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Chrysler 300M



  • Just got back from my annual trip to Tiki Island, TX (Galveston area)for a week of fishing in honor of my son's 13th B-day. 317 miles, one-way. Had to add a half quart of Pennzoil at the end, but none on the return trip. It rained pretty much the whole time, so only got out on the bay about two hours total. Thank God for the Playstation II my son and his buddy brought along to fend off "cabin fever". I used the down time to apply Zaino leather treatment.

    The weather was clear on the return leg, and drove 75, with occasional stretches at 80. No strain, even with a heavy load. Very comfortable and STILL the best looking car on I-45!

  • psterpster Posts: 293
    Ah, the memories of my days in Houston in the 80's and visits to Tiki and Galveston.....oil tar mixed with sand on the feet....100% humidity without rain.....the twinkling lights of the oil production platforms at night...Marios Pizza.....Shiner Bock Beer...and strip clubs on every corner.....those were the days.
  • cmyers300mcmyers300m Posts: 206
    Well, I for one can say that my M has been 'near' perfect. All I've had done was the seat bolts replaced under recall. My 2001 is over 2 years old now...awesome car. Would buy another if the new one wasn't going to be so ugly. Now I'm turning to the G35 as well.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Michael-ROFL! Luckily, it's a small dish. I was thinking about using two on the rear of the car. That way, I could add red bulbs and they could serve double-duty as brakelights!!

    300 Hemi C-I would venture that there aren't any in anyone's garage. For a car to be DOT approved fo the road, it has to go through tone of emission and crash tests. Without those tests, it's illegal to drive it on a US road, although I'm sure that publicity shots would be allowed. Of course a concept car with only 2 or 3 built wouldn't have all the testing done. It's a shame. I'd love to have one. I got to see the Pontiac Banshee in person in 1989 and I would have loved to have that one too! Porsche had that problem back in the late 80's i think it was with the 959 gruppe B series cars. They couldn't get DOT approval so the ones that had already been imported couldn't be driven. That was a shame because the 959 was an incredible automobile!
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    Just curious as to the build date of your 99. I have a feeling that the 99's with tons of problems came through in batches. Possibly the first half of 1998 (very early builds) and later in 1999 were the the ones with issues (vendor problems possibly?).
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,591
    Thanks for the advice, I'll ask for a good wash at least. I actually bought my M at a small-family owned Chrysler dealership up the road (Kehoe). Three months later, the family retired the business. The dealer in now a used car lot for Jag/Volvo dealer. (You probably know all this...). B-G sent out letters to Kehoe customers offering their services.

    Pster: My '99M was built 6/99. Other than known issues (two window motors and tranny speed sensor) mine has been rock solid reliable. I don't baby it, but I'm no Fast & Furious guy either. I've been actually a bit surprised and impressed (please, please let it continue this way...!) with the reliability of my domestic, first model year Chrysler. It's about to turn 48,000 miles and, yes, still one of the best looking cars on the road! I'm truly sorry yours has been Christine II (to commiserate, seek out fastdriver). I hope your next ride is a 180 degree turnaround for you, reliability wise.

    clpurnell: wasn't there a tsb or recall for the FX seat issue?

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • 300 hemiC...I thought there was only one built. Any pictures I have seen and the one I saw at the Pomona auto show last year were the identical color (champagne). Somewhere, I thought I read there was only one...could be 2 or 3 -- all champagne? Anyway, I love the car, too -- I have it as wallpaper on my computer. My wife loves the Chronos, but unfortunately the odds of either being produced are slim to none...

    Just a comment on fairness to DC, the decontenting has been accompanied by price reductions. I believe in 2002, the base price of the 300M was reduced over $1,000. It has risen each year since then and I think it is now close to the original base price of the 99. So, while we may be discontent with the decontenting, they have at least reduced the price accordingly...
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I remember when Chrysler came out with their "T-Bird" like (4-seater) turbine car. I got to see one in person and get a ride in it. This was back in the early 60's. Someone in a nearby town got to test one for 3 months I believe. Here's a link to an article on one-


    I bet pster's 300M was built the same time as Christine. Mine was built in April of 1998. I want to say the 17th- I think it was a Wednesday or Thursday.

  • psterpster Posts: 293
    I'll check it tonight and post the build date.
  • no1trustno1trust Posts: 151
    Did you check out the 2003 Lincoln LS? IMHO a cut above the 2002... maybe a suitable replacement for the 300M other than the G35.
  • LOL! Have seen my share of rank seaweed, red tide and oil on Galveston. I don't go to the beach anymore. My wife, who is from CT doesn't know any better. If she knew how nice Surfside is we would be forced to go there.

    Re Mario's: We always have pizza there. Still great! Also the kids like Joe's Crab Shack on the seawall. Passing through Houston (a good idea), we eat at either Foo's Garden in the Village, or Goode Company BBQ.

    Regards, Silver
  • cmyers300mcmyers300m Posts: 206
    I've looked into the Lincoln LS. Nice car, not cheap though. V8 will run ya 40k. One thing to mention, the LS reliability is amoung the worst out there, which in turn has caused tremendous slow sales and worse resale values than the M. Infiniti G35 would hold up better in the market.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    It's not the war OR the economy....... it's all GM's fault!! :-)))

  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Sweet! Did it sound like a jet taking off from a red light?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I don't remember what it sounded like from a red light, but it DID sound like a jet when it was started. For the times, it was pretty radical looking and indeed a HEAD TURNER like the current 300M was when it first came out in this form in 99.

    It does seem like the "concept" cars that Chrysler designs and shows and DOESN'T build, are the ones that everyone wants!! What is their problem? Do they really think that their new station wagon and that ugly new 300 are going to move them UP in the marketplace- hemi or no hemi!!

  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    be sure to click on the spec sheet---that engine had lots of torque (over 4oo) but low hp (just 130hp). Also note no cooling fluids or crankase oil.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Newspaper Ad for Pacifica yesterday in L-ville. Sticker $32.9 and buy it now for $29.8. Already discounted $3K. They must be going like hot cakes.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    How intimidating would it be to pull up to a light in a little 4 banger Honda Civic tuner car with a coffee can full of bees for a tailpipe and rev it up like you wanted to race and hear a turbine! I assume it was the configuration where the turbine ran at a constant speed and the power was taken off from there instead of throttling up and down. Why can't I win the lottery? I can see it now...The world's first turbine powered 300M!!! :-) Tailgaters? AFTERBURNER!!
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    I've had more longnecks there than I care to remember...which I don't, actually.
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