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Chrysler 300M



  • traleytraley Posts: 64
    Yes, they had to cover it. No deductible though.
    He hit my car head on, but no one was in it. Airbags deployed and everything. When I heard the crash, the guy was passed out behind his wheel, with his car stuffed into my engine bay.
    The car was less than 1 year old, so they didn't trash it out. I was sick about the whole thing...but that only let me know that all of this is just STUFF, just think if I had been in the car with my family!
  • traleytraley Posts: 64
    I say that to say, don't worry about the car. It will be returned to you. Your family can't be. So, instead of being sad about happy that you have them.
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    true, very true.
  • avalanche165avalanche165 Posts: 558
    Velcro. goto wal-mart, get two packets, i think they are 75 cents each. two sides, on hairy, on frizzy, both backs are adhesives. take off plate, wash down paint with soap and let dry, stick on velcro, and then match up to license plate, and then it wont rattle. if u still want to keep the frame, do the same with frame. i have a clear tinted cover over mine. i tell ya what, i'll take it off tommorow and take some pics to show you, i think this is the best solution for the rattling.
  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116
    Hey gang, is that all you guys do over here is talk, talk, talk!? It's like a bunch of high schoolers talking about their cars. But I understand all the gab. The "M" is not just a car, It is thee car! *_O

    When I ordered my "M", I ordered it with the base stereo system for I knew I want to upgrade my stereo at a later date with a subwoofer or two. Now you guys have done all the leg work of finding a powered sub that seems perfect for the "M".

    My question is: Will the base system wire up fine with the BassLink like the upgraded system did? PLMK.(I have a Y2K "M").

    BTW, I always envyed my Dad's system in his Lincoln LS. It has the upgraded system with a subwoofer. It is a well rounded/balance system with just the right amount of bunch from the sub! His Salsa CDs jam beatifully in his LS.

    I hope the Basslink gives me the balance I too seek in my "M"!
  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116
    Man I feel bad for you!
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I'm not that familiar with the base system, but since the Basslink has its own amp my guess is that it will work just fine. I *think* it needs the input from the front and rear speakers, left and right, so because you don't have an amp in the trunk you might have to run another set of wires from the front to pick up the front channels. Not sure though.

  • avalanche165avalanche165 Posts: 558
    we do do do as, i'm the only high school'er here
  • avalanche165avalanche165 Posts: 558
    traley i don't have the factory amp. got a phoenix gold zx475ti, running all components of there. bostons up front, so they need some power. how high and low are u gonna run? i am runnnig the 2 in front doors, and tweeters in front too. 4's in the doors, and 6x9's in the rear deck. that is 8 speakers, a hella lot. gotta watch that imagine and sound quality, will get ruined with too many...
  • tbelotetbelote Posts: 3
    Could anyone tell me about how much it costs to get lowering springs installed in the 300M???

    Has anyone done anything other than changing out the springs to the suspsension?

    How happy have any users of the V1 radar detector been?
  • sirharpersirharper Posts: 112
    Why some 300M owners insist on making such a automotive masterpiece sound like some high-schoolers Honda Civic with a bazooka tube in back I'll never know! And I'm only 30!!!

    Let's just say I'll save the money for the bass and put it toward a new exhaust system or some other performance enhancing feature so I can smoke those same VTEC punks even worse than I already do. But thats just my personal opinion.
  • the ashtray will hold $20.96 worth of fast food change! one caveat, a dime fits perfectly in the cig lighter/power outlet which will blow the blue 15amp fuse, it's also a major pain getting that dime out. now where do i find those tiny fuses? please tell me autozone has them, i need to power my cell phone.
  • sirharpersirharper Posts: 112
    You should have no problem finding a 15 amp fuse they are quite common
  • the fuses are unlike that of ordinary fuses, look in the fuse panel, do you know where it is? open the drivers side door and it's on the side of the dash.
  • traleytraley Posts: 64
    AV- Did you rewire the components to work with the Phoenix or did you use the existing wiring?

    Sirharper-WHY? The same reason you mentioned that you would put money towards an WANT to. That's why those of us with the modified audio system have them...we WANT to. So, while you are out there smokin' "VTEC punks", we will be smokin' "VTEC punks" with alot of bump to make the ride all that much sweeter.
  • lonestarsledlonestarsled Posts: 226
    The small fuses used are not anything special! Yes, you can get them at Autozone. I even bought a fuse tap for the small fuse type to add a circuit for my motorized cell phone holder. No big deal.
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    i second that.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    Now my driver's door window barely moves up at all. Most certainly a result of the screwed up trim installation. Good thing I'm bringing it in tomorrow for suspention noises.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    can be bought at Radio Shack and probably at many gas stations.
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