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whiteish lines on plastic rocker moldings 2010

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Black plastic rocker moldings on my 2010 Forester have stains where the, I assume, water drains from the doors and the moonroof. On both sides are three light gray streaks that will not come off. Can anyone recommend a good dressing for the black plastic that is NOT shiney? I hate that super gloss Armor All look.

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I'm have the same problem with my 2010 Forester X Ltd, my dealer was told my Subaru to use alcohol and a Mother product to move those lines, instead it hide them and that what someone did to your panels, they was dress up, so it will hide the vertical streaks that's embedded in it and after couple or more carwash they will start to show up as streaks or whiteish vertical lines that's on both side that will not come off.

Today 11/16/2010 my dealer took pictures of the pair black plastic rocker moldings and sent them off to Subaru technical dept for revalution and a solution before they are replaced.
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