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Chrysler 300M



  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    Putting the emblem on the air bag is a BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!! The air bag literally "explodes" open. The dash splits open like a water balloon. There's no way of determining which direction that emblem would explode or in how many pieces.
  • Yeah, I have to agree with the rest. Putting that emblem over the airbag lettering is unwise. If that bag went off the emblem could kill someone. You'd be better off putting it on the woodgrain trim or the glove box cover.

    Cars that have emblems on the steering wheel centers use a very soft vinyl material and the bag cover is scored in such a way that the emblem stays attached to one side or the other.
  • glennbpglennbp Posts: 327
    OK! OK! You win! Putting the emblem on the airbag was a stupid idea! I'll find another place. This all reminds me of driving with your hair on fire back in the 60's with steel dashboards, pointy controls and no seatbelts! It's a wonder any of us survived!
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 356
    My parents bought a new '59 Chevy Kingswood station wagon, 354 V8, which was the car I drove for my driving license test in '70. The car deteriorated as it aged, but my mother had it restored a few years back, with a new custom interior. It's absolutely beautiful today (won an editors' choice trophy at a Super Chevy show), and they did add lap seat belts during the restoration. Still, the steel dash, protruding knobs, and non-collapsible steering wheel give me a little pause when I drive it. I feel kinda naked without a three-point seat belt, and it takes a fair bit of pavement for those drum brakes to haul that big sled to a stop!
  • rstilprstilp Posts: 105
    Include me in for 2 of the plaques and if anyone is still interested in the shift knobs I have a buddy that has 15 or so at a GOOD price. I'll put an ad on the club register with details

  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    If they canned it, why are they still displaying it at the car shows? They first displayed it 2 years ago and they are still showing it off.
  • Old car safety-The '55 Chevy steering wheel had a menacing spear point aimed at you. The '56 Ford tried to introduce safety features: Padded dash and seatbelts. People couldn't wait to have the dealer remove the belts! The safety features actually hurt Ford sales. After all everybody knew it was better to be thrown clear. Uh huh...
    In the 50's you could special order Chrysler brakes for your Plymouth, but there wasn't much else you could do to make cars safer.
    Cars are so much safer now that the driver is the biggest danger. I'll probably not exceed 80 in my M around this state, but hey, I can't even back out of the garage today without hitting something. LOL

  • I, too, replaced the Goodyears with the Contis after only 20,000 miles. The car kept drifting to the right. 5* said it was due to road crowning. After numerous tire rotations and alignments, I finally was fed up. Went to local tire dealer and got the Contis for $115 each installed. What a difference; tracks straight as an arrow and much less noisy than the Goodyears. Did not keep the Goodyears so I guess I have no chance of any recourse from Goodyear (yeah, like they would do something commendable like that anyway!).
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    Scotian -
    Have you tried that Trim Black yet? Mother's doesn't last very long on my whitened window trim problem (and I can't even blame it on salt).

    Chrome knobs - is that just the knob itself? I have the fish scale shifter and I think I remember Avalance saying he had to replace the entire unit to the new style in order to use the chrome knob.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Yes, we'll all be in Baltimore on Saturday for the show; me, my brother, and my parents. So, yeah, Christine II's actual owner will be there. Why do you ask?

    On another note, she just left from work and had my dad follow here so the car can go in yet again, this time to fix the seat (we think!) Yesterday she called the .1* from work just to see if the seat parts were in. What do you think? "Oh, yeah, they're here." To make sure again, she asked several times if they were the RIGHT parts. "Yeah, they told me they are", and "I'm sure they are", followed. We'll see!

    Also, our windshield wipers still don't work and the "loose wire" was a lie as usual. But we also jsut noticed that at 16,500 miles, we already need new wiper blades because one has started to tear on one end. Our Voyager had 41k when we traded it, and it still had the original super-size wipers, why did this car's wear out already?
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Yeah just finished reading the Buzz report on the Hemi C. Hey who knows maybe that guy has better info than little old me . I am only going by what I have heard.I hope they do build the C. If i find out anything I will let you all know.
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    I spoke to the General Manager at the Chrysler dealer in Carlsbad and he was VERY receptive! He was more than happy to assist in any way he could. I guesstimated 15 vehicles. As the time grows nearer, we'll need to attempt to narrow down the number of participants, and times/activities. Unfortunately, I don't think I can make it due to conflicts with my work. We'll have to see. Let me know more as it becomes available.
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    Not yet. It'll have to warm up around here first!
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    That's GREAT news! Did he indicate that they have room for the cars? Do you want to remain the chief contact, or do you want to shoot me off an email with his name and number so I can hook up with him? My address is

    Sorry to hear you might not make it. It would be a bummer to not have that gorgeous steel blue M with us. Maybe we'll get lucky and you'll be "sick" that day. :)
  • I read that a few of the union reps were taken to Auburn Hills to view the new LX cars.

    There appears to be conflicting opinions on what the new N is going to be like - a variation of the retro themed "New Yorker" or having its own unique body like the "Buzz" has been saying.

    Heard any grapevine stuff from your union bros?
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    I'll go ahead and remain the contact. Just let me know details as they solidify.
  • driving with your hair on fire...?!

    You really Michael Jackson or something??? LOL! ;)
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Will do. I'll likely go up there in the next couple of days to scope some things out (location of the dealership, place on the coast for photos, dinner location, hotels, etc.) to help solidify the plans. The thing we won't know for certain until game day is attendance.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Hey glenn...slow day at the office? You're posting like me now, but I have an excuse. heh. :)
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Silver -! That's funny.

    Rick - did you post that information on the chrome shift knob yet? I haven't been able to find it.

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