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Chrysler 300M



  • Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a fairly common problem from the responses posted. Not a serious problem yet. It's just that when I am in a hurry and look back at the car and see the lights still on, it means I gotta unlock the door and fiddle with the switch. If I have any other warranty issues (knock on wood) I'll have the switch replaced at that time.

    Sounds like Blonda and sdmike et al are getting together in their area. Anybody in Dallas/Plano want to meet for coffee? I would enjoy seeing your rides.

  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Doubt you will see much or no changes to the last model of the LH cars. As the replacement for these cars comes in 2004 . We usually build some next model year pilot cars in Feb or March so I will find out soon ,what if any changes will happen.
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    I suggest you have your dealer look at it. Check all the rear cut lines for evenness, and get it on a lift for a look see at the underside.
    Also, check all rear light functions.
    If everything checks out OK, at least your mind will be at ease.
    Good luck!
  • lflowerslflowers Posts: 155
    I had my unidirectional tires rotated (front to back only) last night and afterward noticed that my car now pulls to the left. Alignment was perfect before the rotation. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this. I also had them check the tire pressures, so that should be OK. I think I'll go back to Discount Tire (where I bought the tires and had them rotated) today to see if they have any idea what could cause the new pull.

    Lynn Flowers
    McKinney, Texas
  • lflowerslflowers Posts: 155
    I live in McKinney and would be interested in getting together sometime to compare notes (and M's). I work in Las Colinas, which is a long drive from Plano, so it would probably have to be on a weekend or pretty late in the afternoon. It's usually well after 6:00 PM when I get back to our side of town on weekdays.
    I'm looking forward to getting my M washed today after the rain we've had lately, but it was nice to get to really check out the wet weather handling of my Goodrich Gforce KDW's!

    Lynn Flowers
    McKinney, Texas
  • Lynn,
    I would say you have the dreaded radial tire pull. In my experience the only way to correct this problem is to isolate the bad tire and have it replaced. It will continue to pull no matter what you do with the alignment. Having the bad tire on the back does not produce a pull as bad as it does when it is on the front. Usually the bad tire is on the side the car is pulling towards. Hope this helps.
  • I just read an article regarding the 2004 300M on Car and Truck News. The car is beautiful. If you guys will build it I will buy one... When would you build pilot 2004s? Or would they bring prototypes to the factory?? Have you seen anything about this vehicle? Schedule?? I think its going to be a hit! You guys build a nice vehicle. I wish the dealers supported you with the same quality.
  • mmcccmmmcccm Posts: 19
    I'd be interested in a get-together sometime. I live in Allen and work in Plano. You all could see how dirty my car is! :) I don't post much here, but try to keep up with what's going on in the forum.

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I would also check the rear bumper pad (it is stryofoam) for cracks or damage. It is designed to absorb much of the damage to keep the bumper from cracking.

    This article sounds like it is trying to tout new tech, and I am sure there is some subtle difference that make it different that what we have. There is a comment in the article about letting up on the accelerator at a shift, should I be doing that in my M. Right now I just keep it down and she shifts smooth, but am i screwing up my car?

    "For another, the missing clutch pedal makes you forget to let up as you move the shift lever or buttons, as you'd do driving a regular stick shift. What you get if you hold your foot on the gas during a shift is a sports car that falls on its face between gears. Unseemly. But if you perfect the art of letting up at the right instant, and returning to the gas a moment later, then you get lovely, crisp, effortless shifts. But it takes work to become consistently good at the technique"

  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    Just got back last night, into a brewing blizzard which really hit overnight, with 1 fatal so far and hundreds of accidents and it looks like it will keep up all week-end. I agree that So Cal would be better for your M meet as tourism is down in Vegas and they seem to be making it up with the tourists. I stayed at the Sahara, which I have stayed for the last 3 years, and they have added a $3.00 a night energy charge, but they don't tell you that until you check out, apparently they say they leave a note in your room, but they forgot in my case. They have also added a time share group that jump all over you everytime you walk through the lobby or through the casino.
    I lodged a complaint and informed them that they have lost a customer. I only saw 1 M during my stay and this was a rental with base equipment. I saw a almond M on display at the MGM Grand and it had a big dent on the drivers door as well as a big scratch or black mark on the rear bumper. Not too impressive. I did the Red Rock tour which I am impressed with. My rental was a Neon, which was cheap, and reliable. I hear that the Alladin which just opened I believe last year is really in financial difficulty and is ready to close, a shopping center just south of he strip on Las Vegas Ave. is almost vacant and a car dealer is using part of the parking lot as a storage yard for new SUV's Security at airports were not really that bad and is running smoothly.
    I hope you folks enjoy your meet wherever it may be. I also noted that there were over 200 posts in four days. What do you people talk about??????
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909 heard it from me first...about 5 months ago, ;)

  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    wow. sounds like things are rough there.'s your killer slot? ;)
  • Larry and Lynn,

    Since I live in Park Cities and you both live North side maybe we could meet in Plano some Saturday morning for coffee. Name a place we can all find easily and decide when. I am busy tomorrow. We will be at the Olympics from 2/13-17, otherwise I'm free. Just let me know. Thanks for the interest.

  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    Let's not even go there. I will say that I added to your economy in a small fashion. I did find something interesting in the number of people who were flying American flags on their vehicles.
    It was quite comical but there was one old babe who had 4 flags flying from an older Caddy which was in great shape. She was travelling so slow that the flags hardly moved in the breeze and all other drivers were honking at her to make her speed up, and I guess she must have thought that it was her patriotism that they were honking at. So she would wave and smile, wave and smile, all at 5 MPH. LOL. Last Monday we did Red Rock and we were about 2 miles from the turn off to the entrance when we observed a pick-up which had lost control and rolled numerous times and emergency vehicles were just arriving. We came back about 2 hours later and the Police were still on scene so it must have been serious. The vehicle was back on it's wheels, looking worse for wear, but the US flag was still standing straight and proud from the roof, but did look a little weathered and dirty. Someone has sure made a pile of money on these flags and flag holders. I was impressed, I wish my country would be a little more patriotic, but you only have to look at our leader and you'll know why we aren't.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Well, the number of flags being displayed at homes and on cars went up about 1,000 times normal after the 9/11 attack in NY. I don't have one on Big Red, but I'm flying one from my house. Funny about the little old caddy-driving lady. I'm sure she was, as you say, clueless that she was a "clot stuck in the artery of progress". ;)
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    MRL (Mike), Glenn and Blonda - It was great meeting you guys today and seeing your great cars. When I got home my wife said "so...were they normal?". LOL! She remembers back to a meeting I took her to years and years ago related to a bulletin board (pre internet). Her comment then was "oh my god, what a bunch of freaks!". heh. I was happy to report that not only are you guys normal but also very nice. :) I'll post pictures of our meeting later this evening.

    Mike - It would be great if you could call up to the carlsbad DC dealership and see if they want any involvement with our meet. We're looking at March 16. I still plan to go up there and scout around, but if you have an "in" already we might get further.

    Glenn - When I chased you down the freeway onramp I heard YOUR exhaust over MINE! Nice! After I got gas at the Mobil (I assume you saw that I was tailing you) I went over to Betty's Car Wash and found the owner/manager. I dropped your name and he had great things to say about you and your wife. I had them polish out the scratches in the rear quarter panel and it looks simply amazing! I gave him $20 even though he said payment was optional (he seemed more interested in me being happy). I'm going to have my whole car done next week. It removed even the very fine swirl marks that were there when the car was brand new. Great job.

    Blonda - It was also great to meet a female car nut! Your husband is a lucky guy. Glenn and I were sharing how our wives just don't understand our love of our cars. ;) Hey, if I need help trimming that dash piece to fit the cell phone holder I'll come see you. I'm not sure I have the stomach to take an exacto to my car. heh. Let me know if any of you guys want help installing a clock face if you have scotian make one for you.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all how much I enjoyed the meeting. We'll have to do it again sometime...maybe lunch or beers somewhere.

  • kosh_2258kosh_2258 Posts: 338
    I agree with the other opinions that you should have that the bumper checked for hidden damage. They are only designed for 2.5 mph into a fixed barrier so it's possible some of the components underneath are deformed.
  • 300mmm300mmm Posts: 27
    Well it's only a week old and the factory 4CD changer jammed today. Everything has been so great so far too . . . .

    I got in to enjoy my first Friday drive home from work in the new M and pressed one of the load/eject buttons to switch a CD and nothing, it's jammed. Tried all the way home, it makes a faint effort (you can hear it trying to reposition and eject) but it's obviously physically stuck. Anyone experienced this? God I hate the thought of having to have the dealer take the console apart, I fear it will never be quite the same.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    What, no freaks allowed? LOL. That would leave me and my M out of it. All that tofu and being a vegan, and all. Plus even my M is a freak, with all the mods I have done to it.
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