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Toyota Venza Tires



  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 242
    I recently took delivery on a 2012 venza ltd with goodyear tires and the car rides great. each of the four tires has quite a bit of weight, more than on my 06 GTO with really big tires too and I was surprised to see quite so much. But its very smooth, and I don't intend to upset the factory balance at this time.

    I suspect that there was no attempt to index the tires and the wheels which is a shame. There was no color dot on the wheel or the tires, and I have not seen any at any other dealership when I was shopping around, and I saw plenty of venzas. my conclusion is that toyota doesn't bother to index tires and wheels which save a few cents per installation. Hope that helps. RR70
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 785
    Indexing tires has to do with uniformity, not balance. The result is an assembly that is more .... ah .... let's call it "round" and you'll be close.

    The marks for this indexing process may not be readily apparent. It might be a small red dot on the tire that gets lined up with the valve hole. I'm not sure of the specifics for Toyota, but many vehicle manufacturers use stickers that are removed before the vehicle is prepped for delivery.

    After indexing, the assembly is balanced - and that's where the weights come in.
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