you and hope that you are not just making a guest shot. With you gone and SDMike pretty much out of the loop here, it has been less entertaining and informative. Stay around and update us. In any event, you got to make it to the Dream Cruise next August, no matter what your ride is by then.

    Second, on the Pro-Am. Have never seen one here in KY. Maybe that program would have worked better if they gave you the car for buying the clubs instead of vice versa?? Anyway, the color is great.
  • wire2wire2 Posts: 188
    >... thus can have porosity and void defects ..
    could cause a wheel to be difficult to balance ..

    Yes, those possibilities exist but are unlikely. After machining they're inspected and any wheels with visible porosity are melted again. I was speaking from experience in our tire/wheel room at the plant. Wheels come to us with yellow stickers on the rim indicating the light spot, and virtually all of them are at the hole. We've spun wheels (only) on a balancer and they're usually close to perfect. Incidentally, tires have the same sticker but it's located at the heavy spot. After mounting a tire on a wheel, it goes to a "match marker" which holds the tire stationary and turns the wheel until a camera sees the 2 stickers adjacent. That allows the least amount of weights to be used.

    >Forged aluminum wheels are also lighter and stronger ...

    ... you left out expensive :o)

    >would not the valve stem assembly ... help make up for the lost aluminum from drilling the hole?

    Yes, and the pressure transponder adds an insignificant bit more.

    According to Sylvania:
    D2S: Lumens 3200 Temp(K) 4250
    D2R: Lumens 2800 Temp(K) 4150

    Not sure if it's different, but the Special uses D1S.
  • wire2wire2 Posts: 188
    My '95 Stealth (with 18" $1200 CDN each, wheels) was losing air slowly. I "cured" it by injecting ½ tin of tire seal into each tire, then driving it for a few miles to distribute it.

    While looking for a temp listing for a D1S lamp, I found under the statement;

    "To operate properly, HID light sources must be used in specially designed optical systems. Since HID bulbs produce so much more light than halogen bulbs, if you replace halogen bulbs with HID you will generate an illegal beam pattern."

  • thanks for the welcomes guys, i really missed this board. well bad news is i sold the nsx awhile ago, it just didnt flow well with driving it to college and stuff. it got keyed more times than i can count, and it was NOT fun to repair. not cheap either, so i said the heck with it and sold it. ive been riding around in a surburban and a motorcycle for awhile now. the deal i had worked out with the buyer for the 300m (monthly payments and if missed more than 4 deal was off) it feel through. so i payed the rest back and bought the car back :) here i sit again with the glorious 300m. afraid the guy beat it up pretty bad though, interior, leather, window motors, its all busted up. the poor thing :(

    so i dont know what im gonna do yet, keep it or fix and sell. but either way its good to "see" some familiar faces. hows everyone been?

    Oh yea, im in kentucky now, lexington right by UK campus, anywhere up this way?
    ps. the train tracks were closed ;)
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    avalanche165,glad to hear from you.Welcome HOME.
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