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Why does the EPA list better mileage on the 2011 Outlander?

According to the EPA, the 2011 Outlander gets 27 highway and 22 city and 24 combined.

The 2010 Outlander lists 25 highway 21 city and 22 combined.

Is there a good reason for this and is it worth giving up the rebate on the 2010 and getting a 2011 instead.


  • jonoxjonox Posts: 84
    Canadian Mitsu 2010 Outlander specs shows Hwy/City fuel consumption (converted from l/100k to miles per US gallon) as follows:-

    LS and XLS 28.68 mpg Hwy and 21.00 mpg City on premium unleaded. Somewhat better than the quoted 2011 EPA figures.

    The AWD ES model 30.16 Hwy and 23.76 City.
    The FWD ES model 32.67 Hwy and 24.76 City.
    Es models use regular unleaded.
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