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Chrysler 300M



  • 38416753841675 Posts: 1
    have a 2000 times the engine speed will jump up at least 500 rpm then go down almost as fast as it went up..doesnt affect the speed but you can see the gauge jump....happens when driving without any engine load...seen somewhere in this forum awhile back about an "oxygen controller(?") that the computer does not pick up in the engine analysis....lastly anyone with heater problems?
  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116
    Wishing your SO a speedy recovery!

    It is tough to have a loveone go to surgury. As you know, my wife did in January. But, I believe you said it was non-surgury procedure. That is always better than going under the knife.

    God bless!
  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116
    Tony and Scott!

    After fighting with that damn access panel to remove it, than more so to replace it, I disconnected to negative lead on top to reset the computor. It was very easy of course!

    Five hours later I drove my M. It was just a cruise, but it did shift better and run stronger! I do not know if if running stronger was because of the cool night air last night, but I will update you guys about it.
  • Congrats on you new exhaust system! Sounds like Borla finally got the 300M bugs worked out. Keep us posted.
    You said you made a cold air intake with a K&N cone airfilter and carbon fiber tubing. got any pics?
    Is it vented to the outside somehow like down to the lower grille opening? got pics :-)
    details please, it may be something we could all use.

  • hitek1hitek1 Posts: 8
    Thanks again everyone who responded to my previous post of which color for the 300m would be the easiest to maintain. I know you guys mentioned Inferno Red as being the color that my dazzle the most. However, does anyone have a Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl 300M?(Love that color! and if so how has your experiences with washing the car has been. I currently have a Navy Blue metallic Chevrolet Malibu and I'd prefer to stay with blue(since that is my favorite color) but if constantly trying to wash it is going to be an agenda then I'd go with another color. Inferno Red/Silver are definetely tight though!
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    The sapphire blue is a knockout color too. I have a deep slate 2K, but if the sapphire had been available when I bought, I might have one.
  • I have a '01 M that has a rough idle. The company I work for has a gas pump on site that I can use. The gas they buy is premium with alcohol(gasahol)in it. Could using premium gas cause the rough idle? I ran a can of injector cleaner through it with no help. My car has just turned 7,000 miles and has always idled rough. Any suggestions?
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Posts: 958
    Using gas with the addition of gasahol is not good. The owners manual says not to use it, & so does the service manual. The regular premium gas may also be a problem. The manual also states it's not needed in our cars, & may hurt performance, & cause rough idle. 89 is what it says to use, 87 can even be used with only a drop in MPG. Alot of owners use 87, & most use 89(i do)
  • forresthforresth Posts: 27
    I have the Deep Saphire Blue and the only problems I have are water spots after washing and it gets HOT...D@$N HOT. I've actually burned the underside of my arm on the door sill. Stayed red for about a day. But man, does the car look nice when its clean. For a picture check out the site 300M Club That's what it will look like. If you would like to see more pictures let me know.
  • If you're partial to blue, you might want to think about Steel Blue, which is what I have. Being a little lighter, it doesn't show dust the way a black or Sapphire Blue would. Nonetheless, I was my M constantly--my wife claims it's an illness. Generally speaking, the closer you get to black the more your car will show dirt.
  • forresthforresth Posts: 27
    I also liked the Steel Blue and test drove one because I wasn't happy with the price on the Deep Blue at first. The Steel Blue didn't have PHG and I noticed it right away after having driven the Deep Blue with PHG. I ended up buying the Deep Blue during a tent sale on Memorial Day and they had $2,500 rebates on top of the sale price. Have about 4700 miles on it. Very Happy so far.
  • hitek1hitek1 Posts: 8
    Forresth, I went to the 300mclub website and I would sure like to see more pics, because now it's a tossup between Sapphire and Silver.
  • forresthforresth Posts: 27
    I'll try this quick. If it doesn't work I'tll have to wait until tomorrow. The pics are about 700k each. Anyway here it goes.








    HTH Forrest
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 356
    Had a good time the last two days driving out for the Monterey Rendezvous (got here a day early to visit some friends). Man, this is a nice car on the highway! Overhead computer says I got 24.8 mpg; computed on paper I come up with a hair over 25 mpg.
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 356
    Maybe I'm cheap, but paying $60 for a motel when I just want some winks and then get back on the road doesn't do much for me. I took a thermorest inflatable camping pad (about 1" thick) and put it from the trunk through onto the folded down back seat. I'm 6'4" and was able to stretch out with my feet in the trunk, catch some zzzz's at a rest stop, and be back on the road.
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 356
    Shave the letters of the sides, too. If you like the clean look in back, you'll like it on the sides. Here's a pic of my car:
  • fcmfcm Posts: 24
    The mirrors will tilt down when you put it into reverse, and the driver's mirror is autodimming. Sorry AV, no blinkers. You once mentioned how much you hate the bright lights hitting the driver's mirror. I do too.
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 356
    would come in handy sometimes:


    (somewhere between Denver and the Pacific Ocean; maybe it was the Bonneville speedway?)
  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116

    Denver, you are a lawyer! Billing at a $100+ per hour! $60 bucks is nothing for you at those wages!

    When I was a kid my parents had friends(a husband and wife with two kids) that use to drive around on Saturdays to the new car lots that had free hotdog give aways. That was their meal for the day. The man and wife both worked, but they were just plain cheap!

    Denver, got any Pics of you and your M in camper mode?
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 356
    I admit it, I'm cheap. Didn't take any camper pics; maybe on the way home!
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