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Chrysler 300M



  • Hey guys,

    Sorry I haven't been around much, I've been busy getting my girlfriend (who just moved back up here from Texas) and I moved in and buying new stuff for the new place ... when you live with a girl, they money tends to go other places than into your car. It's cool though, cuz I've been able to customize the rooms and buy some SWEET contemporary wierd looking furniture and that 65" TV I've been wanting all while killing 2 birds with 1 stone ... I'm buying cool "guy stuff" that I want while at the same time it's "home stuff" so that keeps her happy too. =) I'll be getting back to the G-RIDE when the snow hits though. Well that is my public apology for not posting ... hope you all accept it and BLAME MY GIRLFRIEND !!! LOL !!! =)


  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    I can hear the chicken littles now, after a car with chameleon paint is used as a getaway car after a bank robbery: "A car whose color changes? Only a criminal would need that. Ban it!"
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    if you can imagine i get many emails from ppl seeing my web site. anyway, can soemone give me the links to the sites that show the clock face installaions (scot) and side markers (rog)? also rogor, you got any more of those?

    thanks in advance,


  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    the Hollywood Chrysler service manager said "you mean transmission fluid?" when I asked for differential fluid to be changed at 15K miles.

    I guess they are all the same. I mean, not the fluids, but the service managers.

    I just let them do what they knew how to do and did not force them to go into unchartered territories.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    I need a 14" length of 1/2" engine breather hose. Does anyone know where to get it?
  • Over the past couple of weeks there has a lot of local coverage on the former West Covina Chrysler dealership (California). On a Monday morning, employees arrived to find security and locked premises. The dealership is facing 22 lawsuits from customers who were cheated in various ways. Some of them traded in vehicles and the dealership was supposed to pay off the trade-in loan. Didn't happen. Others found they were paying more than they agreed to over longer lease periods, etc. Others who purchased have not received their pink slips, etc. There have been over 60 complaints to the Better Business Bureau. The DMV is actively requesting anyone that feels they have been cheated to contact them.

    The dealership was given $500,000 by the city to locate in West Covina about 5 years ago. Then the City of Azusa offered them $1,200,000 a year later to locate there, which they accepted. Lawsuits ensued and they relocated to West Covina.

    They wanted West Covina to give them $500,000 to get out of their current mess, but the city refused. I think they've applied for bankruptcy (the dealership, not the City).

    I had a bad experience with this dealership. About a year and a half ago, my wife called them about a loss leader ad for a 300M, which ran every week with the same VIN. I had called other times and was told the vehicle had just been sold. When she inquired about the vehicle, they said they couldn't find it, so she asked them to look. They said she had to come down. She said she would come down if the vehicle was available. The salesman said that if she wanted a car at that price she had to come down and look for it. She told him if they were advertising a car at that price, they had to have the car available or document its sale. The salesman then said "Let me introduce you to Mr. Click" and hung up.

    My wife was furious, called back and demanded to speak to the Manager and raised hell with someone who identified himself as the Manager. He apologized profusedly and told her she could have any base 300M at the loss leader price, if she came down. He also agreed to allow us $15,000 on her 98 Dodge Avenger.

    We went down, asked for the Manager, but he wasn't in. However, they would honor any offer he had made. We actually went so far as to choose a vehicle for sale and when the paperwork was presented, the numbers didn't come out. They were charging full MRSP on the 300M and adding $2,000 to the price because the Avenger because it was "worth only $13,000, not $15,000". And they denied offering the loss leader pricing on the phone! When we gave them the name of the Manager, they said they had no one there by that name. That is how they cheated people -- some got confused and signed the papers. I told them they were crooks, I would never do business with them, and walked. I really should have called the BBB.

    From what I hear, DC is being pressured to repay all these people if there is no money to pay the lawsuits...
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    What is the part number for the K&N filter people are recommending here? (or if someone could let me know how to search the board better ;)

    And do you need to modify anything to use it or is it just a straight swap?

    Thanks much!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Oh no- don't even kid about the "Christine Syndrome" with everything going on in the news. Funny thing is, I never had any vibrations, no light shows, no limp mode, no bad window motors, no rattles etc. and mine was an early- built April 98- model.


    When I got my CL-S, I was looking for the wheel weights! Then I realized that I had those stick on weights. How nice. NO scratches on the wheels. WHY don't more alignment places use them? It's better than scratching those beautiful, shiny, aluminum wheels. Hope your back is better.

    fuzzywuzzy and ruski-

    This weekend, when I was in Keene, NH, I stopped by the Nissan dealer to check out the new Altima with that big engine and duals. Nice looking car. I think it's bigger than the Maxima. The guy wanted me to drive it, but I didn't want to waste his time because I'm not in the market yet! LOL.... I think I now have 9,200, trouble-free miles with 2 dealer visits for oil/filter changes and a tire rotation. So different then Christine.


    I THOUGHT the "5-STAR" dealers that I went to in the 33 months that I had Christine were bad, but this guy beat them all!! How's the paint holding up? Are you using Zaino?

    Phew- just read the 112 messages that I missed on this long weekend! Still never caught up with the thousands of messages I missed when I was in FL this summer! ;-))

  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    bummer. I wish you had test driven that Altima, we could compare notes. I need a second opinion on my choice.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    If I get a chance soon, I'll see if I can get to a dealer around here and drive one. Anything special to look for- road noise, wind noise, sloppy shifting, sticky windows? Just kidding!

    I'll let you know. I think I have your e-mail address.

  • sel714sel714 Posts: 35
    We now have over 63,000 on our 300m. Purchased 12/99. We love the car and plan on keeping it for several more years. We also have a 1997 Ford F150 ext cab we purchase new also. It is my daily driver a I like it a lot. I wouldn't be without out a truck have always had one they come in handy. But we have been thinking about getting a new car then I won't he driving my truck everyday.
    The wife will get the new car and I will take the M. I think I can handle that. I showed her the new Altima as we were passing the Nissan dealer Sunday. We would have stopped for a test drive but the car dealers are closed on Sundays. Well yesterday I got my November Road & Track. On the cover 10 hot cars for under $25000. One of the things I really love about the M is the lack of any noticeable Torque steer. Well 5 out of 10 of the test drivers for Road & Track said it has Major Torque steer. If any of you guys test drive one let me not what you think about Torque steer compared to the M .
  • It's true that MOST FWD cars do not have a differential. Many people are used to thinking that only exist on a RWD car. This is because MOST FWD cars have the engine TRANSVERSE mounted (sideways) so it is not required. The 300M is a 90 Deg configuration like most RWD cars, so the output shaft of the engine is perpendicular to the axis of the wheels. Therefore a differential is required or typically used to change the direction of the drive output accordingly. It is unusual, but if they would look at how the engine is mounted in our cars, they should understand a differential should be in the car.

    Ask them if they remember the Oldsmobile Toronado? It had a differential from 1966 to aprox 1991. They've bound to have serviced one of those before. Although, my dad had one in 1982 and sold it in 1995 with over 200,000 miles and never replaced the gear lube in the differential.

    A lot of people don't change the lube in RWD diffs either over the life of the car. It winds up getting replaced when a pinion seal leaks and requires repair. I've always put in some Amsoil synthetic and left it alone for life. Why does Chrysler suggest we change it every 15K and NOT USE synthetic? Today, wouldn't they have a synthetic lube installed from the factory? Otto, do you know the answer to either question?
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Splatt - The K&N is #33-2136. No mods are needed. Just take out the old filter and drop the new one in. Also, here is a link to my "interesting stuff" page, which includes a document showing popular stock and replacement part numbers.

    Phases - Here are my "how to" pages, including spoiler, letter removal, clock face (a different way from how Scott does it), etc.

  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Av-- I think that the best hue changing color I have seen is the PPG Harlequin in a gold to silver change over. It was really sharp looking, but at $60 an ounce was too steep for me, even for a racing stripe, hence, I opted for the vinyl stripe.

    All--Saw an info video on Dura Lube the other day. Has anyone used their products/additivies for the oil, gas, etc. They supposedly really reduce friction and clean, etc. and they had lots of demos of the products and testimonials in the video. They were not cheap either. Any input?

    Special--Got a chuckle out of the ad verbage on the shift knob for the Special from the Canadian web site. Strange, it looks like the exact shift knob on the 99M, that went to the chrome-wood and then back again. And what does "waterfall" leather seats mean? Looked like the normal pattern to me. I don't think I can wait til model year 2004 1/2 for the N. Crossfire may be out before then, and if the interior appearance is improved [after SDMike's input],and it comes with 275hp, I may be tempted if the Chronus is not available or the Caddy Evoq exec. cars hold their inital price too long.

    Fuzzy--The Lexus 300 ES just came out, and the ads in our local papers make it look pretty sharp. And its the only thing lately that is close to the M in front end appearance. Looks a lot less like a Buick than the previous models. Never rode in one but for $32K+ or -, you can probably find one. But I don't think the Lexus people negotiate on sticker very much.
  • Seems some of you are suggesting the ES 300, I'm sorry to say I will never get that. If I get a Lexus I will only get a GS400/GS430. Just like if I ever got a MB, I would only get an E55. If I'm going to spend that kind of money, for a name,(come on that is why they cost so much) I want the car of that name to be better then the lowest priced models. Just my thinking.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    One big difference is that 300M has STANDARD traction control while on the Altima it is optional. It turned out that the Altima that I test drove did not have TC. It did feela bit wild when taking turn and accelerating hard. My impression was that it was missing the lane a bit.
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