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Chrysler 300M



  • and still going strong!
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    I know it's a little off subject, but I'm bored. I believe kosh_2258 is correct. Although it does say "km", that seems to be for the inner ring of numbers, in green. The primary calibration appears to be in mph (outer ring) and therefore the odometer should indicate mileage. Also, if this car is an "american" model, the speedo would read mph (it does) and the odometer would match (ditto). You can see that our cars also have dual calibration with the U.S. calibration (primary) on the outer ring. Or...I could be wrong. Confusing, at best.
  • lflowerslflowers Posts: 155
    Does anyone remember the TSB # for replacing the antenna to increase the range for the garage door remote? Thanks in advance.

    Lynn Flowers
    McKinney, Texas
  • I agree with mrl859...the predominant speedometer shown is mph, so the odometer would be in the same measurement...
  • videoman1videoman1 Posts: 201
    With a little patience and a steady hand, this mod can be easily done.

    I may also do the upper and lower lines. Haven't decided yet.

  • steve276steve276 Posts: 4
    i have a crack in the dashpad alongside the passenger airbag on my 2000. First trip the dealer said this was not warrantable but after a second visit and inspection by the factory rep they have agreed to fix it under warranty. Overall I have been happy with the vehicle.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    "Put and sign on your M that says steal me, and leave the keys in the car. You will soon be No.1. lol"

    Nah-- won't work. I tried that with my 1980 Olds Toronado DIESEL. Had a bumper sticker that said- Answer my prayers, steal this car. No one else wanted it either! ;-))

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Wonder if this applies to the UPPER echelon too?

  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I don't know the number, but the TSBs for 99 through 02 are linked off my 300m page at


  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Hey, I said I was a proud M *OWNER*, not buyer. ;)

  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I considered painting my valve cover lettering when I was working on my calipers. I think the red would look good on there. However, I decided against it as there is an equal probability of me screwing it up as there is me getting it right. :) Maybe one day when I'm bored.
  • glennbpglennbp Posts: 327
    on the lettering! What did you use, may I ask? I tried with one of those "paint pens" but the flow of paint was too great and it tended to run too much.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    That's actually quite funny, because a few months ago, just to be curious, I was looking around at what used M's go for, mainly 99's. I guess that was a time when Christine II was being nice. I actually did like certain aspects of the car, just not enough to really want one myself. I must admit though, a few times when I had it detailed rather beautifully, and we'd go for a ride with the roof open and the stereo on, there was some "love" bubblin' inside me for it.

    Too bad it was so noisy, rattled, and had a few other problems. I wouldn't rule it out 100% as a choice though, the problems with our 2000 scare me a little, a 99' is a little more frightening. Who knows, maybe late this fall, there might be a deal too good to pass up...

    In the meantime, I'm more interested in a few other sporty mid-size sedans, probably a few years old. Mainly, something like an Intrigue, GP, Maxima, etc. But, like I said, I need to work a little this summer so I can get anything!
  • videoman1videoman1 Posts: 201
    sdmike - I'm sure if you could handle the wood trim mod, you could handle the letter painting in the engine :)

    glennbp - I simply used a fine artist brush, some silver auto touch up paint, and a steady hand. The touch up paint went on smoothly and dried quickly without any runs. I'll probably go over it again one more time for a second coat. I'm happy with the results and so far engine heat hasn't been a problem. I know that my car's exterior paint can get mighty hot sitting in the sun so I don't think the valve cover heat will pose a problem either.
  • glennbpglennbp Posts: 327
    Thanks for the info. I think I'll give it a go this weekend. I agree with the heat issue; our valve covers are plastic composite and don't get nearly as hot as you would think.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Any pics yet? I'm interested to see what your Cypress M looks like with the spring drop. How much has it improved the handling? I thought I remember reading that with sport lowering springs, the non-PHP struts felt too soft. Do you like it?
  • silverbullet4silverbullet4 Posts: 449
    Anybody have this happen to your M? About 20 seconds after shutting off the engine, but with doors still closed, the "door ajar" light comes on, along with the interior lights. They stay on until some protection feature turns them off after 10+ minutes. I took it to my 5*, and they replaced the door switch, without result. Now I have to go back and let the Electrical guy work on it. They assigned the Trim guy the first time. I told the SM that I bet it will be the BCM because it is our favorite whipping boy ;>)
    Not a lot of fun driving at night with the interior lights all blazing away. Hope they fix it right tomorrow, and don't have to wait a week for parts.

    Haven't posted lately. Had to update my OS.
  • toms99toms99 Posts: 252
    I thought of doing this when I changed my plugs and gave my engine a good cleaning.

    My plan is to use gold paint to match the exterior and the "3.5L" lettering that is already painted.

    However, my approach is going to be different...I'm a lousy painter. My plan is to put masking tape on either side of the raised railing on each side of the letters and then use a very, very fine nap trim roller. Since the letters are raised, the paint should just cover the long as I don't saturate the paint and it doesn't drip...

    Now If I can just find a way to chrome the diaphragm in the front of the engine like the photos in the brochures!!!
  • muskateer3muskateer3 Posts: 103
    NUMBER: 08-19-00

    GROUP: Electrical

    DATE: MAY 26, 2000

    Garage Door Opener Transmitter Range

    1998 - 2000 (LH) Concorde/Intrepid/LHS/300M

    This bulletin involves installing a supplemental antenna to the garage door opener transmitter.

    The garage door opener located in the Overhead Travel Information System (OTIS) may have a range drastically less than the owners original transmitter.

    If the customer describes a functioning garage door opener with a reduced range compared to the opener manufacturers transmitter, perform the Repair Procedure
  • uxca300muxca300m Posts: 155
    I painted the 300M logos on my four mud flaps last week with the inferno red touch up paint.
    I think I should have put a coat of white on first as the base black of the flaps is hard to cover.
    If I do the valve covers it will be white first, then the inferno red.
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