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Chrysler 300M



  • Guess they want to drain the market for as much money as they can get. Isn't that the way of the world? Every year, getting a little bit better, never giving you everything you want until they run out of ways to improve. First Batteries, then Lightbulbs now they are messing with my ride..........AUUUGGGGG! Thanks for the info. I'm disappointed but better informed.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    The Brochures back in 98=99 were some of the best I have ever seen, they had transparancys in them for the interior and exterior. I have one for each year and, I too have noticed the downsizing of them.
  • wire2wire2 Posts: 188
    >300michael - for some reason the email I sent you was returned to me.

    Mike, your profile still shows rather than .com
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    More of the Dodge "Magnum", now with a front view pic. Looks a little strange from the front, but that's just me:

  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    but I love the look of the Magnum , big and bold. Not like everything else out there , it says DODGE in your face.
    Any of you guys going to the Detroit Auto show this Jan ? We are laid-off for the first two weeks of Jan , so a bunch of us work will be going down to see the show and the LX concept car.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I am starting to miss cab forward already. They looked like the future not the past. If they are going to do the past make PT Cruisers.
  • is that the Dodge version of the Pacifica---isnt the Pacifica coming out sometime in 2003? I like the styling from the side of both the Magnum and Pacifica--both definitely Macho vehicles..
  • ajpiiiajpiii Posts: 260
    Yesterday I was letting my car warm up outside while I was in the house... I walked by the window and saw smoke comming from the engine ! Ran outside and turned it off, looked at the temp guage and it was way above normal. Opened the hood and the radiator overflow was spewing coolant all over the engine... Anyone have any ideas what could make this happen ? Im heading to the 5* tomorrow... :(

    I dont think the fans on the radiator ever came on, wonder what could cause this ?
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Well, based upon my starter episode, I ran Wyckoff's data base, and there are two relays involved in the cooling system, and both are less than $10. Also a waterpump is $85, and there are a couple of other parts like the thermostat that are pretty cheap, but don't know what the labor would be to install. Unless the problem is clear to them when they look at it I would start with the two relays, and move on to the thermostat, and then...gulp, the pump, which may be real labor intensive to repair if I recall what Otto told me last summer at the Cruise.
  • dean58dean58 Posts: 14
    I had the problem with steam coming from under the hood yesterday after driving about 20 miles and then stopping and shutting the engine off. I have a 2002 with only 450 miles on it. When I opened the hood it sounded like the coolant was boiling in the tank but the heat gauge was in mid-range. The cap was loose on the tank so when it cooled off enough I tightened it hoping that it just never had been tightened properly. It seems to be fine now after another 30 or so miles but I'm leaving on Sat for a 3000 mile trip so I hope the problem is solved!!
  • came on for the first time yesterday at 99,250. Owner's manual says--engine, emissions or transmission problem. Anyone know anything more specific?
  • could be anything---you could read the code yourself --not sure of procedure--it depends what year it is---then you could look up at what the code stands for--then proceed to either repair it or bring it to a mechanic.. The "other" board has a discussion about this.

  • easyrider is right....could be anything. In my past experiences it was just a sensor gone bad. Sometimes they will clear themselves out the next time you start the car, and never come back. However, if it doesn't go out(engine light), then take it in ASAP. I had a sensor go bad, and within 2 days the car was inoperable. I believe it was an oxygen sensor.
  • ajpiiiajpiii Posts: 260
    Dont worry, its only a rental... I gave the dealer a nice big list of repairs I want taken care of, lets see how many they "cannot duplicate"... Glad I have the Extended Waranty, the dealer told me about a guy who paid $5500 in
    repairs yesterday... bet he wished he had the waranty...

    I didnt know how spoiled I am driving the M... This Ford Focus is a POS.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,487
    My only incident with this light occurred when my tranny speed sensor went bad. Tranny went into "limp mode" (2nd gear only) and the check engine light came on. Fixed under warranty. 42,000+ miles and all continues to be well.

    Nice to hear an M reaching just shy of 100,000 miles. I hope the engine light is nothing major for you.

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • ajpiiiajpiii Posts: 260
    I posted a message about a crack on my dash along the passenger air bag seam a while ago... I know someone else here was interested it what happend with that... Well here's the story, I just got a call from my service advisor offering to replace the entire dash for a total of $200... He said Chrysler knows they have a problem with that happening and is offering to offset the cost of fixing it... Not bad considering my added care waranty doesnt cover it, and the retail price on the dash is around $800, then you would have add the labor to take everything apart and put it back together...
  • ajpiiiajpiii Posts: 260
    Turned out to be the "Cooling Fan Module", new part is on order and covered under added care...

    I love my extended waranty... It has already paid for itself...
  • Thanks for the feedback. The light came on Sunday just as I was leaving town for a 300 mile roundtrip. It was running fine, so I just kept going without incident. The engine and trans seem fine, so I'm leaning towards the emission system, maybe like Cmyers says, an O2 sensor or something. I hope it doesn't become disabling because I can't get it in until Friday AM. Will do a 30,000 mile maintenance cycle and my first tune-up in four years!!!! Simply amazing for those of us raised on points and distributors.

    LD-the (almost) 100K has been a joy. The styling of this car remains remarkably fresh in my eyes. I've been following some of the comments here regarding the next gen 300 and I have to agree, the M is classic, the N (or whatever it ends up being called) seems to be heading towards something less. As I have noted numerous times in this forum, my maintenance/reliablity record is not typical due to all the highway miles I drive on business. But I can't help but brag about the brilliant compromise between performance and economy achieved by this vehicle. Plenty of power and great mileage coupled with lots of room, awesome styling and relatively low maintenance costs. I have this persistent thought that maybe I should buy one of the last of the M's and just stash it because its been such a great car.

  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Came within 20 feet of getting a new M this a.m. Missed a really large doe by a lucky and quick reflex action on the brake pedal. She was crossing a four lane highway through a commercially developed section of town at full speed, and that is also what saved her life as I was just accelerating thru 50 mph in the travel lane when I saw a brown blur after she ran thru the passing lane, and there I was. The guy behind me in the BMW must have wet his shorts when I stomped the brake. He missed my rear end by about 15 feet. I am really careful and drive below posted speed limits near wooded areas, but this babe must have been visiting some residential or commercial properties. Whew.
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