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Chrysler 300M



  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    What the heck are these people thinking?!?! They think it's ok to SLAM a door into another car, thus damaging someone's $30,000 piece of property? It's like the guy in line the other day at the car rental shuttle that removed the plastic wrapper off his pack of cigarettes and tossed it on the ground. What was this jackass thinking? The world is his garbage can?? I guess my car is a DOORSTOP! God I'm furious.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I picked up the wrapper and handed it back to him saying "I believe you dropped this by ACCIDENT". He glared at me and put it in his pocket. I wanted to beat a dent in his head with my cell phone.
  • hi there can any one help me on finding a door for my 1999 babe 300m ,I need the left rear door .pleas tell me the price and where it find it and how much it w'll cost me ,and how do can I get the body part's (the body kit )for my 300 m
    thank you
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    I feel for you! However, I love that line you used... "I believe you dropped this..." that's great!
  • valhsvalhs Posts: 63
    I'm asking you this because you may have a unique insight on this. I've been following several posts on the Maxima page regarding the purchasing of vehicles in Canada using the favorable exchange rates, U.S. $ vs. Tooneys. Many are claiming that fully loaded Maximas with a U.S. sticker of $30,000+ can be had for a paltry $23,400 U.S. including duty fees and taxes. They also claim that warranties are seviceable in North America and do not specify Cananda. The only downside is the conversion from kilometers to miles which is said to cost $100 - $200.

    Questions regarding a Canadian 300M:

    1) Is it really this simple? Or am I missing something?
    2) Are the cars identical in specs, minus DRL's?
    3) Is the warranty valid in U.S.?
    4) Did a dingo eat my baby? (off topic sorry)
    5) Why isn't everyone doing this?
  • mykemmykem Posts: 203
    In smaller parking lots I've seen and not let the person away no less than twenty times. Larger parking lots, obviously, I need to be near-by to hear the crunching.

    Yesterday someone backed into a car busting the taillamp plastic. I ran and stopped them and took their information down for the other driver, who wasn't there. There was damage to both cars as well, so she couldn't deny that she did it.

    Luckily I always carry my digital camera around in the event of the one that gets away.

    People are pissed when they don't get away with stuff; but how are they to respect someone else's property when they obviously don't respect their own?

  • Bravo, Mike!
    These are not "accidents" they are "carelesses".
    If everyone would do as you do we could at least get these morons to pay for their stupidity.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    That's awesome man. I wish someone would have done that for me. My dent is clearly something that could have been heard for a couple of aisles.
  • jona57jona57 Posts: 190
    I got my M back from my "5-Star" after the accident earlier last month. No prob's with insurance- other guy (at fault) had State Farm & they were as pleasant as possible to deal with. Unfortunately, my dealer's collision shop was not. VERY poor job painting- much overspray (inc. on my chrome wheels!), poor rub-out after wet sanding (haze in the finish), and they left a 3/8" strip at the bottom of one door unpainted. They also failed to note that the collision damaged a power window mechanism. The manager apologized & will have the shop fix things. I'll have to leave the car for another few days, and I loathe the added inconvenience.
    Doesn't anyone take pride in their work anymore?

  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I do. Maybe that's why I got laid off. lol
  • jona57jona57 Posts: 190
    Great looking interior pix! Pardon me if I've asked this before, but what kit did you use, and how difficult was it to install?
  • jona57jona57 Posts: 190
    I am sure you do. Things will work out.

    Keep the Faith!
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I believe you are talking about the picture with the 2002 parked next to the 2001, to show the differentces.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Custom auto trim is where I got mine, but Ebay has basicly the same thing for half as much. If you are discussing the picture with the vidio system between the A/C and Radio that is in the process of being constructed (there is no kit for this).
  • I have the Platinum Color on my 99. When I had my accident they repaired the damage and repainted and blended things well, no overspray. It's looks brillant in the sun, and I fell in love with the color the first time I saw it. Everyone comments on the amount of metal flake in it, there's a lot! :D

    Someone said here, I think a long time ago, that the Platinum was being withheld until the next generation LX cars. I hope so, I would like a 300N in this same color.

    As for paint chips. I have some but they are hard to see if you don't look for them. The ones I have are kinda white in color.
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    I ordered the DRL module the other day. Got a call from them this morning (just now as a matter of fact ;) He calls says, Um, Mr. ... I'm calling about the DRL module you ordered. I called to say... um... nothing. Um, well, don't worry about this, it's in stock and will be shipping today. Let's just say this was a call to let you know the product was shipping. ok?"

    ROTFL - he had mistaken my card - thought it was amex when it was visa, which would explain it being rejected. No prob in the end and I'll have it soon. However, it was pretty funny :D
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Really your best bet would be to call your American government agency that overlooks the importing of automobiles.They will be able to give you all the info you need to seriously consider this .As I just build them ,I have no clue what you need to do to import a Canadian car to your country.When we build them the only difference I know is DRL and metric gauges. With our Canadian dollar hitting an all time low against your dollar yesterday it sure would be a good deal for you .Look in to it and let us all know.
  • I have had similar dents in my champagne pearl metallic finish, both with paint/finish damage and not. And I, too, share your pain.

    There is a national firm that trades as "paintless dent removal" or some such thing; they have an 800 number which will give you the name of a local firm. They also have a web page which I can't find at the moment.

    Check your local yellow pages under Automobile Body Repairing and Painting to find them in your area.

    This process goes inside your door/fender, etc., with tools which bump out the dent. IF you paint has not been removed, they can fix the problem so that it isn't visible. They do NOT remove the inside door panels. IF the paint has been damaged, they do not fix the paint usually but will know of a good paint blender who can blend that so that it isn't a problem.

    If you are in my area (No VA), give me a yell and I'll give you specific numbers of appropriate repairers.

    Good Luck,

  • drpixeldrpixel Posts: 256
    300Michael: Oops! 300m ignorance was showing...sorry. Interesting though how the placement of the "winged logo" shows off the grill more...I like it in the center, personally.

    jona57 I agree: very few people these days 'care' anymore. For me personally, whn I work on a web site, logo design or even just washing my 300m, if I'm not 100% happy with the result, I work at until I'M satisfied. You'd think that for what the autobody people were getting paid to fix your car, they'd at least TRY to not overspray, AND at least paint all the parts that were supposed to be painted, right? I'm lucky in that respect, afor when I take eMily to MY autobody guy, I know that it will come back perfectly. He's fixxed my oldest daughter's cars in the past and you'd never know it was painted. Two very hard colors to match--a 1992 Olds Acieva..turquoise bluish greensh color which was popular then; and her Volkswagen Jette -- a darker Hunter Green metallic color that was difficult to match.

    mykem AND russklass: I've done the same thing--getting info from someone trying to 'take it on the lam' and trying to leave. If they escape, I get the license plate. Since I've had 4 surgeries in 5 years thanks to an on the job injury, I now have a hadnicapped placard they allows to park in the 'special' spaces. Even in those spaces, I'm very careful to park far enough away from both sides of the blue lines, because even folks who are in worse shape than me sometimes don't give a shi..errr...hoot when they open the doors. Prior to the placard, I've already spent 20 minutes orbitting the parking lots of malls, looking for and finally finding an end-spot. I was even going to get a vanity plate: ND-SPOT! Because I care-as all of us here do--about MY car, I have always been particualarly careful getting in and out of my own car, respecting other people's cars as I hope they'd respect mine.

    Other: I 'found' this new candy that Hershey's just released--thought you'd appreciate the picture at the link below!

    also awaiting call from 1/16th Star dealer about second Body Control Module....will keep youse posted....


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