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2011 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • I will let you now, but I am pretty sure they did, because they told me that they had to reprogram it.
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 84
    Congratulations on your excellent synopsis of 2.4L engine problems and solutions which will help a lot of people get to grips with GM's communication shortcomings on the issue.

    Reference your comment on noise attenuation I'd refer you to the link associated with my previous post. rce=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Giz

    Draw your own conclusions but regardless of the perceived benefit, I'd be asking if normal engineering practice wouldn't avoid running an engine at speeds where there is notable vibration (and consequent noise).
  • I completely understand your point of view, I'm not discounting it, by any means.

    I mean, historically, people used to always by quality items because they knew they'd be durable, and they lasted forever. Now, it's "well, it should last me about 10 yrs before it'll break and I'll have to buy another one.."

    Sometimes greed gets in the way of quality/efficiency/durability/whatever you call it.
  • shari2011shari2011 Posts: 9
    edited September 2011
    I spoke with my service manager today as I still feel some slight driveability issue the same as before, it is much much better. But I do know that the parts were changed on Thursday and my car was driven on Friday and Monday and then they were advised of the reprogramming on Monday afternoon. So I have asked that they replace the parts and reprogram at the same time. So there will be no damage to the parts (selenoids). The manager has read the many statements on this forum from those who have stated no further problems and has heard my voiced concerns and my concern with the issue still at hand and is going to contact GM to get permission to redo the job under warranty. He feels there should not be any problem. So I hope to hear from them tomorrow. My car is at the lemon stage so I don't think I will have a problem I think it would be cheaper than buying my car back. So I will keep you informed. I hope that will take care of it. It is almost back to normal.
  • Wonderful! They should be able to gain approval for the "recall-redo." I don't see why not, especially since you're in lemon stage. It is normal to have a little bit of a sluggish feel to it though, so keep that in mind, I know it's not ideal, but also remember that it's still a heavy car with a small engine in the grand scheme of things. But, with regards to the hesitation/possible stalling, this should absolutely be taken care of by the recall work.

    I can't remember if you had the problems with the start-up engine noise (if you did, you would know it, trust me). Anyways, if the start-up engine noise comes back, you can have them replace the Actuators (part #12621505) under bulletin PI0562...just something to kind of file in the back of your mind in case you need the info, but most people have seen the start-up noise disappear completely with the recall work (even though that's not the stated intention of the recall work).

    Again, keep us posted here! You're experience will help others as well! Good luck!
  • So I have been dealing with the issues that you have stated above. My vehicle is making the start up noise and doesnt seem to be going away. The dealership replacedthe solenoid and did the computer update. Then we also have had the actuator replaced with out an oil change. Can I have the mechanic do an oil change now even though the actuator was replaced weeks ago and still expect that to fix the problem? Or will they have to re-replace the actuator and do an oil change at the same time to have the problem fixed. Any help with these questions will be appreciated.
  • I think it helps to have the oil change done at the same time. However, if this will be the first oil change done on the car, then yes, do it now. The sooner the better, for these cars apparently. To help more specifically with your car, it'll be helpful if you give a little more detail on what they have done.

    I'm assuming you have a long ago did they replace the solenoids? Was it done as part of the recall?
    Do you know the build date for your car? (month/year)
    Ok, what date did they replace the solenoids and update the computer, and what was the date that they replaced the actuators?
    Did they update the computer on the SAME DAY, at the SAME TIME, as when they replaced the solenoids?

    These answers will help me figure out what they may have done wrong, or what else you might want to try (like an oil change).

    Regardless of these answers, if you have not had an oil change at all yet, or have not had the oil changed since the time you noticed the problems begin, then it would be wise to go ahead and get one down now. The oil change will probably have to be paid out of pocket. Let me know the above info and I can help you out some more. Thanks!
  • I've been periodically checking into this thread since we first noticed the god awful engine noise on start-up. Ironically, there was a recall letter mailed to us a few days later, after trying to explain to the dealership what we were experiencing. The engine noise made our brand new (couple months old) equinox sound like a POS old clunker.

    The recall was taken care of and we were still having problems with the engine noise. We never did experience the car stalling on us, but I can say the 2.4L is not getting the fuel efficiency it speaks of online and in commercials. If anything and at best, we've been getting around 24 mpg, never topping 30 mpg. I've seen some of you post you've had it drop down into the teens.

    Called the dealership back and they explained there was a new PI indicating some problems with these 2.4L engines that may help fix what we were hearing. This is what they did, and we have not heard the horrible sounds at start up anymore (keeping fingers crossed there will be no more problems):
    *Heavy Line Engine Dept checked it out
    Noise due to PI0562 Faulty Camshaft Actuators. Upon replacing Actuators found water pump chain tensioner not holding tension and chain to be excessively loose. As per PI0202A Also replaced water pump drive chain and tensioner due to already into timing chain repair and lower chain loose due to faulty tensioner. Replaced Water pump/balance shaft timing chain and tensioner and replaced both camshaft actuators for startup noise.
    Part #'s:
    90537300 - Tensioner 1.060
    12645237 - Chain 1.109
    24435052 - Gasket 0.207
    12609291 - Seal 0.423
    12345610 - Oil 8.800 x 5
    12605565 - Filter 1.836
    12621505 - Actuator 0.736 x 2

    Hope this helps.
  • I've also been monitoring this issue since my Equinox started making the noise in April. GM has the engine apart as we speak and is repairing the timing chain. The mechanic told me about the recall notification, but said that my specific car was NOT recalled based on the VIN number. Therefore, he isn't addressing it. What really bothers me is that GM is aware of the issue and is continues to sell the model.
  • My equinox had the engine noise, plus hesitation. 5,100 miles on it. Friday when picking up our grandson at school, the car died while waiting in line. I came home and googled Equinox complaints and found this forum. Thank goodness. I started at the beginning and read half way through and was frightened. I got up Saturday morning the 24th and decided to go to the last posting, hence I saw the posting of sumr616.
    I called my dealer and talked to my salesman who told me that he too had problems with his and that he would call over to the service department for me. They told me to bring it in immediately, I did with suggestions from this forum, and they ask me to leave it for about 3 hours. My husband told them he wanted the oil change which sumr616 suggested, they agreed to do that. Now I was to drive to N.C Sunday morning and some were depending on me for transportation.

    Here is what they did at the service department.

    recall v2444 reprogram ECM and replace camshaft position actuator solenoid. 12646783/4 valve. they also rotated the tires and did the oil change. I drove the 525 miles to and from N.C with no problems what so ever. It drove like the new car I bought. So far so good. I am a senior citizen and have a horrible fear of breaking down while out of state or town.
  • tonydeciantistonydeciantis Posts: 9
    edited September 2011
    I have the same problem as well but just to let you know that problem is only on low speeds when Im driving on the hiway everything is fine Ive been to the dealership 2 times already and the vehicle is 5 weeks old did the recall oil change and its still the same. Im giving them a chance but my patience is slowly running out. Soon if this keeps up I will tell them to buy back the vehicle.
  • You know what boils my blood with this I keep bringing the vehicle back and keep complaining these people see me all the time at the dealership. The last time I was there I stayed and had no plans of leaving and just kept watching what was going on. We went for a test drive he said he felt the stalling lack of power etc.... Bring it back to the shop hooks up the vehicle and of course no codes show up. He says well with no codes I cant do anything so I say but you experienced the problem. I think they do this on purpose with these codes, but its funny when your vehicle has no warranty it seems all these codes come out why is that is it because they dont want to dish out any cash to fix the problem. My vehicle is a road hazzard and a lemon and should be put into the garbage just like the others that are out there.
  • I was informed by GM head office that you need to wait for about 12,000 miles or 20,000 kms to break in the engine to get the proper gas mileage.
  • My knee surgeon told me the same thing. Wait at least a year before you complain about pain. My lawyer says that's the statute of limitations. Math, gotta love it.
  • Refer them to PI0562 - this addresses the start-up engine noise. They will replace the Actuators, part # 12621505. For good measure, get an oil change also, even if it's not time to get it yet, it will only help, trust me.

    When they do that work, also request that they update the ECM/TCM (computer) with the newest update. This may help any rough shifting you have.

    Something to note, there will always be a slight downshift feel to the car whenever you remove your foot from the gas pedal, this is intended by the programming, to improve mileage. So you'll always be able to feel that slight downshift, but it should only be slight. It's possible, just depending on when you bought your car, that a computer update can help this. Good luck! I hope it works out!
  • Does your vehicle qualify for the recall 11195? Ask your dealer, only they can tell you based on your VIN, they can look it up in the Warranty system. If it doesn't, ask them to perform that work anyway. There's no gaurantee that they WILL, but it CAN have the possibility of helping your near stalling. Those are the same "symptoms" that are listed in the recall notice.

    If you have the start-up engine noise also, then refer them to PI0562 - they will replace the Actuators, and it's very wise to also get an oil change at this same time.

    If you haven't had an oil change yet, then it's a good idea to go ahead and get one, even if it's not required at this point. It will only help. The solenoids have screens that the oil flows through, if you have metal shavings from normal engine break-in (some have reported being able to see these shavings in the pleats of their oil filter), the shavings can get caught in the solenoids and cause these same problems. At the very least, you can request them to check the solenoids for debris and to clean the solenoids. This takes like 15 minutes tops, so they should at least be willing to do that.
  • Yes! Wonderful! Sounds like you had a very pleasant experience at the dealer. It looks like they performed the repair correctly. One thing for you to keep in mind - the recall work that they performed on your vehicle is not specifically intended to correct the start-up engine noise that you had, BUT most people have seem that noise disappear as an added bonus of the recall repair work. IF the noise happens to return, do not be worried. You can refer them to PI0562, this is meant to specifically address the start-up noise. With this repair work, they will replace the Actuators (part #12621505). At that point, you should be good to go for sure.

    You should be fine now, but just keep in mind that IF the start-up noise does return, you still have an option for a fix. Otherwise, you should be problem free! So glad it worked out for you! Good luck!
  • I picked the car up yesterday. The tech changed the actuators and I haven't had any problems yet. Hopefully, it stays that way. It's been so long since my car has run smoothly, I forgot how good the gas mileage could be. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • I have read through several emails on here and the hesitation problem along with the scratching plastic metal sound when starting the vehicle "seems" to have been taking care of by replacing the camshaft position actuator. This is according to the "11195 ECM Campaign V2444.7. The problem is that since that time the mileage has dropped dramatically. The vehicle was getting about 27 to 28mph combined city/highway. Now I am getting between 2.8 to 24.5 mpg. The vehicle has over 5,600 plus miles so it is well broken in. Most of the miles are highway miles. The latest is that my dash board lights will go from bright to dim and dim to bright - and there is no reason for it. I was told that all I have to do is turn off the auto - light mode and it will stop it. My question is - why did it not happen during the last 3 and half months I owned the car? The clouds outside and the weather are no different? I believe that Chevy has created a vehicle that is NOT as advertised. Their 600 mile distance and 32 mile per gallon highway is an outright lie. My fuel distance that is shown on my dashboard currently (with a full tank of gas) is 395 miles. This vehicle is bad news.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,186
    For the dimming/bright thing, I see this question every year starting about this time. The lower sun angle as we head towards winter fools the sensor into thinking its getting dark and it switchs to nigh time (dim) mode. As the dealer suggested taking it out of auto-mode will make it not happen. What I do if it is bothering me is to turn the dimmer switch all the way up on bright so the change isn't as noticable.
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