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Chrysler 300M



  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Phases--Are you back at Ft.Campbell? I thought you were getting out when your hitch was up a few years ago? Did you get called up to go? I am still at Knox. If your at Campbell still, I may be down your way again on an inspection next year. Glad you made it back ok.
  • I had 2 sets of Toyo T1S tires on another car & LOVE them. They are great sticky quiet summer performance tires. If you don't need all season, or have winter tires the Toyo's are nice. The wet performance is outstanding also.
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    yup im back at campbell :) my time isnt up tho, not for a few more months, i came home now to clear, everyone else will be tehre a full year :\
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    The "have to open the front door to get the back door open" on the Element is too big a would have been my wife's car anyway. My 300M is making some really weird noises in the engine bay now....I'm just not going to worry about it until something breaks, again. Sounds like the cooling fan motors or possibly A/C compressor is failing, again. Otherwise the car still drives nice and I continue to be totally impressed with the lack of rattles and the like at 60K miles. Still a tight car for its age.
  • I put Toyos on my M earlier this year, but I went with the TPT in the original size. Supposed to be an all season tire with good wet handling. Haven't had much driving in wet yet but it is like driving a new car compared to the OEM Goodyears. My only complaint is they were $$$, nearly the same cost as Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. The Yokos are much cheaper.
  • In short I was just talking about the lousy stereo system in my 2004M my 99 was great. Can't live w/it as is & know zip about radios/speakers etc. Reception has alot of static and overall radio/cd sound is lousy, may as well listen to the traffic. Don't care about 11 or 9 speakers (11 was really only 9 they now admit per intrepidspirit) just want to listen to some tunes again. I don't know whether it's the speaker system or the stereo equipment. Dealer/Chrysler admit zero knowledge or concern. What you have for sale - $$$ ??? Have knowledge on connection match? Tryed a switch at dealer to stereo w/equalizer - no match. I know this subject is getting old - but I'm not giving it up. I can't get no Satisfaction.
  • Thanks for the info - I'm sure they did know - figured I wouldn't. I didn't - but I do now.
  • Although I'm new to this, I too wanted to thank you for your service and welcome your safe return. My younger son just graduated AF Basic and is in Tech school right now. He expects to hear this week on his assignment, has heard rumor he's going oversees.
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    thank you for your welcome :) its very good to be back! what job does your son have, if ya dont mind my asking.. :)
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I went to a Chrysler Route 2003 test drive event in South Florida, in the parking lot of the Marlins ball park.

    They had Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep areas.

    I spent most of the time at the Chrysler area.

    They had a pretty tight course laid out with cones, plus a little drag strip with a stop sign at the end - first you are supposed to floor the gas pedal then floor the brakes and try to stop at the stop sign.

    First I drove automatic Crossfire. Not bad. Actually it looks better to watch when someone else is driving. From a driver point of view it is very nice but could sure use some more HP.

    Then I drove a 300M special two times. Most people drove it like a granny. I drove it like it is meant to be driven and made the Chrysler reps nervous in the passenger seat.

    I think I liked 300M Special better than the Crossfire. It was easier for me to maneuver around the cones. Maybe because I am very used to 300M.
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    "I can't get no Satisfaction." And you never will. Take the car to an auto stereo store and have them replace everything. Box up the OEM radio and mail it to the Shrimp man in Detroit with a thank you note. The 300M has been decontented into oblivion. The decontent engineers are already working on the Pacifica.
  • lflowerslflowers Posts: 155
    I had my new Pirelli PZero Nero tires installed last week. So far they feel quite similar to the high performance Goodrich GForce KDW tires they replaced, but I've only driven them on dry pavement at local street speeds here in San Diego. However, I'm currently waiting to hear about a long term contract job in the Boston area, so I may get a chance to experience them in lots of weather conditions soon. They do handle well in the conditions I've driven them in so far and they are very quiet.
  • Lflowers, I was just curious what size Nero's you got. I noticed they don't make 225/55 17s. Also, did you buy them at a chain? Just wondering what they cost retail--if you give the px let me know if that included flat fixing plan. I'm considering going to my local guy and asking him to special order them, as he doesn't normally carry them, but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg either so I may go w/Conti Extreme Contacts, which were rated similarly to the Neros but i know I can get. To anyone considering the PZeros, make sure you get the new model w/ the Nero designation. The old plain vanilla Pzeros are not rated nearly as highly as the new model.
  • lflowerslflowers Posts: 155
    The Pirelli PZero Neros I bought are 245/45-17's.
    I have after market 17 x 8 wheels. I've been told that 245/45's are too wide for the standard M wheels, but there are some forum members who have used that size on stock wheels,
    I bought mine at Discount Tires (I've shopped at their stores for years, always with satisfactory results). I paid $800 for 4 tires, including road hazard warranty and lifetime balance. Most Discount Tire Stores will repair any flat free, even if your tires were not bought from them.
    By the way, I've heard horror stories about the noise generated by the Conti Extreme Contacts and
    I can vouch for the quietness of the Pirellis.
    Lynn Flowers
  • Lflowers, thanks a lot for the info. I though the Extreme Contacts were supposed to be quiet also; but I don't remember exactly so I'll try to verify what you say with the ratings. I'm leaning towards the Neros, but I'll have to check if the sizes they have are recommended as safe for the stock rims. Anyway, thx again. Good to know that Discount Tire does a good job.

    Ruski, so you made the sales rep nervous; I'll bet. I hope if he was the bothersome type you really made him pay the price. I can remember one time many years ago when I was the boy-racer type, and I took a car for a spin, thinking I was testing it as needed to be tested for what was important to me. When we got back to the car lot, I said to the gray haired rep, I hope you don't mind that I tested the whole car, including it's pickup. I still remember his reply, which was "that was quite interesting, particularly when we went through the red light at 75". It dawned on me then that the light had been quicker than I had calculated, and I probably had the elderly fellow holding on for his life, but he was too polite to say anything to me, and I was just seeing if the car was indeed fast enough for me. Ahhh, old memories.
  • blowbyublowbyu Posts: 26
    Thanks for the info.

    The impact was on the Driver side door. I am assuming he was talking about replacing the pillar between the front and back door, and the pillar between the front door and front quarterpanel.

    I would like my car back, but I don't believe it will ever be the same again. I finished paying the car off last December and was planning on keeping it at least until my extended warranty ran out in a couple of years.

    I have asked the insurance company to have a specialist go take a look at it. They have not gotten back to me yet with any estimates.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    blowbyu - so you need new A-post and B-post's. Yikes , like I said I sure wouldnt want that car back after the changed those two posts. Lots of cutting and welding needed to do that repair.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    those were not sales reps, they were empoyees of the marketing firm hired by Chrysler to showcase the performance of cars like Crossfire, GT Cruiser, 300M Special, etc. Driving fast was part of the game. This was NOT on the street. This was done at a huge parking lot, with the road course layed out with cones and it included an improvised drag strip (again, flooring the gas pedal and then hard braking was ENCOURAGED by the guy in the passenger seat)

    Did you actually read my post?
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    hey some guy in the Acura TL site is slagging the M . lenscap "Acura TL" Oct 27, 2003 9:56am

     why must someone who has never owned an M tell someone else its not a good car ? I was so tempted to post something but I'm sure I would have sad some not so nice things .
  • Ruski,

    You called it a "test drive event", so I assumed it was an even sponsored by dealers. You didn't say anything about a marketing firm. And when you said the Chrysler rep in the passenger seat was nervous, I thought you meant the Chrysler dealer rep. Also, you did say you made him nervous, which was what my post was about. I read it fully, just didn't understand it I guess.
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