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Chrysler 300M



  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    Stay away from them. They were never hot, just advertised a lot.
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    I don't think I could get $500 for my dog unless I charge by the pound (he weights about 110lbs)...LOL!

    Actually, I have a limit order in on some stock options and it should kick in by summer. When it does I want to take a grand and put it in the car...dual exhaust, wood dash kit, and maybe the K&N Charger...what the heck! I am however going to get those Ding Doctor guys to fix my dings in the next couple weeks (I'll let you know what they quote me).
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    I saw a long infomercial on Duralube products on cable one Sunday morning, it was really fascinating to see how they tested their products with people watching. I asked about the tranny [$20] and oil [$10] additives here but no one indicated that they had tried them, so I held off. I see Duralube sponsors a NASCAR so they must have a good product, right? I may still try them when I do the tranny again at 50K miles.
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    Thanks for the info. I'm putting it in myself (not very hard, especially due to the fuze box placement ;) I have the hands free in, but hadn't done the antenna yet. I'll try taping it on first and see if there's any interference.

    Hopefully not :)
  • lflowerslflowers Posts: 155
    I don't think that sponsoring a NASCAR team proves your product is good, just proves your MONEY is good! Heck, Viagra sponsors a car, you gonna try that?
    I'm just kidding...I don't know anything about Duralube products. I'm sure you know more, since I haven't even seen the infomercial (I try very hard to avoid watching those things!)

    Lynn Flowers
    McKinney, Texas
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Just got my driver's license this afternoon and drove the M home. All I can say, is that I'm not impressed. Granted, I've only ever driven this and the 00' Mercury Sable driver ed car, but this car wasn't too great. At 50+mph, the steering wheel vibrates noticably and at any speed, the accelerator is bad. It just feels so soft and springy, and to get the car to move, you have to push it, farther and farther and farther. Both of my parents have said this about the car quite often and now I see what they mean. Going 40mph, I had to push it in more and more and more and got nothing. Our Voyager was the same was from a stop.

    Not bad to drive, just not that great. But then again, I've only really driven 2 cars!

    See yah!
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    That doesn't sound like an M to me. I think ya got a lemon.
  • Your 300M may be a bit beat up or, as blonda suggests, a lemon. The more likely reality is that you've experienced a Ford/Mercury "trick" to make people think their less powerful cars are actually kind of hot.

    What Ford (and, hence, Mercury) does in many of its models is set up the gas pedal to provide an initial fast, nonlinear engagement of the throttle. In effect, a small amount of pedal movement yields a greater application of throttle. This is done to create the illusion of greater engine power. In fact, they're often no faster (or even slower) than cars that don't employ this little bit of trickery. They don't necessarily do this on their real performance cars, just on the more mundane models. This is actually not that uncommon a thing--other manufacturers do this with many of their less powerful cars.

    The 300M seems to exhibit a more linear application of throttle, much like some of the high performance European and Japanese cars. The power's there, but the car requires you to tell it what you want.

    As for the steering wheel vibration, something's wrong--it could be a wheel balancing problem, an alignment issue, or even a defective tire. It can happen in any car and should be easy to diagnose and repair.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Like they say- you can get a lemon with any kind of car. So far my friends have had NO problems with their 300XG-L. Their car shifts seamlessly.

    My cousin's husband was in an accident about a month ago with his Mercedes sedan. He slide on the snow/ice and hit a tree head on and his airbag didn't deploy either. He was going fast enough for it to open. Mercedes has NO clue why it didn't deploy, but supposedly they are checking it out.


    Thanks. I'll e-mail them and let you know if it was bought at auction or traded. Cush in SD said no way would they have bought it. If they did get one in trade, they said they'd wholesale it.


    Congratulations! Drive carefully. Watch out for the OTHER guy!

  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    You're telling me! We were beyond the lemon stage long, long ago!

    As for the car, you're telling me that you guys don't notice slack in the gas pedal? It's surely not very responsive and feels really lose to me. And apparently I'm not nuts, because the wonderful owners of this car (who must be WONDERFUL to still have it) have talked about the same thing before, strange, because they don't like to acknowledge many problems with the M.

    And as far as driving goes, the steering isn't bad and is smoother and lighter than the Sable, but IMHO could be a little crisper or tighter. There's also too much float in the suspension for my taste. The fix? I'd say get the PHG, no question about it. In October 2000, when we we're going to buy a 00' Stone White & Lt. Pearl Beige M with the PHP, it was better on the test drive. Yeah, the ride was firmer, but it was clearly better controlled and more precise, all in all, the car felt a lot nicer. It was a difference I noticed immediately when we drove this car the next day. It seemed smoother and maybe a little quieter (not by much) but there also there also was more float and softness and it felt less sport-like.

    More and more, I wish we had bought that car. It didn't have a sunroof, but if they just would have given a little more on the trade, we would have had it. It sat on the lot until about February or March of last year and then someone bought it. I still see it everyday too. Some lady who works at a personal car home just up the road owns it. She keeps the car immaculate all the time. Every time I see it, it's always shiny and the chrome wheels look spotless. The color combo also looks nicer than what we got, especially after a year and some scratches and swirl marks.

    Just think what I might have been typing right now instead if we had gotten that 300M! Probably not the mess that I usually do!

    Now, if I could just get a job and a car...
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Yet again, we've posted right after each other! I think it's a sign of some kind...

    Thanks for the driving tip! After the little mishap back in October, believe me, I look out for every other crazy on the road! Especially here in southern Delaware, "Land of the Stupid" as we call it!

  • glennbpglennbp Posts: 327
    AH-HAH! Now I know where my ex-wife lives!!!
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    That M on the Acura lot is driving you crazy isn't it?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    NO MORE! They just responded to my e-mail.

    "Hi Bob,

    You are correct. Both cars were"trade-ins" and they are not "HOT" market movers.

    Have a great time in your Acura 3.2CL-S!!!!

    Kathie Thompson
    Internet Department Manager
    Have a great day!!!!
    :) :) :)"

  • specialmspecialm Posts: 31
    You need to try out a 300M Special. They handle real niiice with the 18" rims and tires. And Like mboomgarden said the M's have a European type of performance feel to them. Mine winds out nice with hardly any foot into the thottle. But when I mash it she really takes off. I own a couple of muscle cars, so I know what fast is. The 300's aren't real fast but they're impressive.
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    Must have put them out front cuz they're much, much prettier to look at. Acura's are so bland and common, ya don't even notice them.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Don't get me wrong, I was not a fan of the Sable at all, I really didn't like it. It was like driving some sort of truck. It wasn't all that powerful either, so it's not what's throwing off my opinion on the M. I know what having a linear and refined feel is, and the M is almost there but there's still too much slop between what the pressure applied and how the car responds. All 3 of us have the same opinion on the car.

    I do, however, like the brakes, they do have a nice, smooth, strong, linear feel to them. Forget those Buick comments a few months back, those were just overtly strong (though the trottle response was much better).

    Actually this somewhat lazy throttle is good for a new driver, as it isn't too abrupt. As for the M being beat, yes, that is exactly what it feels like. The body feels like it has really loosened up, there's various rattles, things don't sound all that nice anymore, etc., etc.. But on the contrary, we drive the thing like you would a Buick! Warm it up for 15-20 minutes every morning, don't mash the trottle, nor is there very many bad roads that it's driven on. And, to top it off, only 18,000 miles! Actually, now that I think of it, the warranty is now have gone, OH NO!!!

    Believe me, when it comes to cars, I know just about everything possible, almost to the point that it can be annoying at times! Maybe that's why I plan to become an engineer, and have already majored 2 years of high school in CADD, Computer-Aided Drafting & Design. Who knows, maybe one day in the near future, you'll be driving a car I had something to do with? Just a thought...

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Yep! That must be the reason! It has 49,316 miles. It's a 1999 and they're asking $19,995! Interested? ;-))

  • guesswho1guesswho1 Posts: 209
    has anyone installed one? if so fill me in.
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    Trying to email you and your bigfoot email is bouncing. Can you send a current email address to

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